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H.P.S.T Chapter 184: “Hogwarts Magic” Development Plan

The Order of Merlin was founded in the middle of the eleventh century by the famous medieval wizard Merlin. It was the earliest organization in the magical world and is highly regarded.

Merlin wanted wizards to help Muggles, so he created the Order of Merlin.

The Order of Merlin Organization was created to help Muggles, which stipulates that the wizards prohibit the use of magic against them, and that every wizard in the order is responsible of the protection of the Muggles around him.

At the end of the thirteenth century, as a result of social unrest, most wizards were persecuted by Muggles, and the order of Merlin was suspended. Merlin himself was a victim of the persecution, and that ended up making him disband the organization. Later, with establishment of the Ministries of Magic and the 1689 International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy, all wizards transferred to covert, and the order of Merlin began to operate again.

All of the most reputable wizards have joined the order and awarded medals to wizards who have made outstanding contributions to the harmonious coexistence with Muggles.

After centuries of development, the Order of Merlin has become the largest outstanding wizarding organization in the magic world, and the only wizarding group in the entire magical world that is not within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Magic, and is also recognized by the Ministry of Magic as an international elite wizard organization. .

In the magic world, the best honor for a wizard is to be rewarded with the Order of Merlin. There were three different classes of Order of Merlin that were awarded: First Class, Second Class and Third Class. Dumbledore is the winner of the first-class medal, and Gilderoy Lockhart has won the Third Class medal, enough to become the capital he boasted for.

Evan had never thought that he would have the chance to win the Order of Merlin, Second Class, which was definitely unexpected for him.

For a young wizard like him who is a Muggle-born, and who is only twelve years old, it is a miracle.

If Malfoy knew about it, he would die of envy.

“We don’t want the Order of Merlin!” Fudge had not finished his words, and heard Harry saying eagerly, “Minister, Sirius and Professor Lupin are innocent, they…”

“Black’s case needs to be decided after the Wizengamot trial. From the current situation, it should not be a problem.” Fudge turned to look at Harry and barely smiled. “As for Lupin, he is now being cast. All his charges have been revoked, and you will see him in a moment.”

“Then will he stay and continue to teach?” Harry asked quickly.

“I am sorry, Harry! Lupin has submitted his resignation to me. He said that he could no longer take such a risk, fearing that a similar incident would happen again.” Dumbledore said calmly.

“What?!” Harry couldn’t believe it.

Professor Lupin actually resigned.

Dumbledore looked at Harry and turned and said to Fudge. “Cornelius, I think of those Dementors; can they be withdrawn from school?”

“Oh, yes, they have to go.” Fudge was absent-mindedly combing his hair with his fingers. “They have no business here. I have never thought that they would try to kiss an innocent boy, that’s completely out of control! I will be out in a while and tell them to go back to Azkaban.”

There was a sudden silence in the ward and no one spoke.

Harry also wanted to ask Dumbledore about Professor Lupin, and he heard Barty Crouch saying seriously, “Minister, Dumbledore, there should be nothing else to understand. We should hurry back immediately; I want to meet Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black. If necessary, I recommend using the Veritaserum.”

“Veritaserum?” Fudge said in amazement. “Are you crazy, Barty?! That is illegal. You know…”

Fudge said a few more words, and the five people quickly left the ward.

From the expression on their faces, it could be seen that overthrowing Black’s verdict and the retrial of Peter Pettigrew definitely spoke disaster for the Ministry of Magic and the Wizengamot, and that they were hoping they could solve it all before Christmas.

After that, Evan, Harry, and Hermione discussed the things that happened a while ago and last night, and Dumbledore was there. They didn’t worry much about the success in proving Black’s innocence. However, Professor Lupin’s resignation was quite a concern.

“I can’t believe it; Professor Lupin will quit his job!” Harry said with concern. “We have gone so far to prove that he was innocent.”

“If he made up his mind to resign, I don’t think we’ll be able to do anything…”

“We can’t do anything?!” Evan had something in his mind as he raised his head and continued. “I have an idea. After Professor Lupin leaves his job, he certainly won’t be able to find a new one. No one will be willing to hire a werewolf, even if harmless. However, I can always invite him to take charge of the daily operation of the “Hogwarts Magic Newspaper”.”

Looking at the strange expression of Harry and Hermione, Evan thought more and more that this idea was feasible. Professor Lupin’s werewolf identity was made public, and he was doomed to not be able to stay in Hogwarts to teach. But he could hire him for a job different from the original one!

After more than a year of development, the “Hogwarts Magic News” had been able to further increase its sales, expand its business scope, and to be promoted outside the school.

Evan didn’t have to worry about news sources. Almost all the ghosts of the UK were actually providing news to the Hogwarts Magic Newspaper, and they were proud to see their articles being published. Many of the news they provided were from outside the school.

Evan had long wanted to expand his business. The only problem was that he didn’t have much energy.

Whether it was himself, Hermione, Fred, George, Harry or Ginny, all the managers of Hogwarts Magic were students, and it was impossible for them to run out of the campus. The house-elves were not good at management, which limited the newspaper audience to only the young wizards at school.

Prior to this, even with a lot of influential news, Evan had to cooperate with the Daily Prophet.

If he hired other wizards to be responsible for the issuance and management of off-campus newspapers, Evan would not be at ease. But Professor Lupin could solve this problem perfectly.

Evan was preparing to use Black and Pettigrew’s news event as a development opportunity to open up to the off-campus market. He planned to rent a house in Diagon Alley as the newspaper’s headquarters, and gradually expand the sales of issues to become like the “Daily Prophet”.

After the series of events he witnessed, Evan had fully realized the importance of public opinion. It was absolutely essential to develop the Hogwarts Magic Newspaper.

In addition, he was also willing to discuss this with Sirius Black. If he was willing to come, it would be even better. But from some of Fudge’s words, it seemed like he wanted Black to be an Auror.

Just when Evan was going to write to Black, Professor Lupin returned to Hogwarts. He looked even more haggard, but mentally stable.


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