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H.P.S.T Chapter 202: Horcruxes and Confession

Evan’s heart was thumping, this was not good news.

So far, he had destroyed two Horcruxes made by Voldemort, Tom Riddle’s diary and Slytherin’s locket.

In terms of quantity, he seemed to have gained an advantage, destroying Voldemort’s Horcruxes and making him go closer to death, but in fact, this did not effectively weaken the power of Voldemort’s body, but actually made him more dangerous.

According to the notes in the book, the essence of Horcruxes is soul fragments stored in specific containers. The Dark wizard relies on the evil power brought by cruel killing to force the pieces of the soul to be split and then strips them from his body, but they still keep a weak connection with the main soul.

It is because of this silk connection that no matter how much damage the body receives, it will not really die until all Horcruxes are destroyed.

The connection between Horcruxes and immortality is the main principle of this dark magic.

But also, because of this silk connection, once a Horcrux is destroyed, it is bound to affect the Lord’s soul and make it more unstable.

As for Voldemort, no matter how many parts he divides his soul into, he still has a complete soul before Horcruxes are destroyed.

He just used the Horcruxes to keep his soul in different places.

Voldemort in this state may be ferocious enough, but he is still an evil Dark wizard, a man. Even if he has a very strong dark power, his heart would still be scrupulous, and still have the emotions that all humans have.

But with the destruction of the soul fragments stored in the Horcruxes, Voldemort’s soul becomes incomplete, and the already unstable soul becomes more fragmented.

In this state, he will gradually lose all emotions and reason, and transform from a human into a monster, and will have no other thoughts besides bringing endless killing and insance destruction.

His soul has become fragmented, which means that he is also more evil.

This is one of the reasons why Voldemort will be stronger. One must know that in addition to the powerful magic of casting black magic, the power of the spell will also depend on evil the wizard’s soul is.

The more evil is is, the stronger the power of black magic is.

Splitting the soul is the purest evil. The greater the degree of fragmentation is, the more evil the soul becomes.

The destruction of the Horcruxes means that Voldemort will become more dangerous.

Fortunately, in this process, he gradually loses his reason and becomes a monster that is engulfed and controlled by the inner evil forces.

From this perspective, Voldemort is substantially weakened.

In Evan’s view, Voldemort’s horror is not the amount of black magic he holds, or how many unimaginable forces he has. It actually lies within his ability to figure out people’s hearts.

From his childhood in the orphanage, to his student era in Hogwarts, all the way to when he the Dark Lord, from Voldemort’s past experience, he was very good at confusing people, spreading fear among them and dividing them into weakened fronts.

One by one, the destroyed Horcruxes take his reason along with them, making him lose that great strength and resort more and more to brute force to conquer others. This made him doomed to fail.

Making Horcruxes seems to make Voldemort stronger, be giving him the power of immortality, but in essence it distracts his power and buries the foreshadowing of failure. It was all ironic to an extent.

Before making a Horcrux, one should be aware of that.

For the caster, using this evil black magic, will bring him more loses than gains.

Voldemort certainly knows this, but he still chooses to make the Horcruxes and divide his soul into multiple parts. Evan doesn’t know why he chose to go that route, but he knew that he would never do such a thing.

He sighed and continued to flip the pages.

Behind the Horcrux’s production method is the relevant experimental records, data and mentioning of information on how to destroy the Horcruxes.

First of all, through confession, the soul can be reintegrated.

According to the book, if you truly feel what you are doing and repent of it, you can re-integrate the split soul.

This method seems simple, but for the Dark wizard whose soul has split, it is extremely painful to do so, and this pain alone should be overwhelming enough to destroy the confessor.

What’s more, Voldemort would never do such a thing.

Since Voldemort will not voluntarily fuse back his soul, the only way to destroy the Horcruxes is to destroy them directly, with something that is too destructive and powerful for the Horcrux to be repaired by magic.

The reason why one must do this is because the soul fragment in the Horcrux is different from the soul of the normal person.

How the soul fragments survive is entirely dependent on the protection magic used on the carrier. Otherwise, the soul fragment won’t even survive.

Also, while the magical container is still intact, the bit of soul inside it can flit in and out of someone if they get too close to the object, and absorb their life force strengthen itself.

Of course, this proximity is unrelated to how long the Horcrux remains in your hand; it is not at all the sort of cantact required. The key is emotional closeness. Last year, Ron poured all his feelings into Tom Riddle’s Diary, which made him very vulnerable to being controlled.

If you like or rely on the Horcrux, you are in deep trouble.

The same was true of the Slytherin Locket, the soul fragment there hoped to lure Evan by hiding within the depths of his soul

Because the Horcrux itself is a fragment of the soul, it can inherit all the memories and ideas of the original owner. Every Horcrux could be as dangerous as Voldemort himself.

In the last page about Horcruxes, a lot of records were made. This should be the handwriting that Regulus had left in the past, most of which was about the name of the destructive items that could destroy a Horcrux.

Because such items aretoo rare, until the end, Regulus did not find a way to destroy the Horcrux, and could only tell Kreacher to take it with him.

Evan was very fortunate that he had brought along the fang of the Basilisk.

The Basilisk’s fang can destroy the Horcrux, not because of how sharp it is, but because the poison of the basilisk has only one antidote, which is the extremely rare Phoenix tear.

There are very few things that are as destructive as snake fangs, and Regulus could not find one at the time.

Beyond the Horcruxes, the “Secrets of the Darkest Art” reveals a lot of other evil black magic. Evan simply took a look. If one word could describe what he was reading, it would be shocking.

For example, the evil curse behind the Horcrux is based on the study of the Dementor’s kiss, directly targeting at a person’s soul, pulling the soul out of the body, so that he can never be taken back. After, there are several other curses, Inferi production, control methods, detailed descriptions of the three Unforgivable Curses, how to summon demons and have contracts with them…


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