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H.P.S.T Chapter 158: Ron Breaking Free

Evan was surprised to see such an absurd scene in front of him. Peter Pettigrew and Ron were rolling and wrestling on the ground. Ron screamed and shouted at him, Harry and Hermione, calling for their names. Peter, who was over him, gave a sharp scream from time to time, like a pig being brought to slaughter.

Pettigrew wanted to escape, but Ron held him and did not let him run away.

Ron’s strength was so great that Peter was unable to point his wand’s tip at him.

“Come on, I caught him…”

“Let me loose, Ron! Please, my benevolent master!” Pettigrew screamed. “You won’t let them catch me, will you? I am your RAT; I am your good pet.”

“I won’t believe you anymore, I’ve been a jerk, look at what I have done…” Ron’s tears flew out uncontrollably.

“Child, I am helping you, I am on your side…”

“Shut up!” Ron interrupted him, looking at him in extreme disgust. “You ugly, dirty bastard, because of you, I betrayed my friends!”

“That was your own wish!” Peter said hurriedly, his expression was more distorted because of madness. “Think about it, Ron! How many times have you been secretly crying under your sheets? How envious and jealous of Harry were you, how often did you crave his spotlight? And that Evan, the damned guy stole Hermione and took away what’s yours. You said you will make him regret, you will make him pay for it.”

“No!” Ron was heartbroken, Pettigrew’s words were touching his nerves, and he did not want to think about those things. He shook his head hard, shouting without fear, “I would rather die than believe you again! I would rather die, than betray my friends again.”

“Well said, Ron!”

“You are the best, Ron!” Hearing Ron yelling, Harry also cried and said: “You relied on your own willpower to break free from the control of the Imperius Curse. You are a hero, a true hero.”

“You are our best friend, we all believe in you!”

Evan, Harry and Hermione ran forward, approaching the two people fighting.

In front of them, Black took the lead.

“No, don’t come over!” Seeing Black’s grim expression, Peter gave a shrill cry.

His eyes were wide open; he looked terrified to the extreme.

He knew that if he was caught by Black, he would kill him without waiting for the Dementors to come out.

This time, no one would help him again!

He couldn’t let it happen. He shook his arm roughly and waved his wand.

Ron, who was clanging to his right hand, rolled like a broken rag doll on the ground, and his body was covered in blood.

But no matter how hard Peter tried, Ron, clenching his teeth and persisting, didn’t loosen his hands. In his physical state, he was no opponent of Peter Pettigrew.

But in the face of mad Ron, Peter was unable to get rid of him rapidly.

Pettigrew did not dare to get into his Rat’s form. He was too afraid that if he was to still be grabbed by Ron while in that state, he would fall into an even more passive situation.

“Release me, Ron, let go…” Pettigrew struggled screaming, and his wand emitted a light from time to time, and he was floundering barely with his brute strength.

They were both rolling on the ground. Peter’s left hand seemed to touch a stone; he lifted it and hit Ron’s head hard.

(Translator Note: And Black and the lot still didn’t reach them, sounds like a scene from Captain Tsubasa XD)


Through the faint moonlight, Peter saw Ron’s bloody face, and he seemed to be losing consciousness.

Ron loosened his grip of Peter’s hands, and the latter’s heart moved. Before he could do anything, he found himself being caught by Sirius Black. Black’s strength was so great that he almost ripped him apart.

Black grabbed Peter’s neck with his left, and he clenched his right swinging it at his face.

One punch, two punches, three punches…

Under Black’s angry onslaught, Pettigrew didn’t even have the power to plead.

“Stop, Sirius, you are killing him!” Evan, Harry and Hermione followed running towards the fainting Ron to lift him up. “We’d better hurry, the Dementors are coming soon, we must go back to the castle!”

“I don’t care about the Dementors; I want to kill this…”

“Let me go, Sirius… Dementors…” Peter muttered powerless.

His eyes were sloppy, but his right hand was firm, holding Ron’s wand tightly. He seemed to be talking vaguely. Evan was the only one to see his lips moving. It seemed to be a spell, a very evil dark magic, and he felt that something bad was about to happen.

He wanted to stop Pettigrew, but it was too late!

“Look out, get away!” Evan shouted.

The others raised their heads looking at him in astonishment, and even Black stopped.

They didn’t know what had happened, nor did they know why Evan said so.

Evan didn’t have time to explain anything. He pulled Hermione behind him and held her tightly.

The wand in his hand gave out a dazzling light, like the Shield Charm, forming a silver-white shield to protect them.

At the same time, Pettigrew’s wand’s tip emitted five strange orange fire-like lights, which shined through the dark.

Sirius Black froze and his memory instantly returned to the Muggle Street 12 years ago. He also remembered this magic. Peter Pettigrew, who had been sobbing in front of him at the time, his wand’s tip also abruptly gave out five orange lights, and then…

Bang!! !

The fire was shining, and there was a loud explosion on Peter’s wand!

There was a big pit on the ground, and Black had only time to leave Peter, and he rolled hard to the side, and then the violent explosion drove him far away from the impact. Under the gazes of the children crying out in astonishment, his body fell heavily on the ground.

The cheer impact made the soil go straight towards them.

Evan’s hasty magic shield was instantly broken. They were too close to Pettigrew. He held Hermione tightly in his arms. Both of them closed their eyes. As he thought everything was over, a white light flew from the castle. The magic that had just stopped Peter from leaving the gate reappeared, setting a new barrier in front of them.

The power of the explosion was too great. Although there was magical protection, the four of them were still flying like a boat floating in a storm, and they were violently shaken away.

The tremendous explosion made Evan dazed, and its sound gradually dissipated!

They didn’t seem to have serious damage. Evan heard Hermione and Harry shouting. He tried to raise his head and saw that Peter Pettigrew was running away.

Peter looked extremely miserable, he was badly mutilated, and most of his body was bloody. Ron’s wand was thrown aside. Peter’s right hand, the one with which he held the wand, the one that used to miss a finger, now disappeared completely. It turned into a lump of rotten meat on the ground as a price for his use of this magic.

This extremely evil forbidden magic requires the flesh and blood of the caster as a catalyst.

Twelve years ago, Pettigrew paid a finger for using this magic, and now it’s his entire right hand!

But he was still moving, flouncing forward slowly, and gradually disappeared into the dark Forbidden Forest.

Evan hurried over; he knew that he couldn’t let Peter Pettigrew run away.

Ron has relied on his own willpower to break away from the control of the Imperius Curse. If he ever caught Peter, that would be the perfect ending for this year’s event.



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