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H.P.S.T Chapter 172: Evan and Snape’s Duel

“Get out of it, Mason!” Snape said coldly, he quickly waved his wand, not seeming to slow down at all just because Evan was his student.

“Be reasonable, Professor, you know very well that Black is innocent!” Evan dodged Snape’s curse and shouted, “It’s all Peter Pettigrew’s doing. He used the Imperius Curse to control Ron. Everything was part of his plan.”

Snape turned a deaf ear to Evan’s arguing.

His eyes, filled with vengeance and anger, were fixed on Black.

Black became a huge black dog, jumped over Evan, and went out through the portrait entrance. Snape rushed to catch up, but immediately stopped to evade Evan’s stunning spell.

“Evan Mason!” Seeing Black’s fading figure, Snape’s face was distorted, and he said with a grin, “I’ll say it again for the last time, GET OUT OF MY WAY! Otherwise I’ll make you regret stopping me.” …..”

Evan gasped and stopped in front of the Common room’s entrance.

He held his wand and didn’t move away. He answered Snape with his actions.

“Very well!” Snape said madly, his face flashing a desperate expression.

His mouth quickly recited a spell. His wand was whizzing in the air, and several spells were issued. Like daggers, with a cold light, they flew over to Evan.

Evan hurried to the right, tumbling on the ground, dodging Snape’s magic. He issued a Protego to shield himself as quickly as he could.

Under the protection of the Shield, a red spell rubbed his body and flew to the side.

The powerful impact force made him lose his balance and he fell heavily to the ground.

Evan hurriedly rose up ignoring the pain in his back.

He saw a blue ray of a curse coming towards him, and he hurriedly waved his wand to the round wooden table in front of him.

The wooden table drifted, rotated quickly, and stood erect to block Snape’s attack.

With a bang, the previously tough, solid desk was struck hard by the blue light that made a large hole in it.

It quickly flew backwards and then slammed down. Under the influence of Evan’s spell, the worn wooden table flew back to Snape.

In midair, it began to deform, and fell heavily on the ground, turning into a big black snake, revealing its sharp fangs and sliding towards Evan.

Evan took a deep breath, held it as the tip of his wand emitted a silver white light, which turned into a sword that cut the black snake in front of him in two. The silver-white sword was relentless, and fiercely passed over to Snape.

Snape’s face was somewhat surprised. He didn’t seem to have imagined that Evan could use such powerful magic.

He waved his wand in his hand and his mouth whispered a Spell.

The next second, a semi-circular white barrier magic suddenly appeared in front of Snape, and Evan’s curse slammed into it, leaving a ripple on it.

Evan looked at the barrier in front of Snape with astonishment. The doubts that had troubled him all night were unraveling.

It was him; it was Snape who had done everything: At the hall, he stopped Peter Pettigrew from leaving the castle, protecting him, Harry and Hermione from being hurt by Peter’s ability to explode with his evil magic. When Evan finally fainted, it was Snape who sent him to the school hospital.

Originally, Evan wasn’t sure about it. But now, there were no more doubts about it being Snape’s white barrier magic.

This defensive barrier magic, like Sectumsempra, should have been created by Snape himself, for Evan never saw such a spell before.

Unlike the Shield Charm, which forms an invisible wall blocking attack, Snape’s magical protective barrier is visible. This barrier has a strong defense. It doesn’t rebound the attack hitting it, it absorbs it completely. As long as the magic trying to pass does not exceed that of the caster itself, the barrier cannot be broken.

Besides, the barrier can also prevent people from passing through.

In the Hall, Evan saw Peter Pettigrew being bounced back heavily.

Snape must have been there, and Evan was sure that his previous judgment was completely correct. He was convinced that he saw Snape behind the curtain.

Evan breathed a sigh of relief, and his struggles at that time did not seem to be in vain anymore.

He took a risk of giving Pettigrew the chance to escape, and did not directly use Stupefy to stun him, but deliberately guided him and Sirius Black, who was in a frenzy of anger, and made them both fully expose the truth about that year.

He intentionally gave Peter Pettigrew an opportunity to defend himself. Evan’ purpose of doing so, besides his promise to Dumbledore to do everything he could to save Ron, was mainly to let Snape know the truth about that year.

Snape, who must have been hiding behind the curtain, should have heard everything clearly, and he should have known who sold Harry’s parents out to Voldemort… who killed Lily, the only woman he ever loved in his life.

However, Evan still found some difficulty in understanding Snape’s ideas.

Since he already knew the truth about the incident, why didn’t he come out at the time? Why didn’t he stop Peter Pettigrew but gave him a chance to escape into the Forbidden Forest?!

Looking at Professor Snape, whose face was gloomy, Evan sighed heavily. He didn’t know what he was thinking of at the time, but he suddenly had an unusual feeling of sadness.

Unable to explain why, he suddenly felt that Professor Snape was very pitiful. Even though he didn’t spend twelve years in Azkaban like Sirius Black, his heart had been suffering no less than his childhood foe during the past twelve years.

Evan didn’t want to continue to fight. He was going to tell Snape about everything. Besides Harry, he was the one who had the most right to know the truth about Lily’s death.

But Snape did not give him the opportunity to explain. He took a step forward, still waving his wand, completely absorbed by the duel.

The big snake, which Evan had cut into two halves, suddenly turned into black smoke. In a few seconds, the black smoke deformed and solidified, becoming dense small cobras. They hissed and surrounded Evan from all directions.

Evan’s face was full of sweat, his wand swept, and a circular, ring-shaped blue flame appeared, quickly spreading from the center of his sole as the starting point, burning quietly on the floor. Touched by the blue flame, all the cobras in front of him turned back into black smoke and disappeared.

This is a magic he learned in the library, and it was very magical power-hungry.

The cobras in front of Evan disappeared completely, but the number of new born cobras around him increased. He stepped back and fell on the sofa behind him.

About two seconds later, the sofa underneath Evan suddenly came to life, and then changed into a black giant python, which unexpectedly entangled Evan’s body. It roared and opened a mouth bigger than Evan, and it was about to swallow him whole.



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