Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 257: Sprouting Seeds

Regardless of recognition, Evan was the most famous among all Hogwarts students.

He founded a very successful newspaper, he was far more powerful than his peers, defeated the horrible Basilisk, proved Professor Lupin’s innocence, rescued Sirius Black, defeated the evil Peter Pettigrew, he made many famous and could even change the views of the magic world…

In less than two years, Evan did so many things that a wizard could not do in his lifetime.

Considering his age and Muggle origins, it was unbelievable.

While envious of Evan, everyone had to admire his efforts.

Both he and Hermione spent most of their time in the library every day, longer than all the other young wizards, and even the students preparing for the Ordinary Wizarding Level examinations were not as hard working as them.

Everyone could often see such a scene: Evan and Hermione sitting on the long black table at the innermost side of the library, surrounded by thick magic books or other materials, quietly reading and taking notes under candlelight, and occasionally exchanging a few words in a low voice.

In the quiet atmosphere, there was a touch of warmth.

The long table was their spot, and Evan and Hermione used to come an hour after dinner and stay there until about 10 o’clock in the evening.

When she came early, Hermione would prepare two cups of hot chocolate. It was so bitter because there was no sugar in it. Evan frowned and drank it every time under Hermione’s smiling gaze, but it was good for a boost in spirit.

After leaving the library, the two of them would walk in the dark castle, then go back to the Gryffindor Common Room and chat with others, play wizard games, or help Harry, Ron, and Colin finish their homework.

Evan and Hermione had a very regular schedule, and everyone was used to that with them.

But since the beginning of the new semester, everything had changed unconsciously.

First of all, Hermione, because of too many courses, she had to shuttle back and forth between different classes every day, with no free time. Every night, she started to do homework in the corner of the Common Room instead of reading in the library.

Evan spent more and more time in the library. He was currently hardly involved in any House activities. As long as there was no class, he sat alone in the library.

Close to his seat, sometimes you could smell pungent potions.

Any wizard who had an in-depth study of Potions would know that those drugs taken by Evan were stimulants, allowing the user to concentrate, improve his attention, and extending his alertness.

The materials needed for this kind of potion were extremely precious, and young wizards generally did not use it.

But Evan was forced to do it. What he lacked most was time.

He had completely reached a plateau in the study of the black magic collections taken from 12 Grimmauld Place, and needed to add more theoretical knowledge as a basis.

Because it was all the most sophisticated black magic, the theoretical knowledge that Evan needed to supplement was also very profound and complex. He could only read and study in the library during the day.

While everyone was asleep at night, he would take out the taboo Dark magic books and study them secretly to test some of his theories.

With the deepening of research, Evan’s pool of magic had increased rapidly.

The side effects were also very obvious. In the long run, his body would not have been able to carry them without the help of magic potions.

In fact, Evan’s recent abnormal behavior had also attracted some people’s attention.

For example, the librarian, Madam Pince, could reveal her thoughts about Evan from the growing worry on her face.

If anyone took time to talk to her, Madam Pince would be very willing to express her views on Evan.

In her opinion, Evan was likely to become an evil Dark wizard.

Many of the magic books he borrowed were taboo, full of theoretical knowledge about black magic or dark creatures. Although there were no direct books on black magic after school screening, frequent borrowing of those books did not bode well in itself.

However, Evan had the approval of Sirius in his hand. Dumbledore also acquiesced in his conduct, and Madam Pince, though worried, could not say anything.

Besides her, Ron also paid special attention to Evan’s behavior and research fields.

Since he had inadvertently discussed Evan’s topic with Harry that night, the seeds of mistrust had sprouted in his heart.

Although he repeatedly reminded himself in the depths of his heart that Evan had saved him from the Basilisk and Peter Pettigrew many times before, and that he should unconditionally believe in him; the thought that Evan might be carrying out evil black magic research made Ron’s innermost strange feelings stronger and stronger.

It was undeniable that he was very jealous of Evan, and envied him for everything he had.

Ron was used to this feeling. From his childhood, he was very jealous of his brothers, of their new magic supplies, their achievements, and so on.

After entering Hogwarts, he was jealous of Harry.

But in general, he was willing to believe in them. Ron’s innermost feelings were not so much jealousy as envy of what they had, power, achievement, fame, etc.

But with Evan, he was currently jealous and full of suspicion and distrust. As time went on, Ron became more and more suspicious of what Evan was doing, wondering what he was studying, what he had done, even his purpose of saving him, and so on.

Ron knew that his thoughts might be a bit abnormal or even terrible.

He was sure that he was not affected by any confusing curse. This was his innermost real thought, and the seeds of distrust had sprouted.

Ron hesitated for a long time and finally found the answer.

He was not doubting Evan, he was helping him. If Evan was really studying black magic study, he had to stop it as soon as possible.

When Evan would understand it, he should be grateful to him.

Unlike Madam Pince, the librarian who discovered the clues but was not prepared to take any action, Ron decided to investigate the content of Evan’s research.

He had argued with Harry many times about this issue, but there was no result. Although Harry was somewhat worried, he still believed in Evan. He repeatedly admonished Ron that he might have thought things too complicated.

Even if Evan was really studying black magic, he should have legitimate reasons.

In Ron’s opinion, it was not the complexity of his thoughts, but Harry’s simple-mindedness. Like everyone else, he was bewildered by Evan’s appearance.

Since Harry was not willing to help, Ron was ready to act alone.

He was going to start with a notebook that he had seen stealthily the other day with a terrible design on it to figure out what Evan was doing.

Knowing Evan’s influence in the school, Ron did not intend to speak out or talk about it with anyone else before he investigated everything. This was just his own secret.

After several discussions with Ron, he never mentioned it again, and Harry gradually put it behind him and devoted himself wholeheartedly to Quidditch training.

He didn’t even realize that Evan was deeply impressed with his study of black magic.

Unlike Ron, who was ready to take action, Harry was just reluctant to think and did not want to believe it.

However, the seeds of distrust had been buried, quietly waiting for the day they sprout.


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