Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 154: Harry’s Choice

“Children, I’m helping you, I’m protecting you from harm!” Peter mumbled, pleading. “Don’t listen to Black, that madman wants to kill me!”

“Protecting us?! This is ridiculous; you didn’t say that in Prof. Lupin’s office just now.” Evan whispered. “Do I need to remind you, Wormtail? Here’s what you were going to do with the four of us. You first used the Imperius Curse to control Ron, you planned to use the Memory Charm against Harry and Hermione, and you just wanted to kill me with the Killing Curse. That’s the way you’ve been protecting us, isn’t it?!”

“God!” Hearing Evan’s words, Black, Harry, and Hermione exclaimed.

They looked at Peter’s eyes, and whatever compassion they had for him in their hearts was gone. All that remained was horror and anger.

“How could you do this, filthy fellow?! How did you dare to treat these kids like that?!” Black growled wildly, he shook and he rushed toward Peter again.

“No, don’t come over!” Seeing Black, Peter’s face paled.

He knelt on the ground, hurriedly crawling forward on his knees to reach Evan, his hands clasped together, as if he was crying, and praying.

“Evan, Evan, there must have been some misunderstanding between us. Although I said those things, I didn’t do anything, did I?!” Pettigrew cried out. “Believe me; what I have just said to you was just to make you understand, for…”

“I already know!” Evan squinted, looking at Peter, “Controlling Ron with the Imperius Curse to frame innocent Prof. Lupin, and after getting the Marauder’s Map, notifying Snape to catch Sirius Black. You secretly contacted Lucius Malfoy and other pureblood families who were dissatisfied with Dumbledore, allowing them to join forces to control public opinion and exert pressure on the Ministry of Magic thus giving you the proper playing field and helping you make up for any unreasonable loopholes. When it’s all over, you’ll be able to reappear as the hero who captured Black and protected Harry, and all the other young wizards.”

“No No, not…”

“You don’t need to tell me anything, Pettigrew! And don’t touch me with your dirty hands!” Evan avoided Peter and walked up beside Hermione.

Hermione looked scared and her body was trembling slightly.

Evan gently held the girl’s cold little hands. Feeling the warmth of Evan’s palm, Hermione gradually returned to peace.

Looking at the boy beside her, although his body was not particularly strong, Hermione felt inexplicable relief. She had a feeling that as long as Evan was here, no matter how crazy things would get, it shouldn’t make her feel the slightest wavering in her heart.

“Good girl, smart girl, you can understand, help me, you will not let them …” As Evan rejected him, Pettigrew looked at Hermione.

He seemed to want to come over, but he saw that Evan was standing beside Hermione and pointed at him coldly with his wand. He was afraid. He hesitated backwards, his body shaking uncontrollably, and he slowly turned his head to Harry.

“Harry, Harry, you are really like your father, like he was…”

“How dare you to say this to Harry?!” Black shouted. “How dare you face him? How do you dare to mention James in front of him?”

“Harry!” Black’s roar made Peter more frightened. He sped up, crawling forward with his knees to the kid, opening his hands, whispering, weeping and begging, “Harry, James and Lily wouldn’t let me be killed, they would understand! They would be merciful to me!”

“But I’ll never know how they would think, they were both killed by you!” said Harry sadly.

He wiped his tears hard, but the tears kept flowing out of control.

“No, I won’t!” Harry said, as if he had sentenced Peter to death.

Peter sobbed; his face’s skin was all tangled and contorted together. It looked terrifying and weird.

“It’s time to end all of this; I’ll kill you to avenge James and Lily!”

Sirius Black walked over, rolled up his sleeves, and there was a glimmer of joy on his thin face.

“No, Sirius! I’m Wormtail, I’m your friend, and you’re not…” Peter struggled to hold Black’s robe tightly.

“Get out of the way. I don’t need you touching it. My robe has enough filth!” Black kicked Peter away.

“I know, I admit, I was really confused, but you have to think about it. What could I do? You don’t know the Dark Lord and his powerful weapons, you can’t even imagine it. I was scared, Sirius!” said Pettigrew, trembling. “I have never been as brave as you, Remus, and James, but believe me, I never did it intentionally, and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named forced me.”

“Don’t lie!” growled Black. “Before James and Lily died, you had been sending him information. For a year, Dumbledore suspected that there was a spy among us, but James and I supported you in front of him. I was blind, and I even suspected Lupin!”

“You don’t understand. You-Know-Who was interfering anywhere. I couldn’t do anything!!” Pettigrew gasped. “Besides, what’s the advantage of rejecting him?”

“Well, what’s the advantage of fighting against the most vicious, wicked man in history?!” Black’s face showed a fearful rage, “to save innocent Lives, Peter!”

“You do not understand!”Pettigrew lamented,” He would have killed me, Sirius! ”

“Then you’re damned!”Black shouted, “It’s better to die than to betray a friend, as we would have done for you.”

“No, I can’t die. There are so many things waiting for me to do. I haven’t got what I deserve…” Pettigrew screamed, but this simply couldn’t prevent Black from approaching him.

Black walked step by step toward Peter, and each step meant that Peter was a little closer to death.

Ron looked pale and watched everything that was happening before him. That touched him so much that he seemed to be able to break free from the control of the Imperius Curse.

Pettigrew pleaded helplessly, and Hermione turned her face away and gently rested on Evan’s shoulder.

Looking at the frantic Black, Evan hesitated.

In his opinion, it was quite inappropriate to let Black kill Pettigrew. They should give Peter to Dumbledore and the Ministry of Magic to let them judge him and make him pay the right price for what he did. That was the wisest thing to do.

But Evan did not move. He saw Harry stepping out. In dealing with Peter, he had a more right to speak than him.

Harry ran up and stopped in front of Pettigrew. He gasped and said, “Sirius, you can’t kill him!”

“Harry, do you know what you’re doing? This scum has caused you to lose your parents. !” Black growled. “This despicable filthy bastard could watch you die without feeling anything. You heard what he had just said. His own stinky skin bag is more important to him than your family’s life.”

“I understand!” Harry gasped. “He killed my parents. He framed Professor Lupin. He took control of Ron and he tried to kill Evan. I will never forgive him for doing all these things, never! But you can’t kill him, Sirius. I don’t think my father would want his best friend to kill anyone! Especially, such a worthless person!”



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