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H.P.S.T Chapter 200: Secrets of the Darkest Art

For example, Araminta Meliflua, the cousin of Sirius’s mother, was mentioned as a dignified lady by Kreacher.

But in the novel, was she really as good as Kreacher said? If Evan remembered correctly, the most famous thing that this “Lady” did was to try to force through a Ministry Bill to make Muggle-hunting legal.

And under the influence of Galleons, this inhumane bill had almost passed. But it had been turned down, as its content was too horrible.

There was also Elladora, Sirius’s aunt.

In the Black family, she started the family tradition of beheading house-elves when they got too old to carry tea trays, and that was quickly emulated and promoted among other pure-blood wizard families.

It was surprising that this behavior, which was extremely ridiculous to all normal people, had won the high praise of the Black family’s last house-elf, Kreacher. He actually looked like he wanted to have his head hang along with his predecessors as well!

Besides, there were many others similar to them and praised by Kreacher.

In short, unlike Harry and Hermione, who were confused and bewildered, Evan saw the names appearing on the family of the Black family tree getting worse and worse.

Especially in this century, the Black family was almost all evil black wizards or disgusting pure-blood idealists. They have done a lot of evil and cruel things, and these evil ones were so many that almost not a decent person could be seen among them.

This did not mean that there were no decent figures in the Black family, but immediately after their appearance, like Sirius, they were quickly isolated by all family members and removed from the family tree as if they had never existed before. .

“Evan, Hermione, look at this place.” Harry pointed to a name on the right side of the tapestry and said with curiosity, “It’s Malfoy, he is also on this family tree.”

In the direction of Harry’s finger, Evan saw a double line of gold embroidery linking Narcissa Black with Lucius Malfoy, and a single vertical gold line from their names leading to the name Draco.

“Miss Narcissa, Draco’s mother, she is the cousin of Young Master Sirius.” Kreacher hurriedly explained, “When my Mistress was still here, Kreacher has seen her many times, Miss Narcissa came to visit the Mistress every week. Unlike the unspoken and unruly Sirius Master, she is a respectable wizard. She had a good relationship with the young Master Regulus. She is also very, very fond of Kreacher…”

Evan understood what Kreacher meant. It could be seen that this house-elf was very fond of Narcissa.

No need to guess, Narcissa was friendlier to him than Sirius.

That was also one of the main reasons why Kreacher eventually revealed information to Malfoy, leading to the death of Sirius.

It seemed that in the future, he had to be careful.

“I can’t believe it. Sirius is actually related to the Malfoys!” Listening to Kreacher’s explanation, Harry was shocked. “How is this possible?”

“Nothing is impossible. A pure blood wizard family can only be connected by marriage to a pure blood wizard. Needless to say, a Muggle, even a half-blood wizard cannot be accepted. According to this standard, the choice of marriage partners is very limited.”

Next to Narcissa, Evan sees Bellatrix Black, a double-stranded gold line connected her to the name of Rodolphus Lestrange.

At the thought of the most insane Death Eater under Voldemort’s hands, Evan had a strange, gloomy feeling in the depths of his heart. He was not willing to continue watching this unpleasant genealogy. He wanted to see the Black family book collection.

In front of them, the entire room was divided into four collection areas, of which the area near the northwest side wall stored the history of magic and the Black family’s archives; on the east side of these books, there was the history study notes of the Black family members. That section was the largest with more than 30 bookshelves.

On the south side near the exit, there were a lot of white magic books such as metamorphosis and potions, many of which had duplicates in the Hogwarts Library.

The most striking one was the collection of books in the southwest corner, separated by ropes and other areas. The bookshelves there were different from the brown bookshelves in the other three areas. They were all unpleasantly black, and the collection of books was very small. Only four bookshelves were there, and they weren’t fully filled.

If Evan didn’t guess wrong, all the black magic books should be placed there.

He hesitated and saw Hermione in the section of the magic history books, there were many internal Black family members’ internal notes, all of which were secret and not open to the outside world. She was very interested in this information.

Accompanied by Kreacher, Harry went to the other side of the bookshelf, and Evan heard him asking about the defense against the Dark Arts books.

Seeing that no one was watching him, Evan quickly went to the area where the black magic books were placed.

He walked to a huge shelf full of magic books. These old bookshelves were covered with thick dust and tiny cracks.

The thick magic books placed above were also covered with dust, and the scalded, faded hot stamping letters on the spines were no longer able to accurately show the titles.

Evan looked very hard, and most of the words and grammars in the books were very esoteric and difficult to understand. They all used grammatical vocabulary from centuries ago, or an ancient magical text, and even some books had no text on the cover.

Evan didn’t know if it was hallucination, but he could feel a wave of whispers coming out of the book in front of him.

Under the gloomy, dim candlelight, all his body’s hair stood up.

Fortunately, Sirius was not there, as Evan was sure that Sirius would not allow him to come over to see this section. He must have intended to give the normal magic books to him and Hermione as a Christmas gift.

Evan looked at it for a while, and excluded several books that he had seen before, along with those that had no names and were written in ancient magic.

Unlike a normal magic book, a black magic book is very dangerous and he had to be careful.

Also, most of these black magic books were manuscripts. The authors themselves were often very evil. Many were extremely fierce dark wizards. They were likely to leave evil on them while copying the magic book. Such black magic, if one’s not careful, could be very life-threatening.

The language itself, the ancient magical text itself had magic power. If it’s arranged and combined correctly, it means that magic has come into effect.

In history, there were many people who wanted to become Dark wizards. When they just opened their first black magic book, they sadly lost their lives.

Evan didn’t want to end up like that. He hesitated, and then picked up the black and silver book that was closest to him, and put it out on his knees. This book had a few centuries old paper, its title had been peeled off, and it was covered with several dark prints, much like blood, which looked very scary.

Evan did not rush to open it, he gently groped it with his fingers.

Just by touching it with his fingers, he recognized the name of the book in his arms, and it was Secrets of the Darkest Art.

What, how could this be possible?

He looked at the magic book on his knee with horror, and it was actually a book on the secrets of the sophisticated black magic, recording the way the Horcrux was made.

From the information that Evan had found before, this magic is extremely rare. As the top black magic book, the Secrets of the Darkest Art is even known to have been lost by the magic world. Except for one copy in Hogwarts, it can’t be seen anywhere else.


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