Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 140: Sybill Patricia Trelawney

Just as Evan, Harry, Hermione and Hagrid were talking about Azkaban; the Hall’s door was opened again.

Professor Trelawney came in and she glided over to everyone, as if she was on roller skates.

She wore a green dress decorated with metal round discs, making her look more like a shiny oversized dragonfly.

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!” said Professor Trelawney, using her most misty, ethereal voice. “I have been looking at my crystal ball in the tower. To my surprise, I saw myself abandoning my lunch to take part in your meal. How could I refuse the urge of fate? I immediately came out of my building so I sincerely ask you to forgive me being late…”

No one spoke, and everyone looked at her in surprise.

Evan noticed that Professor McGonagall’s mouth was tight and her face became even heavier.

Professor Trelawney did not sit down directly. She turned half a turn around the table, putting invisible pressure on everyone. She stood for a long time behind Hermione, Ron, Harry, and Evan. Her big eyes were wandering all over the table.

Suddenly, she screamed!

“What’s wrong, Professor?” asked the first year student in front of her uneasily.

“Dear child, you can’t believe it. I saw…” Her eyes were just staring at Evan. Her expression was as if he had died.

“Sit down, Sybill!” Professor McGonagall suddenly interrupted her. “Those owls and Howlers were disheartening enough. You don’t need to put more pressure on everyone!”

“I can’t sit down, Minerva!” Professor Trelawney seemed to have just noticed Professor McGonagall. She said panicking, “I can’t do that. If I sit down, we’ll be thirteen around the table! There’s nothing more unlucky than thirteen! Never forget, if thirteen people eat together, the first one to stand up after the meal will be the first to die!”

“We’re willing to take that risk, Sybill.” Professor McGonagall said impatiently. “Sit down, it’s Christmas Holyday!”

Professor Trelawney hesitated and then she sat down next to Evan. He had a bad feeling about that and he could feel that she had deliberately chosen that spot. She was looking at him with her big crazy eyes and seemed to have something to say to him.

There was no need to guess, it certainly won’t be good!

Knowing her, what she had to say to him was definitely something ominous and mysterious.

Evan tried not to look at her, so he focused his attention on the plate in front of him. The situation was already troublesome enough. He did not want to take Professor Trelawney’s curse before this evening’s action.


“Do you want cow tripe, Sybill?”

Professor McGonagall once again interrupted her as she put a serving spoon into the nearest big bowl.

Professor Trelawney ignored Professor McGonagall. She looked at Evan and then looked up around. She asked softly, “I didn’t see our dear Headmaster and Prof. Lupin. Where have they gone?”

“Obviously, everyone knows what happened in the castle last night! I also know where Albus and Lupin are now!” Professor McGonagall raised an eyebrow and said impatiently, “Even if no one told you, you must have known it, didn’t you?”

“Of course I know!” Professor Trelawney looked at Professor McGonagall indifferently. “But people don’t show off that they know everything. I often behave as if I don’t have this gift. That way, people will not feel nervous.”

“That explains a lot.” Professor McGonagall said bitterly, “What is that gift?”

“If you have to know, Minerva!” Professor Trelawney’s voice suddenly became less blurred.” Two months ago, I had already seen the poor Professor Lupin’s ending from the crystal ball. He stood alone in a place full of fear and despair. ”

Obviously, the place in her words referred to the Azkaban Wizard Prison.

That place is full of Dementors, all there is in there is fear and despair. Hearing her words, everyone gasped. She seemed to have predicted the tragic outcome of Professor Lupin. He would spend the rest of his life in Azkaban.

Apart from Snape’s mouth that was still smirking; the others’ faces were getting heavier.

Harry looked at Professor Trelawney awkwardly; he rarely argued with her. Maybe he thought it was not worth it.

Throughout the semester, Professor Trelawney was prophesying death for him, but nothing happened. Harry was used to it.

And now, predicting that Prof. Lupin was to spend the rest of his life in Azkaban was like child-play to her.

Evan heard Harry and Hermione discussing Azkaban with Hagrid quietly. They asked him for further details about the prison and tried hard to imagine Professor Lupin and Sirius Black being locked up there, and then the topic turned to the hippogriff Buckbeak and Hagrid’s plans after Christmas.

Evan turned around and didn’t look at Professor Trelawney next to him. He listened to Harry’s conversation absentmindedly.

Harry and Hermione seemed to be desperately looking for words to divert attention away from Ron.

Apart from the three of them, no one around the table spoke and the mood was gloomy.

That was definitely the most unpleasant meal Evan had ever had. He ate up the contents of his plate as fast as possible. He whispered something to Harry and Hermione, refraining from taking a look at Professor Trelawney.

Fortunately, until the end of lunch, Professor Trelawney’s behavior was almost normal.

About ten minutes later, Ron was ready to leave the table.

Evan, Harry, and Hermione looked at each other and quickly stood up.

“Oh my God! You four people, who was the first amongst you to leave their seat? Who?” Professor Trelawney suddenly screamed.

“I don’t know!” Ron said in a low voice.

“I don’t think it makes any difference!” Professor McGonagall said coldly. “That is unless there is a crazy axe killer waiting outside the door to cut off the head of the one who’s first to leave.”

Everyone smiled a bit. Professor Trelawney talked no more and looked greatly offended!

She looked at Professor McGonagall contemptuously, grabbed a bottle of sherry from the table, and left the Hall without looking back.

She was followed by Ron. Evan, Harry and Hermione also hurried to follow up. According to the plan that the three discussed in the school hospital this morning, the first step was talking to Ron. While inquiring intelligence, they would strive to keep Ron and Peter in the Gryffindor Common room.


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