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H.P.S.T Chapter 201: The Method of Making a Horcrux

Hogwarts’s copy of the book was originally put in the library area.

The exact origin and timing of its addition to the Hogwarts library was unknown to Evan, but it was indeed the only known copy of the Secrets of the Darkest Art.

Evan didn’t expect the Blacks to have the same book in their collection. This was his greatest gain after destroying Voldemort’s Horcrux today.

He had long wanted to read this book, and hoped to learn more about the Horcruxes.

But the copy in Hogwarts had been removed from the library by Dumbledore and hidden away.

Even though the book used to be in the library along with many other precious magic books, Evan couldn’t locate it now.

He once saw its name in the library catalogue, followed by a small red writing: “Warning, this book is extremely dangerous. If you need to borrow it, in addition to sufficient reasons, you also need the Headmaster’s personal approval.”

In Evan’s opinion, getting the book used to be practically impossible.

The successive Headmasters of Hogwarts were knowledgeable and powerful wizards. He knew that they wouldn’t agree to let a young wizard see the most evil book of the dark magic; unless they had lost their mind, or they were under the Imperius Curse.

The library borrowing record also proves this. Before Dumbledore hid it, the book was quietly placed there for centuries. Besides a few professors, no students had ever moved it. In fact, most of the young wizards didn’t even know that there was such a dark magic book in the library.

This situation continued until a bit over 50 years ago, when student Voldemort, Tom Riddle successfully borrowed the book from the library.

Evan didn’t know how he did it. He didn’t know whether it was a coincidence that he borrowed the book, or if he had already got clues about Horcruxes.

But there is no doubt that Voldemort had obtained a detailed method of making a Horcrux from this book. He believed that this black magic can help him obtain the eternal life that he dreams of.

From the information that Evan had, after knowing how to make the Horcrux and confirming several key problems, Voldemort immediately began experimenting. He relied on killing to split his soul and became a monster that would never die.

This is also the main reason why Dumbledore has never been able to defeat Voldemort.

When he was at his peak, he might’ve been able to beat Voldemort, but he could never kill him.

Any effort is futile until all the Horcruxes are destroyed.

What’s more, Dumbledore’s strength is weakening because of age, while Voldemort’s strength is growing day by day.

Dumbledore apparently also noticed signs of anomalies, and he certainly had some doubts in his heart, although he had not been able to be sure until he saw Tom Riddle’s diary last year.

But after becoming the Headmaster, he still removed the book from the library.

Besides preventing the emergence of a second Voldemort, his decision was also driven by the fact that the contents of this book are really not suitable for the young wizards.

As one of the top dark magic books, the “Secrets of the Darkest Art” reveals a lot of extreme evil taboo magics. The Horcrux is just one of them, and may not even be the most evil.

Evan gently rubbed the book with his hand and made up his mind to open it. The yellow, crunchy pages made a sparse, unpleasant sound.

The first black magic introduced by the “Secrets of the Darkest Art” is the Horcrux. At the top of the page is a portrait of a sly, distorted figure of one whose soul is being separated. He seems to suffer great pain, but in the corner of his mouth, there is a cruel smile.

It could be seen that, compared with the other pages, the dozens of pages about the Horcrux were marked and read everywhere because of being flipped a lot more. Regulus must have opened this book many times. He was looking in it for clues, and thus deduced that Voldemort’s locket hidden in the cave was a Horcrux.

Evan took a look at the contents and found that they were very detailed.

It introduced the Horcrux, the source, principle, and method of this black magic, as well as a lot of test records, and points to be noted each step.

The more Evan read, the more terrible it was. The content of this book has gone beyond the scope of “general evil.”

The first step in making a Horcrux is to split the soul, and to split the soul relies on killing or other evil forces.

Then, through a series of very complicated steps, the split souls are separated from the main one.

According to the label below, Evan knew that although killing was the easiest way to split the soul, it did not mean that the soul would be split at once if a murder was carried out.

The power needed to split a soul is very strong, and it comes from evil and cruelty. The key is not to kill, but to be evil to that extent.

Therefore, one does not simply split his soul by carrying out a murder.

It depends on the way of murder’s cruelty and on how evil the soul of the caster is. The whole process is very harsh. As the number of soul splits increases, the degree of evil and difficulty required are also increasing linearly.

Most Dark wizards are able to split the soul once, which is already the limit.

No wizard can split his soul into more than two halves and create more than one Horcrux. The pain is enough to shatter the spell-caster.

Moreover, splitting the soul will make the main soul unstable.

What Voldemort managed to do, splitting his own soul many times and successfully making multiple Horcruxes seemed to be almost impossible to Evan.

After the soul is separated, the next step is to choose the right Horcrux and inject the soul into it.

Any item can be made into a Horcrux, but with the transfer of the soul, you need an extremely powerful spell to protect your Horcrux, and enough magical power to support the completion of the entire transfer process. This means that even if a Dark wizard is evil enough to split his own soul, but is not strong enough to support the transfer process, he can’t successfully create a Horcrux.

The book emphasizes that the Dark wizard must properly protect his own Horcrux.

Damaging the Horcrux will inevitably affect the soul of the Lord, and the main soul that has already become extremely unstable will be more fragmented.

The most immediate consequence is to make the Dark wizard lose his mind and go insane.

And his power will not be affected. On the contrary, his soul will become evil enough for him to use the darkest of magic more easily.

Eventually, a Dark wizard whose Horcrux is destroyed, would end up being devoured by the forces of darkness, and would become a monster who knows nothing but killing.


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