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H.P.S.T Chapter 259: Evan and the Dark Arts

Compared with the end of Evan’s duel, the other groups were in a much worse situation.

Gryffindor and Slytherin young wizards were inextricably involved. They seemed to see this spell practice in pairs as the long-awaited House war, and that this was the battlefield to determine the victors of that war.

Besides the charms and the shields that Sirius required, the students used various kinds of evil curses. Crabbe and Goyle even recurred to their fists against Ron and Neville.

Like last year’s Lockhart’s dueling club, the scene was a mess.

But Snape was not there this time, and Sirius was unreservedly biased towards Gryffindor. With his help, Harry and his friends quickly gained the upper hand, defeating Slytherin’s students and completely suppressing them.

The first meeting of the dueling club ended under the cheers of Gryffindor.

Not surprisingly, Malfoy and the other Slytherin students were all mad. That was the greatest disgrace for the proud Slytherins.

Because of this, the long fragile balance of the two Houses had finally been broken.

Slytherins were ready to take revenge and make Gryffindors feel their wrath.

After a long discussion, they decided to take a more direct approach by ambushing a Gryffindor student and provoking war between the two Houses.

Nobody knew who it was the one to suggest it, but Evan was the one to become their target.

First of all, Evan was famous enough.

He was the icon of the Gryffindor House. If they could teach Evan a good lesson, that would be enough to make them feel relieved and achieve the desired effect of revenge.

Secondly, Evan’s schedule was very regular.

Almost all the young wizards knew that Evan was the last one to leave the library every night, and that he would be alone without any help.

They just had to lay in the dark, so that they could ambush him.

No matter how strong he was, he couldn’t be a rival of such a large amount of people ganging up against him at the same time.

They would attack him all in one strike.

Since the incident with Buckbeak, and then with Lupin, Malfoy hated Evan’s guts, and in a way, he had more contempt towards him than he had against Harry. He despised the mere idea of being suppressed by a Mudblood.

He didn’t care about the way; he was ready to attack Evan himself. Malfoy thought that if he took action swiftly enough, Evan wouldn’t see it coming and no one would be able to accuse him. He just had to take him by surprise and use the Stunning Spell.

Even if Evan guessed that it was a Slytherin who did it, even if he speculated that it was Malfoy, he wouldn’t have any proof.

In fact, Evan didn’t notice Malfoy’s conspiracy.

After the dueling club ended, he returned to his rigorous daily routine. His study of the Horcruxes with the records in “Secrets of the Darkest Art” had entered a critical stage.

He had read a lot involving this matter, and it was all that dwelled within his mind on that night.

That night, as he left the library, crossed the dark corridor, and walked up the steep spiral staircase leading to the Gryffindor Tower, Malfoy and several other Slytherin students that had been waiting for him for a long time rushed out of the corner.

They looked at Evan with a ghastly manner, preparing to attack him with several powerful spells.

“Go to hell, despicable Mudblood! STUPEFY!” Malfoy shouted with disgust, and a red light went towards Evan.

In the dark, Evan did not recognize who had suddenly appeared in front of him. He instinctively felt threat, stepped back dodging his foe’s curse, pulled out his own wand and cast the spell that popped up first in his mind.

The next second, a terrible green light emerged from the tip of Evan’s wand and flew over to Malfoy.

As Evan cast this spell, the temperature in the place quickly dropped, and the air was filled with uneasiness, as if Dementors were drawing near.

Malfoy’s face turned pale. He forgot all the spells he knew and didn’t continue to attack Evan.

He snorted and stared at the curse that struck him.

In the infiltrating green light, he saw a sly-shaped face approaching him, and fear from deep within his own soul took away Malfoy’s breath.

All of his happy memories disappeared, and only the despair and coldness brought forth by the dark remained. The feeling was overwhelming, as if hundreds of Dementors had attacked at the same time.

The green light of the curse was getting closer to Malfoy, and the owner of that sinister skull-shaped face was getting clearer.

Malfoy saw a monster in a ripped black cloak approaching him, sweeping over like a god of death coming from the depths of hell.

He felt the threat of death, gasped, and then screamed with all he had before falling to the ground.

Beside him, Crabbe, Goyle and several other Slytherin Students stood there watching Malfoy with unease, not understanding what was happening. They only saw Malfoy sneak attacking Evan, the latter evading Malfoy’s attack and responding with a green light coming out of his wand. The spell didn’t seem to hit Malfoy, but it looked like he saw a ghost.

He was there on the floor, staring at Evan in panic.

From his eyes, tears flowed out of control. He snorted loudly and looked at Evan as if he was scared of him to death.

This was just ridiculous and incredible, and his companions didn’t know what to do, nor did they know what Evan did to him.

The Black Magic cast by Evan came straight out of the “Secrets of the Darkest Art”. It was mentioned after the Horcruxes, and it had an effect similar to that of the Dementor’s kiss, which directly affected the soul causing it to have irreparable damage.

The scary pattern Ron saw before on Evan’s notebook was related to this curse.

This was a very advanced curse that went beyond what people usually perceived as evil.

Evan had been studying it for a long time, making substantial progress, but he never was able to cast it smoothly. So he thought that his own magic power wasn’t sufficient.

Now threatened by Malfoy, he used it unintentionally.

After casting this magic, Evan realized what he had done.

In a heartbeat, he was in cold sweat. He couldn’t even imagine how severe the consequences would be if Malfoy was hit by that magic.

At the last second, he hurriedly lifted his spell.

On the other side, Malfoy sat on the ground, and not a drop of blood could be seen on his pale face. Seeing his appearance, several other Slytherin students did not dare to act rashly. They got closer to each other, and watched Evan leave without doing anything.

In the dark corridor, only Malfoy could not stop sobbing.

The ambush against Evan had failed, and no one besides Evan and Malfoy knew what had just happened.


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