Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 157: Power of Friendship

Ron trembled. The memories that should be lost of what he has done over the past month were played through his mind like a film.

He remembered what he had done while being controlled by Peter: He’s been the one who secretly broke into the professor’s office late in the night to search for the Marauder’s Map, wrote a letter to Lucius Malfoy to make an evil plot, accused innocent Professor Lupin in front of all the students in the school, and told Snape about Sirius Black’s whereabouts…

All along, he was thinking that’s he’s been doing the right things. While he was indeed being controlled by Pettigrew, he actually never tried to resist.

It was because he believed he was saving Harry, Evan, Hermione, and everyone, he was a HERO!

But now, that no longer seems to be true.

He was no hero, just an all-out loser. He was the accomplice of the ruffian who killed Harry’s parents.

Ron’s eyes gradually returned to clarity, he could hardly believe what he had done.

He actually helped Pettigrew, the murderer who fought for Voldemort and killed Harry’s parents. He betrayed Harry, Evan, and Hermione. He failed to honor his friends’ trust; he framed Professor Lupin, and was also plotting to trap Sirius Black…

Ron shivered looking at Evan, Harry and Hermione’s eyes. They were full of worry, disappointment and disbelief.

He felt distressed. He knew he was just being a scum all this time. He must find ways to make up for that.

Peter Pettigrew was taking Ron slowly to the castle gate. He asked Black, Evan, Harry and Hermione to remain in their places.

He was pleased to realize that he had actually passed the gate. The strange magical barrier that prevented him from passing through it did not stop him this time. He could feel the fresh, cold air outside the castle.

The sky was completely dark and the bright full moon light was creeping through the air.

In the moonlight, Peter Pettigrew guided Ron. They passed through the site outside the castle and walked towards the Forbidden Forest not far away.

In the distance, the figures of Evan, Harry, Hermione, and Black became more and more blurred. They gradually disappeared into the castle’s huge outline.

Seeing that he was getting closer and closer to the Forbidden Forest, Peter was so excited that he had finally escaped.

Just then, when he thought he was going to succeed, Ron suddenly rebelled.

He tightly grasped Peter’s right hand, the one missing a finger, and struggled with all he had to retrieve his wand.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Ron rebelled against Peter, crying loudly. “I’m sorry, Harry! I’m sorry, Evan! I’m sorry, Hermione! It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have doubted you, I should have believed you. Look at what I’ve done…”

He shouted and cried heartbroken.

Hearing Ron’s voice, Evan, Harry, Hermione, and Black were all stunned for a moment. They were delighted to discover that Ron had actually recovered and had succeeded in overcoming the Imperius Curse’s control with his own willpower. They hurriedly grabbed their wands from the ground and rushed to him and Pettigrew outside the castle.

“Damn, damn, what are you doing?!” Peter screamed, and he didn’t understand how Ron could break away from his control.

He quickly read the spell and was ready to regain control of him.

But he was surprised to find that the curse had lost its effect. His magic could no longer control Ron. The boy before him successfully resisted the Imperius Curse with his strong will.

That was impossible. That was simply incredible.

“No!” Pettigrew could not believe that Ron could do that.

Is this actually Ron?

Is this still the same lowly weak kid that he felt similar to for so long?

Is this still that mediocre loser who was full of envy and resentment against his friends?

Peter couldn’t understand what just happened to Ron!

With the help of the force born from within his heart, Ron’s will was stronger than ever.

That was the power of friendship. Pettigrew, who had used his friends as an exchange of interests, and was an evil traitor, would never understand that.

Ron broke free from the Imperius Curse, and defeated Peter!

Now, among the six people in front of Hogwarts Castle’s gate, Peter was the only loser.

“He’s here, here, Harry! Here, Evan! I’ve caught him!” Ron’s eyes were red. He clasped Pettigrew’s right hand holding the wand and cried. “Don’t care for me; hurry to attack him, you can’t let this guy run away!”

“No, this can’t be!” Peter screamed, his voice was hoarse and powerless.

He tried to get rid of Ron’s control, but the latter was like a madman, ignoring his injuries and the harm he suffered and clutching him with both hands.

Looking at the four who were getting closer and closer, Peter uttered a curse in panic.

Since it was impossible to control Ron, at least he would stop the boy from moving.

But before he could check if it was successful, something suddenly passed under his feet and jerked him.


Both Peter and Ron fell heavily on the ground, splashing a lot of dust.

Peter Pettigrew raised his head a few inches in surprise and saw a creature in the grass near him. He felt it was familiar. He tried hard to see what it was, but the sweat blurred his eyes, the black, thin, agile figure flashed through.

In the distant horizon, the winter night was getting particularly colder and colder really fast.

Then Peter found out what it was. It was The Dementors, at least 200 of them. They were attracted by Ron’s cries, and they huddled together in black bringing suffocating cold and gliding over around Hogwarts’ walls.

The icy feeling penetrated his internal organs and the fog began to blur his sight.

The Dementors were getting closer and closer, they gathered from the darkness coming from all directions ready to surround him.

“No, don’t!” Pete murmured, shaking unsteadily.

He was very, very frightened, almost scared to death!

Once again, he thought of what Evan said to him. Those Dementors came to catch him. They wanted to suck his soul away!

Pettigrew no longer paid attention to Ron, who was constantly fighting him. He could no longer think of him, and he looked at the approaching Black, Evan, Harry, and Hermione, as well as the coming Dementors. He instinctively wanted to run away!

What happened tonight was really too much, and things went completely out of his control.

He didn’t want to stay another second. He realized that he was just too weak, too cowardly, and too lowly for all of this. He was not ready to carry out this failed conspiracy. He did not have the courage to stay any longer!

He was going to look for the Dark Lord. He wanted to hide behind the strongest man just like he did before…

For a weak fellow, hiding behind the strong is always the wisest choice.



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