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H.P.S.T Chapter 143: Chosen by the Dark Lord

The chilly wind blew over the castle, and Evan could hear its howling sound.

In the dusky, narrow corridor, the atmosphere became strange.

Professor Trelawney stood before Evan, her body trembling slightly, and her eyes started to roll. She looked as though she was about to have some sort of seizure.

Evan was not sure whether he should go or not. As he was hesitating, Professor Trelawney began to speak again. Her voice was still hoarse, nothing like usual.

“The Dark Lord Is coming back, but he is unusually weak. He will personally mark the chosen one for this purpose. That Dark Lord will rise again with his servant’s aid, greater and more terrible than ever before. It shall happen soon! In the dark Temple full of taboos, his old Black Magic will be…”

Professor Trelawney’s head fell forward onto her chest. She made a grunting sort of noise. Then, quite suddenly, her head snapped up again.

“I’m sorry, dear boy!” She said dreamily, “I must have drunk too much sherry, you know, alcohol makes my brain drowsy, I drifted off for a moment!”

Evan was still standing there staring at her, thinking in his mind about what she had just said.

“Is there anything wrong, my dear?”

“Professor, you just made a prophecy.” Evan hesitated and continued, “You told me that the Dark Lord was going to rise again and it was stronger and more terrible than ever before, because he personally marked a chosen one, and that this chosen one will help him…”

Professor Trelawney looked thoroughly startled.

“The Dark Lord? He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? My dear boy, that’s hardly something to joke about… Rise again, indeed…”

“Yes, you did mention the Dark Lord and his old Magic.” Evan frowned.

Professor Trelawney’s prophecy was clearly not finished. What he has gathered so far, is that from the information that is currently known, Voldemort will use his old Dark magic to mark a person, and this person will help him to rise again. What is this magic? Who is the person he wants to mark?

Also, she mentioned the place where this thing is going to happen. Where is this dark temple full of taboos?

“I think you must have dozed off too, dear!” said Professor Trelawney. “I would certainly not presume to predict anything quite as far-fetched as that! We all need to get sober.”

Professor Trelawney stumbled away and disappeared into the corner of the hallway.

Evan did not move, he was still standing there, thinking about what she had just said.

Unlike Prof. Trelawney’s usual prophecies, if this one is true, then it provides a very large amount of information, and it also foreshadows what’s forthcoming in the future. Voldemort must be planning something.

According to what he knows about the original story, Voldemort will be getting help of his servants Peter Pettigrew and Bartemius “Barty” Crouch Junior next year. They’ll be using his father’s bone, Peter’s flesh, and Harry’s blood to get him back.

But according to Prof. Trelawney’s new prophecy, things will be taking a completely new different path.

First of all, the prophecy mentions that the Dark lord will return, but abnormally weak.

His return this time maybe the same as when Harry was a first year, affixed to Quirrell’s head; or with the help of Pettigrew and Barty Crouch Junior, perhaps…

As long as Voldemort is willing to return, anything can happen.

Evan initially intended to use his advantage of knowing the storyline to undermine the return of Voldemort by catching Peter Pettigrew and Bartemius “Barty” Crouch Junior. That way, he could make sure that the following year’s event would never happen.

But from the current situation, it seems to be useless, and that Voldemort was still returning!

Also, Professor Trelawney just mentioned: The Dark Lord would personally mark the chosen one. With his help, he will rise again and be stronger and more terrible than ever before!

Who is this chosen one?

Evan didn’t have a clue; so many people are willing to follow Voldemort.

For example, there’s the weirdo, Peter Pettigrew. There’s also Voldemort’s loyal servant Barty crouch, the ambitious opportunist Lucius Malfoy, anyone seeking strength like Quirrell, the werewolf Fenrir Greyback who loves the darkness itself, and many more…

If they would get the chance, any of these would be willing to help Voldemort rise.

He just might choose one from them, marking him while passing his strength off. Knowing the Dark Lord, his followers would actually take pride in the act.

However, this matter is far from being so simple. Professor Trelawney mentioned in the end that it was going down in the dark temple full of taboos, and that the Dark Lord was going to use his old magic…

What is that place? What’s that Magic? With his current knowledge, Evan can’t associate them to anything he already knows.

Needless to say, Voldemort had a great wealth of magical knowledge. He mastered a lot of dark magic, some of which not even known to Dumbledore, let alone Evan who’s knowledge is mostly obtained from the library.

As for the dark temple full of taboos, that sounds like an extremely evil place.

Professor Trelawney’s prophecy wasn’t complete. Evan could not imagine. Where is this dark temple full of taboos? What kind of person would appear in that evil place?

What Professor Trelawney said was too vague, and Evan had to be careful.

A prophecy is in itself and illusory thing. The difference between its meaning and his interpretation could have heavy impacts on the future.

For example, the Prophecy the Professor Trelawney made twelve years ago, the one that had decided Voldemort’s and Harry’s fates, that one made Voldemort rush to face Harry as he didn’t hear its entirety. He thought he had a huge advantage over the little baby, but it all ended up with him spending over 12 years as a fugitive.

Evan thought it over and never found any clue.

He decided to tell Dumbledore about this prophecy. He should be very interested in it.

The most urgent thing he needs to do right now is seizing Peter Pettigrew and to not allow his conspiracy to succeed or him to escape again. If such a thing happens, this vague future he’s thinking about would only become even grimmer.



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