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H.P.S.T Chapter 176: Firenze the Centaur

“About what I just said, seizing that evil Dark wizard…” Although he knew that it was unlikely, Evan was still willing to try again.

“We will not help human beings, and we must not violate God’s will.” This time, Bane did not look at Mars in the sky. He answered Evan’s question accurately and with a little warning in his serious voice. “Like two years ago, the trajectory of Mars has already shown its harbingers, and things that are destined to happen should not be changed.”

“Although there are some changes, the result is the same.” Ronan added, with his sad voice, “Mars tonight is brighter than ever, indicating that the most terrible of all disasters is coming.”

“But…” Evan was not sure if they were referring to Voldemort’s forthcoming re-emergence. According to Professor Trelawney’s prediction, after this rise, Voldemort will be stronger and more terrible than ever.

He didn’t know who the man to be chosen by Voldemort was, but if these Centaurs could help him catch Peter Pettigrew, he might be able to stop Voldemort’s return.

“There is no but. I know what you are thinking, but the war between the wizards has nothing to do with us. Centaurs are interested in astrological divination; we have no obligation to help humans.” Bane replied stiffly. “We can absolutely not change what’s going to happen. We have made an oath!”

Evan also wanted to say more, and ask about the Gryffindor’s Treasure Key, but from the depths of the Forbidden Forest suddenly came a glare of red and white light, accompanied by heat waves, illuminating the dark forest completely like the midday sun.

“What is going on?” Ronan unsteadily trampled on the ground with his hooves. “There seems to be a fire; that direction is…”

“It’s the Acromantulas’ territory. Something must have happened!” Bane took the bow and the arrow off his back.

The two of them did not look at Evan anymore; they turned around and quickly rushed over. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared into the depths of the jungle, leaving behind only the sound of their hooves echoing in the open space.

Evan hurriedly rushed there himself. He knew that he was burning Aragog’s Lair. His had to hurry up, and there was not much time left for him. He did not follow the direction in which Ronan and Bane left, but ran in another direction. He knew that he would meet himself and Peter Pettigrew if he went that way.

He ran forward for a few minutes and entered the territory of the Acromantula.

The terrain was clearly tilted downwards, and the surrounding trees began to wither, showing unhealthy gray, with spider webs and white pupae appearing from time to time.

Evan was highly focused, and he clenched his wand in his hand as he was moving in.

Hearing Aragog’s call, the Acromantulas scattered throughout the Forbidden Forest were gathering in the center of the hollow, and their number was increasing.


Just as Evan was on the alert, three spiders of the size of a millstone came down from the surrounding trees.

They were waving their sharp pincers, making frightening clicking.

Evan quickly dodged to the right, rolling on the ground.

The tip of his wand issued a red light, striking the spider in front of him. Then he turned quickly, and suddenly stopped. He was surprised to see that the two Acromantulas behind him had been bowed. They were completely penetrated and nailed to the ground.

The two spiders struggled and made a heart-rending voice.

Evan looked up in surprise and saw a centaur standing on higher grounds, not Ronan or Bane; this one looked younger; he had white-blond hair and a palomino body.

“Are you all right?” said the centaur, pulling Evan to his feet.

“Yes, thank you, my name is Evan Mason, from Hogwarts!” Evan patted the dust on his body, and then he was attracted by the Centaur’s eyes.

He had astonishingly blue eyes, like pale sapphires.

“I’ve heard Hagrid talking about you, Evan!” The Centaur said softly, “My name is Firenze!”

Evan was surprised: it turned out to be him!

Like most of the Centaurs in the Forbidden Forest, Firenze stood also in awe by fate, and was always looking at the skies for truth and knowledge. He was really wise, and mentally strong.

But compared to the other Centaurs who disliked and refused to work with wizards, Firenze was not so repelled by humans, and was not reluctant to give a helping hand. This made him lose status, as his actions were deemed as inappropriate by the likes of Bane and Ronan who believed that Centaurs should not go beyond being mere observers.

Evan still remembered that at Harry’s fifth year, Firenze even accepted the invitation of Dumbledore to replace the expelled Professor Trelawney and become a professor of divination. He accepted the post and was banished by his own tribe, who called him a slave who was captive of human beings.

“Although I don’t know why you are here, but for a young wizard of your age, the Forbidden Forest is not safe tonight.” Firenze looked at Evan. “These Acromantulas are all getting mad. They are more aggressive than usual, I have to send you back…”

“No, I can’t leave, I have to catch Peter Pettigrew.”

“Peter Pettigrew?!” Firenze slowly repeated it.

“Yes, he is an evil Dark wizard, he is…”

Evan had not finished his words yet, and he heard Firenze saying, “I know him, Peter Pettigrew, he and James Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin had come to our tribe a few times 20 years ago. I was still a foal. Every time they came to me, they brought me magical items, food, and very interesting stories that you humans make.”

Firenze seemed to be lost in memory, and Evan looked at him with surprise. It turned out that things went that way: No wonder then that Firenze had such good feelings for mankind. Now it seems very likely that he had been influenced by the Marauders when he was young.

“The relationship between the four of them was very good at the time, because our ancestors had an agreement with the Founders of the castle. They were recognized by the Centaurs and came to the tribe for final trials to decide if any of them was qualified to get that thing.” Firenze said faintly, “But they all failed. It was clear that they were not the ones chosen by fate.”

“That thing?!” Evan was stunned and his heart suddenly jumped up. Firenze was referring to the Gryffindor’s Secret Treasure Key. He couldn’t help but ask, “What is that thing?”

“I don’t know.” Firenze shook his head and said slowly. “No one knows its specific shape. For over a thousand years, respecting the ancient agreement, it has been stored in the temple in the middle of the tribe. Every night, it emits the same light as the stars. Only those who will be allowed to get it could actually get to know what it is!”


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