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H.P.S.T Chapter 156: What a Friend Is

Pettigrew suddenly caught Ron from behind. No one expected him to do such a thing; he was too close to him.

Ron did not evade him; he stood there with his face pale, allowing Peter to seize him.

As Pettigrew grabbed his wand, he was like a rag doll, not doing anything to stop him.

The warmth brought by the scene between Black and Harry was instantly washed away. The mood became tense again, and Harry and Hermione hurriedly aimed their wands at Pettigrew.

“Ron!” said Hermione worriedly, looking at them in tears.

“You dirty coward, let go of Ron!” Harry shouted angrily.

Evan did not speak, but the tip of his wand shined brightly.

That was him gathering magical power. He stared closely at Peter, looking for an opportunity to shoot.

“Peter Pettigrew, You filthy bastard, you miserable coward, let go of that boy!” Black roared angrily, “you’re hopeless, I should have killed you!”

“Sending me to the Dementors instead of killing me directly, that makes no difference. It’s even worse!” Peter’s face showed extreme horror as he was trembling and begging, “I cannot go there. They will suck my soul away. Come on, let me go. Sirius, we used to be friends!”

“Friends?!” Black walked over to Peter, gritted and said, “I was so blind at the time that I made a friend like you. That’s one of my greatest regrets!”

“No, don’t come any closer!” shrieked Peter Pettigrew pointing his wand at Black, and then he swung again, pointing back at Ron’s chest, “Keep away from me, put your wands down, if you want Ron to live, do as I say, or else ……”

His voice was the only one being heard, as no one else even moved.

“Quick, do as I said!” A glimmer of madness flashed in Peter’s eyes. He cried, “I’m not kidding. I’ll give you ten more seconds. If there’s anyone who hasn’t dropped his wand, expect to bury Ron’s corpse.”

Evan, Harry, Hermione, and Black looked at each other and they hesitated.

Little Peter was obviously being serious, he really would kill Ron, his wand’s tip began to give out a faint green light, it was the Avada Kedavra Curse.

Harry gasped and looked indecisively at Pettigrew.

He regretted that he had just stopped Black from killing him. If he hadn’t done that, they wouldn’t have been in that spot. In order to help Sirius Black clear his name, he must not let Pettigrew run away, but he cannot disregard Ron’s life.

Harry hesitated. He didn’t know what to do.

On one side, there was his best friend; on the other side was his godfather. Regardless of which party he would let down, he would feel bad.

“Just do what he said, Harry!” Black said suddenly. “Put your wand down, we must ensure the boy’s safety.”


“There’s no but!” said Black eagerly. “That boy is your friend. We can’t let him die. Remember, Harry, if a friend is in danger and needs your help; you have to do everything you can to help him, even if it costs you life. Never hesitate!”

Hearing Black’s words, Harry sobbed and threw his wand on the ground.

“Ron, I know you’re under Pettigrew’s control. I don’t know if you can hear me, but I still want to say…” Harry looked up at Ron and his eyes were very firm. He yelled with all he had, “Ron, you’re my best friend, forever! Like Sirius just said, I’m willing to give away my life to help you! So please, wake up already. ”

No one spoke. Everyone was watching Harry quietly and listening to his whole hearted cry.

“You are your father’s good son, Harry!” said Black in relief. “I’m so proud of you!”

“Very well, another two!” Pettigrew shouted, He was also in tears that blurred his eyes.

He tried to keep himself from crying. He saw James in young Harry. He thought that he would also be willing to offer his life for his sake. He thought of his school days with James, Sirius and Lupin. Over those years, they ventured together in Hogwarts, and their footprints were everywhere in the campus.

But now, he has nothing. He destroyed it all with his own hands.

Hearing Harry’s cries, Peter Pettigrew kept telling himself that he did nothing wrong and that hiding behind the stronger one was the right choice.

If he went against the Dark Lord, he might’ve not survived for so long!

“Evan, Hermione, I don’t have the right to ask you anything, but…” Black looked at Evan and Hermione who were still holding their wands.

“I know, Sirius!” Evan put his wand down on the ground. He looked at Ron slowly and said, “Like I told you in Professor Lupin’s office, despite all your shortcomings Ron, you’re nothing like that man behind you! There’s a key difference between both of you: You will never betray your friends. We all believe in you. Don’t let us down.”

“Yes, Ron, we all believe in you!” Hermione also put her wand down and her eyes were red. “Remember how we became friends? Remember that in first year, you and Harry rescued me from the troll? The moment you came out? At that time, it was you who defeated the giant monster! Without you… Without you I might have died! I would offer my life for you as well.”

Seeing the scene in front of him, Ron stood pale and his face was full of pain.

He was being led by Peter to retreat slowly from the place.

Ron’s body shuddered uncontrollably. Peter was issuing new orders in his mind, but Ron could not hear a single word. All he could think of was what Harry, Evan, and Hermione said to him.

He did so many bad things to them, but they still regarded him as a friend.

He trembled. He thought before that he was similar to Peter Pettigrew, a misunderstood hero. But what he saw now is that Peter was a lowly, cowardly wretch and the culprit behind all these misfortunes. And now, he’s assisting him and betraying his friends.

Although still under the control of the Imperius Curse, Ron suddenly burst into tears and cried like never before.

He suddenly found himself a bastard, a bastard of the worst kind!

It was just like last year, when he preferred to believe in a strange diary and an evil Dark wizard, over believing in his friends!



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