Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 142: A True Prophecy

Peter Pettigrew cannot be just mad. He is definitely plotting something!

They have been trying to catch Peter, but from the current situation…

Evan finally understood, wouldn’t Peter also want to capture Black?! Dumbledore was not at Hogwarts this evening, but Snape was there. Peter knew that Snape was against Black and he was ready to take advantage of it.

Just make Snape know about the news that Black will be sneaking into the castle this evening, and there will be no need for Peter to do it with his own hands. Snape will take care of everything. After all, with how much the latter hates black, he might just make a first and turn him in to the Dementors outside the castle himself, rather than bringing him for trial.

If black is gone, no one will ever know that Peter Pettigrew is still alive. No one would ever be able to prove that he had sold Harry’s parents out. Then, he can actually reappear publicly in a grandiose manner, telling everyone that he has been enduring humiliation for 12 years at a rat, sticking by Harry’s side, silently protecting him from Black’s harm…

Evan’s back was soaked in cold sweats. That was terrible!

That must definitely be Peter Pettigrew’s plot. Ever since last night, when the identity of Professor Lupin as a werewolf was revealed to everyone, the plot had already begun.

Even without their plan, this evening, Peter will lure Black to the castle!

Evan forced himself to calm down. It stands to reason that Peter Pettigrew could not know when Black would come. After all, even if he passed him the password through Crookshanks, Black won’t necessarily be acting according to his plan. So Peter Pettigrew would need to keep Snape in the Gryffindor Common Room.

This was too unrealistic. Unless, if he can keep up with Sirius’ moves.

There are many ways to do this, but for Pettigrew, the only one practical was…

“The Marauder’s Map!”

Evan suddenly realized that he had been ignoring this magical item that can locate all people in the castle!

When Professor Lupin confiscated the Marauders map yesterday, Ron was also there. Peter must know that it had been in Professor Lupin’s possession. He then made Ron go to Lupin’s office. He must’ve been there to find the Marauder’s map!

“Ron?!” Harry shouted.

The three of them stood in the bedroom’s doorway. Inside, through the faint light coming from outside the window, Evan saw Ron lying on his back over his four-poster bed. It looked like he was asleep, with the curtains around the bed being put down.

He could feel that Peter Pettigrew was hiding in Ron’s jacket pocket. Maybe he didn’t get the chance to take the map, maybe he didn’t find the time. He couldn’t just search the office in front of everyone in the school, so the map must be in Professor Lupin’s office.

Evan hurried to turn around, as long as he finds the Marauder’s map before Peter Pettigrew, there won’t be any bad incidents this evening.

“Evan, what are you doing?” Hermione said in panic.

“I’m going to Professor Lupin’s office to find the Marauder’s Map!” Evan said in a low voice.

“I’ll also go with you…”

“No, you and Harry stay here to watch Ron!” Evan looked at Hermione and told her with unease. “Remember, until I come back, be careful!”

“I know, you too!” Hermione hesitated, then quickly stepped forward to embrace Evan.

He held her tightly and felt her warmth in his arms, then turned and left the Common Room, rushing to Professor Lupin’s office as fast as he could. He went down the winding staircase, and all he thought about was the Marauder’s Map.

At the corner of the fourth floor, he and Professor Trelawney bumped into each other heavily.

She seemed to have just returned from the kitchen. She had the smell of Sherry all over her body. She also had two bottles in her hand. She was knocked to the ground when hit by Evan.

“Be careful and watch where you are going!”

“I’m sorry, Professor!” Evan hurriedly helped her up.

“Aaah, it’s you, my dear child!” Professor Trelawney clutched Evan’s arm tightly, and she suddenly approached, her enormous eyes watching him, whispering in a vague voice. “My dear, I found that the signs on you are becoming more and more clear…”

“Thank you, Professor! I’ll be careful.” Evan broke away from her, and the heavy smell in her body made him uncomfortable.

“No, you don’t understand!” Professor Trelawney murmured, “Disaster, misfortune, getting closer…”

Ever so fittingly, a cold wind blew, and the nearby candle that was lighting up the surroundings was blown out!

The dim corridor became even gloomier. In the darkness, Evan could only see Trelawney’s vague figure.

“It’s death, my dear!” Professor Trelawney’s voice was like a whisper, intermittent, and faint. “It’s coming, getting closer, and it’s hovering like a vulture above your head. It’s getting lower and lower, it’s just above the castle!”

Evan did not speak, he looked around uneasily, and he did not want to be seen in such an embarrassing scene by others.

Fortunately, only the two of them were in the corridor.

Professor Trelawney did not stop talking. Listening to her words, Evan began to feel someone would die in the castle soon.

This is definitely not good news. Will it be Sirius Black, or…

Of course, to Evan, she’s probably just saying nonsense.

“My dear, will you choose Divination class next year?” asked Professor Trelawney suddenly.

“Maybe I will!” Evan whispered.

In his heart, he secretly decided that he would never choose Divination class. That woman would scare him to death in no time.

From the first day he met her, he never heard a happy prophecy from her.

“You are the same as Potters’ child; you’ve never got good seers. The halo on your head is very small!” said Professor Trelawney. “But both of you are very ideal prophetic objects. The signs are clearer on both of you than they are on others.”

She seemed to be praising him, but Evan was not sure if he should be happy.

It’s only with death prophecies that omens of fate are clear. That is really an unfortunate trait.

“Professor, I have some urgent things to do. I must go!”

Evan turned and left, but a loud, hoarse voice suddenly spoke up behind him.

“It will happen soon!”

“I’m sorry, Professor! What did you say?”

Evan quickly turned around and he saw Professor Trelawney as if she had turned to a completely another person. She leaned against the wall, her body went rigid, her eyes were unfocused and her mouth sagging.

Evan’s heart was thumping. Was he about to hear a prophecy? A true prophecy?!



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