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H.P.S.T Chapter 248: The New D.A.D.A Professor

The Wizengamot’s verdict on Peter Pettigrew was half praised and half protested, and many people were not satisfied with the outcome. They thought that Peter should be executed, whether it was by having him be killed directly, or through the Dementor’s Kiss.

When the truth of the incident was first revealed, such voices were very loud.

As time went on, wizards gradually calmed down, and some people began to think that such a practice was too cruel. Even if Peter Pettigrew deserved it, the Dementor’s kiss was too inhuman. The number of wizards who held this view gradually gained the upper hand.

However, when Peter was placed in Azkaban Wizard Prison, people were not at ease. After all, there was the instance of the escape of Sirius.

Even with the Ministry repeatedly guaranteeing that Pettigrew was to be strictly monitored, the outside world was still full of doubts. They did not believe in Fudge and the Ministry of Magic.

Under such circumstances, wizards became more and more curious about Sirius Black, the only wizard who managed to escape from Azkaban guarded by the Dementors.

Many wizards lined up early to wait for the store to open after learning that the day’s special issue from Hogwarts Magic Headquarters, 36 Diagon Alley, would publish the first exclusive report on Sirius’s escape.

Besides those loving novelty and adventure, many people simply worshiped Sirius.

Just like they worshiped Lockhart a year ago, after the truth was revealed, the brave and fearless Sirius became the object of admiration of many people.

Unlike the Muggle world, the magical world worshiped power, wizards needed their heroes.

After Lockhart’s true face was made public, people were disappointed and began to look for new people to replace him. The emergence of Sirius Black filled the gap.

He was a well-deserved hero, a fighter against the Dark forces.

To top it off, the new hero looked very handsome, and everything about him was even better than before. Many witches of Mrs. Weasley’s age worshiped him madly.

The signing of the day was the first public appearance of Sirius Black after being acquitted.

Although it was the last day of the Christmas holidays, his admirers gathered there to see him and get his autograph.

In the crowd, there were also many young wizards. They didn’t come for Sirius Black, but to buy the Weasley’s magic tricks and other interesting magic items made by other Hogwarts wizards that were about to be sold on the ground floor of the store.

In the newspaper, Evan had publicized almost everything.

His strategy was successful and he was able to move the entirety of the magic world.

At this time, a long queue was arranged outside the store, and it was all the way to the corner of the street. More and more people were joining in.

“Relax, Sirius, you just have to sit here and sign. It’s very simple.” Evan was looking at Sirius who seemed to have some uneasiness.

“I would rather fight the Death Eaters than do this again!” Sirius Black clenched the quill in his hand, and almost broke the pen holder because he was too rough.

Unlike Lockhart, he had not yet adapted to being in the spotlight.

“Harry, Ron, Hermione and I will help you, and the sales of the ground floor are all handed over to Fred, George, Ginny, Dobby and Kreacher.” Evan ordered, “Especially Dobby and Kreacher, you two must work hard to get used to it. After today, you’ll be in charge of the day-to-day camp and sales work.”

“Yes, sir!” Dobby said excitedly. It was the first time he had done such a thing.

Kreacher didn’t answer. He looked suspiciously at the Weasley fireworks in front of him. It seemed that he was studying this thing; and looking at his eyes, he was apparently thinking that what was happening in front of him was absurd. If not because of the orders of Sirius, he would have long turned and left.

In Evan’s plan, due to financial constraints, he did not intend to hire too many people. The compilation of newspaper manuscripts could still be completed as before. In the store, there would usually be Lupin and Dobby. Kreacher should also be able to help.

As for Sirius, he was also ready to help in the store.

But this morning, he received a letter from Dumbledore, inviting him to replace Lupin as Hogwarts’s new Defence Against the Dark Arts class Professor.

He accepted the invitation and everyone was very happy after knowing the news.

Harry, in particular, was the most excited. He couldn’t believe that his godfather would become the new professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts, his favorite class.

Evan was also very much looking forward to see Snape’s face after seeing Sirius.

Unlike Professor Lupin, who was gentle and unwilling to fight with others, Sirius would definitely be tit-for-tat with Snape for his explosive personality.

There was no doubt that the second semester should be very exciting. It was not just between the two of them, it was also a confrontation between Gryffindor and Slytherin. This year’s House Cup competition should definitely be fierce.

On the top of that, Sirius promised Evan to help him get the recognition of the Centaur tribe in the Forbidden Forest, and then get the key to Gryffindor’s Treasure.

Evan had been unable to wait for this item that could enhance magic.

In fact, the happiest people, besides Evan and Harry, were Fred and George. The more confusion was created, the more they had a chance to play tricks. Many of the mischievous products that Mrs. Weasley and Hermione thought were dangerous and banned could be sold.

“Are you ready? It’s almost time. We are going to open the door.” Evan went over to help Lupin open the store door.

Dobby, the House-elf stood nervously behind the counter on the ground floor, watching the crowds pouring in like the tide. They were talking excitedly, and headed straight for Sirius into the center of the hall.

Just as Lockhart was selling well before, the Wizards bought a special issue of the Hogwarts Magic newspaper, and took with them two photos each that Sirius signed.

Sirius smiled stiffly, and struggled hard to cope with this matter.

While queuing, the Wizards looked curiously at the vast array of goods on the counter, many of which were very interesting and practical. It was hard to believe that these were the works of the young wizards. When they saw something interesting, they would buy it.

In front of the counter where Fred and George were in charge, there were early crowds of young wizards buying prank products. Their products were very popular and quickly swept away.

Evan noticed that Fred and George would sneak up on Mrs. Weasley and Hermione and put a thick order in the hands of a young wizard who bought their wares, full of items that had previously been banned by Mrs Weasley.

In short, the opening of this shop that seemed to be a hodgepodge had been a massive success. Even the Muggle items that Evan deliberately placed in the corner had attracted many people to buy.

Although the number was not that large, little by little people were beginning to flow into that corner. For wizards, these were very novel gadgets, and there would definitely be more and more interested people.


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