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H.P.S.T Chapter 258: Evan’s Power

Evan didn’t notice Ron’s abnormality, but one incident that caught him off-guard awakened him and he realized that he had been too immersed in the study of Dark Arts recently.

Such a behavior was extremely dangerous and simply wrong.

So he changed his research subjects, focusing more on the analysis of the principles of magic, using the dark magic as a supplementary knowledge that needed to be understood as a starting point, to study the principles and structure of magic, involving many theories and so on.

In his subsequent study, Evan’s use of the magic principles described in the magic books was more to enhance his strength, instead of trying to use the black magic recorded above.

Although it made his research more difficult and required him to get more magic books, it essentially prevented Evan from becoming a Dark wizard.

Last year, Tom Riddle’s diary had tempted Evan to practice and use the Dark Arts frequently, hoping that he could indulge in the power of strength.

Ever since then, Evan had noticed that excessive use of black magic could make the wizard’s soul evil and unstable. With the use of dark magic, there would be many cruel thoughts in the heart, and a person could even completely change.

In recent research, the knowledge gained from many ancient magic books also confirmed Evan’s initial conjecture.

Although the magic world has not yet reached a consensus on the source of magic, but while magic comes through blood, the essence of magic spell depends on the power of the spirit and the soul, this theory has been getting more and more recognized by wizards.

In addition to the magic power of the wizard, the power source and size of the black magic depend mainly on whether the user’s heart is evil enough.

Using Black Magic for a long time will gradually make a wizard evil.

Evan had no such intentions. His purpose in studying Dark Magic was to enhance his own strength, to gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of Dark Wizards, to understand Voldemort, to know the enemy he was about to face. He never wanted to turn himself into an evil Dark wizard. .

Therefore, after making sure of this, he hurriedly changed his research topics.

Evan destroyed his previous research notes, which led to the fact that Ron, who had been secretly investigating, found nothing. He had stolen a lot of Evan’s stuff, but could never find the notebook he had seen with the horrible design.

Although no evidence was found, his views of Evan were still getting weirder and weirder.

After a brief confusion, Ron felt strange anger. He thought that Evan must have found out that he was investigating him, so he had destroyed all the evidence of his black magic research.

Evan didn’t notice Ron’s anomaly. What actually awakened him was related to the so-called House war.

Gryffindor and Slytherin did not fight because of strengthening management in the castle, but there was some friction. Snape and Sirius didn’t take a good lead in that either, and Malfoy practically came daily to provoke them as the Quidditch match, which was to decide this year’s Academy Cup holders, was approaching.

This situation continued until Sirius’s Dueling Club was re-established.

Shortly after Ravenclaw and Slytherin’s Quidditch match, Sirius’s proposal to resume the dueling club was pasted on the bulletin board.

Not surprisingly, this was unanimously welcomed by the school’s young wizards.

Although the Dueling Club held by Lockhart last year turned out to be a joke, Sirius was recognized as strong and powerful. Everyone was excited at the thought of being able to learn the dueling skills and curses with him.

Even more anticipated than the re-formation of the Dueling Club itself was the duel between Sirius and Snape, which had become a hot topic at school, and there had been much debate about who was the stronger one of the two.

Unfortunately, Snape did not appear at the first meeting of the Dueling Club.

Because of Dumbledore’s intervention, both Snape and Sirius were restrained a lot. Even if both sides did not hide their dislike and resentment against each other, at least they did not have a duel or tit-for-tat in front of the students as before.

In the Dueling Club led by Sirius, Snape did not appear, and Sirius asked Professor Flitwick to become his opponent.

The event was quite normal at the beginning and it went very smoothly. Everyone learned about dueling etiquette, Professor Flitwick explained several spells that were more common in the duel, and Sirius also taught them some of his combat experience.

For Evan, it might be a little lower, but other small wizards, many being senior students, still felt very interested, and learned with great interest.

That was not surprising. Hogwarts had never taught the young wizards any knowledge related to the dueling. The Defence Against the Dark Arts class, which should bear the main responsibility, was also terrible. The Defence Against the Dark Arts class professors changed every year, including the disreputable wizards such as Lockhart, or unscrupulous guys like Quirrel.

Their teaching methods were also quite different, and it was difficult for young wizards to systematically and comprehensively learn about resisting dark magic from their courses.

Most of the young wizards were self-taught of the magic spells associated with Dueling and the defence against Dark Magic.

They were more interested in prank magic than regular spells and charms.

Admittedly, these magic spells might have an unexpected effect in battle, but their effectiveness was not comparable to the standard dueling spells commonly used.

Sirius’s club was an unprecedented success, and the dueling skills he and Professor Flitwick showed were a great hit.

Before group practice, everything went very smoothly. But then the situation began to turn sharply down, whether intentionally or inadvertently; and Sirius paired many Gryffindor and Slytherin students together in group practice.

Evan’s opponent was a second-year boy whom he didn’t remember the name. The kid seemed to want to use a curse against him. However, when he had not raised his wand yet, Evan’d made it fly far away from his hand.

He looked at Evan with amazed eyes and couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him. Although Evan was very famous, before the test, he did not think that his strength was much worse than that of Evan. He was the strongest among Slytherin’s second year students.

Instead of getting ready to use his wand attacks and armor spells as Sirius said, he was thinking of teaching Evan a hard lesson and make him lose face in front of the whole school.

Evan had no idea of the thoughts of the Slytherin student in front of him, and he did not have any interest in doing naive magic practice with him.

He had been analyzing his duel with Snape. With the research and mastery of black magic and other magical theories, his recent magical power had advanced by leaps and bounds.

Evan believed that he could stand for longer against Snape. And if his magic was strong enough, it was not impossible to counteract him to a certain extent.

In this case, the strength of this guy opposite was completely inadequate.

Evan had then a deeper understanding of his wand, and was more comfortable using it, almost instantaneously.

He didn’t know what the other guy wanted to do, but ended the battle with the fastest speed.


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