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H.P.S.T Chapter 185: Hiring Lupin

Professor Lupin was all haggard. His worn robe was covered with dust. He looked thinner than usual, and had deep shadows beneath his eyes, but his face had a large smile upon it.

When they saw Lupin, Evan, Harry, and Hermione all climbed up from their beds and shouted with joy, “Professor!”

“Good afternoon, Harry; Good afternoon, Evan; Good afternoon, Hermione!” Lupin said with a smile.

“Professor, I heard Hagrid saying yesterday that they shut you into Azkaban. What did the monsters do to you?” Harry asked eagerly.

“I am fine, Harry!” Lupin glanced through Harry, Evan, and Hermione. “In fact, I want to thank you three. It was thanks to your efforts that I could get out from there so quickly.”

“You are innocent, and Ron was only controlled by Peter Pettigrew to frame you.”

“Peter Pettigrew!” Lupin repeated, with a glimmer of regret on his face. He slowly closed his eyes, and then immediately opened them, and said gloomily, “I saw Sirius in the Ministry of Magic, he and Dumbledore told me everything. I shouldn’t have doubted him that year; I actually thought he had betrayed James and Lily…”

When it came to Harry’s parents, no one spoke, and the atmosphere became somewhat heavy.

“Professor, I successfully conjured a full Patronus last night, it’s a stag!” After a long silence, Harry whispered.

“Your father always turned into a stag when he deformed.” Lupin smiled again. “You’re right, Harry, so we called him Prongs.”

“But there was another Patronus then, and it was a doe.”

“A doe?!” Lupin was stunned and seemed to be without reaction for a moment.

“The doe, I mean, would it be my mother…”

“Lily’s Patronus was indeed a doe.” Lupin looked at Harry with concern. “I once told you that the shape of the Patronus varies from person to person and is related to the character and inner world of the wizard. You know, the Patronus will not always stay the same; it will change when the conjurer is subjected to big blows and emotional changes.”

“What do you mean?”

“Harry, the Patronus you saw can’t be Lily.” Lupin continued. “I don’t know who summoned it, but that person must have something to do with Lily. Otherwise, his Patronus couldn’t be a doe! ”

In fact, hearing Harry’s description of Lily’s Patronus, Lupin thought of Snape, maybe it was his Patronus. Lupin knew more or less about some of the history between Lily and Snape. Before coming to Hogwarts, they came from the same place. Lily was very nice to Snape, but later…

Lupin hesitated for a moment and finally said nothing.

In his opinion, some things are not suitable for Harry to know.

Besides, he did not have such qualification. The fact was that James and Lily had made Sirius Black Harry’s godfather.

Harry, who was lost in thought, did not notice Lupin’s strange reaction. His expression was confused and he thought hard. Who would be related to his mother?

At that time, only Snape was there, would it be him?

Harry knew that he had a bad relationship with his father during his school days, just like he and Malfoy did not agree with each other.

From the information that he learned later, Snape hated his father.

As for Snape’s relationship with his mother, Harry didn’t know anything about that. It was supposed that the two of them should’ve had no intersection.

But with this, it didn’t seem to be the case anymore.

But even if Snape conjured up the Patronus, Evan did not expect him to be fair and friendly. In his first year, Snape had saved Harry, but later he became more and more hostile towards him. Dumbledore once said that it was because he felt that this should make him even with his father. And with him not owing anyone anything, he could relive the hatred he had for James with no qualms.

Harry didn’t go deep into it at the time, but now he still felt that something wasn’t right, and that Snape’s relationship with his parents was far more complicated than that.

He tried hard to think about it, but it gave him a headache so violent, that he had no choice but to stop thinking about it.

Harry looked up and heard Hermione saying worriedly. “Professor, is there nothing wrong with Sirius? When will he come back?”

“He is all right, but it will take him a while to come to see you.” Lupin said, “The Wizengamot has launched a special trial procedure and should make a final judgment before Christmas ends. Since you caught Peter and Dumbledore is there, you don’t have to worry about him at all.”

“And you, Professor?!” Harry asked. “I just heard from Prof. Dumbledore that you have resigned. You didn’t do that, did you?”

“I’m afraid I did, Harry!”

“Why, you obviously didn’t attack Ron?”

“This has nothing to do with whether or not I attacked Ron. You should have seen during those two days. Students’ parents are not willing to have a werewolf teach their children. I think they are right; I may bite any of you. …this kind of thing can never happen again.”

“Don’t go, Professor! You’re the best Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher!” Harry shouted, and Evan and Hermione rushed to agree.

Lupin shook his head and did not speak.

Just as Harry was thinking about the reasons for him to stay, Lupin continued. “Harry, Evan, Hermione, teaching at Hogwarts was a happy time that I will never forget all my life. If there is anything that makes me proud, it’s you! The three of you are the best students I have ever taught.”


“Well, it’s getting late; I should go back and pack my bags.” Professor Lupin rubbed his eyes to wipe off his tears with the back of his hand.

“Wait a minute, Professor!” Evan hurriedly stopped Lupin. “What are you going to do after you leave Hogwarts?”

“I’ll probably go on looking for the next job.” Lupin smiled bitterly, “Don’t worry about me.”

Lupin’s heart was full of bitterness. As a werewolf, there should be no one other than Dumbledore who would hire him.

He didn’t know where he should go. After Sirius clears his name, he may move to live with him for a while, and then find a way.

Lupin did not say anything about it. There was no need to tell Evan, Harry, and Hermione about these things.

“Professor, you know that I have “Hogwarts Magic”, I am going to expand the sales scope of this newspaper, selling it to all wizards in the magic world, and changing it to a daily newspaper.” Evan looked at Lupin. “But I don’t have enough time. If you want, I hope you can help me manage it.”

Evan gave a detailed account of his own ideas. Lupin seemed to be stunned. He was silent for a long time before he asked in disbelief. “Are you going to hire me?”

“Yes!” Evan nodded.

“Managing a newspaper?” Lupin continued.

“Yes.” Evan said, smiling a little bit more.

Seeing Lupin’s reaction, Harry and Hermione also laughed at the side. If Evan hired Lupin, they could still see him often.

“Say yes, Professor!” Harry and Hermione said in a chorus.

“But, I didn’t have any relevant experience before…” Lupin hesitated.

“I believe in you, Professor, you will prove qualified for this job.”


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