Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 173: A Paradoxal Existence

Just as the giant python was about to swallow Evan, it suddenly became a snake-like black belt that wrapped around his neck, wrists and ankles, layer after layer, from head to toe, tying him up solid.

Evan was tied like a mummy, lying on the ground weakly.

“I should have done this to you before. You and Potter are nothing but trouble!” Snape said sullenly, “Remember, Mr. “know it all”! In the future, before a duel, you need to first understand the strength gap between you and your adversary. Don’t try to challenge opponents that you can never defeat. Doing that is just looking for death!”


“Shut up, and lie here quietly; I’ll catch Black first.” Snape turned his head and inserted his wand back into his waist. “You’re stupid enough to help a murderer! If I were the Headmaster, the first thing I would do is to expel you and Potter.”

Snape bypassed Evan and was about to leave the Common room.

“Wait a minute, Professor!” Evan hurriedly shouted. “You shouldn’t catch Sirius Black. He is innocent. It’s all Peter Pettigrew’s…”

Snape ignored Evan’s shouts. His face was gloomy, his footsteps did not stop, and he walked out of Gryffindor’s Common room.

“Twelve years ago, it was Peter Pettigrew who sold Harry’s parents out to Voldemort, who killed Harry’s mother!” Evan continued to shout, hoping Snape could hear him, “If you want to avenge Lily, you must believe me.”

His voice echoed in the empty Common room.

He didn’t know if Snape hadn’t heard his words, or if he heard them, but still didn’t believe him just like before.

Believing that Sirius Black was innocent was a very difficult thing for Snape, who had been blinded by hatred. At this time, he seemed to be completely irrational. He only wanted to catch and kill Black.

Evan only wanted him to hear Lily’s name so that it could calm him down.

A few seconds later, he no longer heard the footsteps outside, and it seemed like Snape got really far away.

Just as Evan gave up hope, he saw Snape returning again.

His wand was again in his hand, his face was gloomy and terrible, and he quickly walked over to Evan.

“Repeat what you just said, Mason! Snape looked down at Evan, and not a shred of feeling could be sensed in his cold voice. “Tell me what happened that year. If you dare to lie, I will make you pay the price.” ”

“Trust me, Professor!” “Evan hurriedly said,” In those days, Peter Pettigrew betrayed Harry’s parents for Voldemort. He was a traitor. Everything was done by Peter. He killed Harry’s mother, Lily. ”

“Black was their Secret Keeper!” Snape said in a word.

“No, at Sirius’s suggestion, Harry’s parents changed their Secret Keeper to Peter Pettigrew at the last minute. No one knew this except for the four of them. They thought it was a brilliant idea. No one would have thought that the Secret Keeper of Potter and his wife would be the weak and lowly Peter Pettigrew. ”

“These are all Black’s lies. He is lying; he is shirking his responsibility of betraying them.” Snape’s eyes became hollow, and he stared blankly.

Evan knew that his eyes were that way because Snape was using Occlumency. He didn’t want anyone to know what he was thinking. He didn’t want to show his true intentions. He didn’t want others to know his feelings for Harry’s mother, Lily Evans, which was the softest and most vulnerable part of his soul.

Snape kept his heart behind walls. He didn’t reveal the slightest gap in his Occlumency.

He now looks like he is trying to figure out the truth of what happened that year, but in fact, he only cares about Lily, only Lily. He will not confess it. If possible, he will bury this in his heart forever until the day he dies.

He clearly loved her, and he was willing to give her everything, but he never spoke his heart.

His most hated enemy married the woman he loved most in his life, and he could only send her a blessing behind his back.

The only true love, for whose protection he was willing to give everything, was finally murdered because of this leak.

As one of the most outstanding wizards, even Dumbledore had to rely on his magic, but in the end he met a horrible death.

And as the greatest double agent in history, he lied to everyone, including the Dark Lord, and was only really understood after his death.

That was Snape, an existence paradoxal to the extreme.

“Peter Pettigrew is not dead. He is an Animagus. He is now Ron’s rat, and he controls Ron with the Imperius curse.” Evan looked at Snape’s empty eyes and continued. “Trust me, Professor! I will prove it to you.”

Snape stood there quietly, without speaking. He was waiting for Evan to continue.

“Peter Pettigrew is now preparing to run away. He is in Professor Lupin’s office! If you’re fast enough, you can meet him in the hallway of the first floor.” Evan gasped. “Believe me, just stop the rat who is about to escape from the Castle, and you will know the whole truth of what happened that year.”

Evan just finished his words, and Snape immediately turned around and left. He was so abrupt and violent that his black robe’s hem moved in the air, making a burst of shaking sound.

Looking at Snape’s quick departure, Evan froze.

Was it because he didn’t change his mind? Or maybe he couldn’t wait to verify what Evan said that he left so quickly?

Evan struggled hard, and the rope on his body became tighter.

“Animagus!” he whispered.

In the blink of an eye, Evan’s body changed rapidly and turned into a small black cat, which jumped abruptly before the rope tightened again.

He left the Common room and ran to the hallway quickly along the empty dark path. When he got close to it, he heard the crazy roar of Sirius Black in the hall, and he was questioning Peter Pettigrew.

Everything was exactly the same as he had experienced before. Snape stopped Peter Pettigrew from fleeing the castle at the last minute. He was quietly standing behind the second floor curtain, holding his wand tightly in his hands and listening to the dialogue in the hall. .

“I know, I admit, I was really confused, but you have to think about it for me, what could I do? You don’t know, the Dark Lord, his powerful weapon, you can’t imagine it, I was Scared, Sirius!”

Evan heard the sharp, trembling voice of Peter Pettigrew as he admitted everything.

Hearing this sentence, Snape, standing behind the curtain, took a step back.

He couldn’t believe this, and his face was full of anguish.

Evan sneaked away, and he noticed that Snape seemed to be crying.

Tears soaked Snape’s eyes, he did not notice Evan. He seemed to fall into the memories of the past, back to that dark night twelve years ago.



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