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H.P.S.T Chapter 137: Howlers to the Headmaster

Because of Professor Lupin’s issue, the mood in the castle was gloomy.

Evan didn’t know how many other people couldn’t sleep on that night. Anyway, he didn’t get good sleep himself.

Hermione who was lying in her bed beside him seemed to be the same. She kept turning all night worrying about Lupin and Ron.

In the second half of the night, Evan was awakened by a nightmare again.

He sat up in the middle of his bed, and through the dim candlelight in the hallway, he stared at the snow fluttering outside the window.

He thought of his discussion with the Headmaster. He did not know if his Occlumency worked. However, the discussion was dominated by Dumbledore anyway.

Also, he had no idea about the Headmaster’s plans.

Evan was not convinced by his reason for not capturing Peter Pettigrew directly, which was to allow him and Harry to help Ron resist the Imperius curse. But doing that is just too risky.

As a masterful strategist, Dumbledore must be hiding something else that he did not tell Evan about.

He sighed! No matter how much he thought, he couldn’t figure out what that was. But the only thing he was sure about was that Dumbledore had him included as a part of his plan to defeat Voldemort because of his relationship with Harry and his outstanding performance over the past two years.

Well, if he just can’t understand it, he’s better off not thinking about it!

Dumbledore had his strategy, and Evan should just work with his own plan.

He was no toy for Dumbledore to manipulate at will, and then ultimately become another sacrificial lamb of his confrontation with Voldemort.

Evan was prepared to act according to his own mind. He wanted to change his destiny and everyone’s fate.

No matter what, he will not sacrifice Sirius Black, Fred, Colin, etc… nor will he just stand and watch Hermione marry Ron. All these things must be changed, and he’s going to start with Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew.

“By the end of this year, I’ll prevent Voldemort from returning and I’ll become much stronger…”

Evan was thinking that, and his eyelids were getting heavier.

The battle with Greyback made him terribly tired and completely exhausted. After a few moments of determination, he fell back asleep.

The following morning, Evan was awakened by a tremor inside the castle.

“What happened?” He hurriedly got out of his bed and held his wand in his hand.

“I don’t know!” Hermione shook her head as she just woke up.

“Both of you better not move! Lie back in your beds!” Madam Pomfrey came in from the outside looking worried. “I knew these voices would wake you up. It’s terrible, a huge mess outside.”


“It’s because of Lupin, that poor man!” Madam Pomfrey handed Evan the latest issue of the Daily Prophet and said, “Look! Now almost everyone knows that he is a werewolf.”

Evan hurriedly looked down at the newspaper in his hands and Hermione joined in. The whole issue was dedicated to report the news about the previous day’s werewolf riot, events, casualties, in-depth analysis, etc., as well as articles criticizing Fudge and the Ministry of Magic.

The worries and anger started building up back when Sirius Black escaped from prison all of a sudden.

The one who took most of the blame was Cornelius Fudge. People were extremely enraged with the Ministry.

And along with Fudge, Dumbledore was also criticized. Although the wording on the Daily Prophet was more subtle, many people, especially parents, were deeply shocked by the fact that he had hired a werewolf. The Pure-Blood families, led by Malfoy, collectively went as far as asking him to resign.

In short, both Fudge and Dumbledore were under a lot of pressure and the situation was really bad!

As for professor Lupin, being the only werewolf caught by the Ministry, many wizards called for his immediate sending to Azkaban. Many even suggested that he should be sentenced to death or left for the Dementor’s kiss to deal with him.

Reading that paragraph in particular, Hermione’s face went pale.

She remembered what professor Lupin once said about those who were kissed by a Dementor, and how they would become walking dead with their souls lost forever.

If that was to be his fate… Hermione didn’t want to imagine such a thing.

Just as she was going to talk to Evan, another heavy tremor hit the castle. It was like an earthquake. Even the walls were trembling.

A few seconds after the shock, a loud and wacky echo came from below, sounding like…

“What’s that voice?” Hermione raised her head and asked worriedly.

“Yeah, that’s a Howler! Since the morning, owls have been constantly bringing the parents’ letters to the school. It’s been terrible!” said Madame Pomfrey, “While each professor had his fair share, most of them were directed to the Headmaster.”

“Howlers sent to the Headmaster?!” Hermione didn’t seem to have a reaction to that, “Where’s Professor Dumbledore?”

“Who knows?! He hasn’t returned since he left last night,” said Madam Pomfrey, worried. “He must be busy with these matters about werewolves and Professor Lupin. Although he isn’t in Hogwarts, letters are still coming endlessly. They’re about to flood the Great Hall!”

Right as Madam Pomfrey finished her words, Harry entered the ward.

He looked bad, depressed, and distracted, and had heavy dark circles under his eyes.

“Good morning, Evan! Good morning, Hermione!” Harry said weakly.

“Good morning, Harry! Your face looks very bad!” Hermione looked anxiously at his face.

“It’s really bad. If you saw that scene in the Great Hall, your face would look just as bad as mine!” Harry sat down on the chair next to Evan’s bed and said, “Snape and Malfoy’s plot had succeeded. At breakfast, hundreds of owls arrived with Howlers, all accusing Dumbledore and Professor Lupin! You didn’t see the disgusting look on the faces of Malfoy and the rest of the Slytherin students!”

“But with their exception, everyone believes in Professor Lupin’s innocence!”

“It’s no use. No one wants to believe us! All the adults are listening to Ron’s nonsense. Accusing Professor Lupin of attacking the students…” Harry said angrily, “I really want to beat him up until he gets back to his senses!”

“Harry, there must be some misunderstanding with that!” She said worriedly, “Ron is…”

She stopped. When Evan came back last night, he told her about his conversation with Dumbledore. She knew that Ron must’ve been so abnormal last night because of that spell.

She wasn’t sure if she could talk about it, the plan between Evan, Dumbledore and Sirius Black!


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