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H.P.S.T Chapter 203: Reducio and Departure

Although Evan himself would never use this black magic, this book was indeed very informative, and the black magic recorded in it inspired him a lot.

On top of the Horcruxes and the three unforgivable curses, there were other dark magic that Evan had never heard of before. Now, with this book, Evan knew exactly how to deal with them if Voldemort or one of his followers ever used any of them.

He read some more and then, he raised his head.

He suddenly remembered that it was not the time for leisurely reading. Dumbledore and Sirius should be back soon, so he didn’t have much time.

They won’t let him touch these black magic books, especially the “Secrets of Dark Art” in his hand that also contained the method of making Horcruxes.

He couldn’t read it there, he had to take these black magic books in front of him away, and study them thoroughly when no one was there.

Evan frowned at the black magic books in front of him. They were too big and too thick to be carried easily.

Just hiding and carrying “Secrets of the Darkest Art” was hard enough. It should be impossible to carry off all the other books, but he had to find a way around it.

The best method would be the Undetectable Extension Charm that magnifies the space. Using it on a carry-on backpack or handbag allows one to put things that he need to carry with him, regardless of size or weight.

However, this spell was very complicated and extremely difficult to use. Evan had tried it several times before but he was not successful. It should be impossible for him to do it in a hurry.

He thought for a moment and pulled out his wand.

Since the Undetectable Extension Charm should not work, he was going to use the Shrinking Charm.

A few days ago, when he met Aragog in the Forbidden Forest, Evan originally intended to use this spell, but it was not successful at the time.

When he returned to the castle, he practiced it many times and mastered it completely.


With Evan’s word, the wand glowed purple. The heavy and thick magic book on his knees quickly shrank to only half the size of his palm.

Evan nodded with satisfaction and looked at it. The current size of this book was very small, but its weight had not changed. If it was not because of Reducio, it would be difficult to believe that this kind of pocket magic book would have this weight.

He put the shrunken Secrets of the Darkest Art into his arm, and then selected a few magic books to shrink them down until he could no longer hold anymore.

Shortly after Evan had finished, Sirius came back with Dumbledore.

Dumbledore wore a long black travel cloak with Slytherin’s locket in his hand, and his face was more serious than ever.

“Professor, we just heard Kreacher say…”

“Regulus is in that cave, and we have to…”

Seeing Dumbledore, Harry and Hermione rushed over, muttering.

Evan also walked slowly and stood beside Sirius. He was afraid to go too fast, and let the magic books hidden in his arms fall out.

“Harry, Hermione, I know, Sirius has told me everything on the road.” Even though he was talking to Harry and Hermione, Dumbledore’s eyes were fixed on Evan. His light blue eyes were full of scrutiny. He said slowly, “To tell the truth, I did not expect that you would actually discover and destroy this thing.”

“It was just a coincidence. The Slytherin emblem on this Locket was so striking, I was curious to pick it up and look at it. I didn’t expect it…”

“And then, you happened to wear the Basilisk’s fang on you. It’s an amazing coincidence, Evan!” Dumbledore gave the Locket back to Evan, “But I have to thank you, thanks to all your coincidences and efforts, the Locket has been destroyed thoroughly, and the things inside have disappeared completely.”

Evan stepped back half a step and hang the Locket around his neck.

Looking at Dumbledore’s wrinkled face, he wasn’t sure if he noticed anything. Under Dumbledore’s gaze, Evan felt cornered, and all his secrets were known.

Without talking, he seemed to have seen the Dark magic books hidden in his arms.

“I don’t understand, Professor.” Harry’s expression was confused. He and Hermione couldn’t understand what Dumbledore was saying to Evan. “What is this Locket? Why does Voldemort want to hide it? And why did Regulus also secretly replace it?”

“Like last year’s diary, this is a Dark Magic item made by Tom Riddle himself. It is very evil and very important. Tom probably never thought that Regulus would take it from the cave under his nose.” There seemed to be a glimmer of disappointment in Dumbledore’s tone. “In my opinion, he certainly had a blind confidence in his defensive magic. He didn’t think that Kreacher would leave the cave. He had always been like this and never wanted to pay attention to such things.”

“Professor, what is this Locket?”

“If I’m not mistaken, it should be a Horcrux.”


Harry’s face was even more confused, and he turned his head to look at Hermione.

Hermione shook her head, and she didn’t know what the Horcrux was. She hadn’t even heard of it before.

Unlike them, Evan was really surprised. He did not expect Dumbledore to say it directly. He thought that the he would keep it secret.

It seemed that after seeing Tom Riddle’s Diary and Slytherin’s Locket, Dumbledore had confirmed that Voldemort had made Horcruxes. If not, if he had a new plan, he would not tell them about it.

As for Sirius, after hearing Dumbledore’s words, his face became pale. Although he had his own speculations about the Locket before, he never imagined that this thing would be a Horcrux.

Sirius had heard of this ancient, evil magic.

Even if the specific use of the Horcrux was not known, there was no doubt that it was very important.

No wonder Regulus would rather lose his life to steal it from Voldemort.

Thinking of what his brother had done, Sirius, who was originally in sorrow, felt infinite pride in his heart; he was proud of Regulus.

“Professor…” Harry continued to ask, he wanted to know what the Horcrux was.

But Dumbledore didn’t seem to want to answer this question. He looked down at Kreacher and continued. “I just heard Sirius say that this Locket was originally hidden in a cave by Tom Riddle. I want to go to that cave and take a look; there may be clues left there. Would you like to help us, Kreacher?”

“Yes, sir,” Kreacher replied hoarsely in a bullfrog voice. “Kreacher is willing to lead you to the cave. But Master Regulus…”

“We will bring Regulus back.” Dumbledore looked at Kreacher. “No doubt, he is a hero and deserves to be honored like one.”

“Hold on, Professor, we’re going too,” Harry said quickly, not continuing to ask about what the Horcrux was.

He was afraid that he said too much and lost the opportunity to accompany Dumbledore.

“I can take you three together.” Dumbledore’s eyes wandered between them and then finally were set on Evan. “But you must promise me to keep this secret before I agree. You can’t tell anyone else, including Mr. Weasley, is that OK?”

Evan nodded; Hermione hesitated, and then nodded as well.

“We can’t even tell Ron?” Harry looked a little hesitant.


They looked at each other for a moment, and Harry nodded. “Okay, Professor.”

“Very well, I think we can leave now.” Dumbledore turned and pulled his wand out.


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