Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 270: The Patronus Charm, and the Wrong Path

A relaxed atmosphere, months of practice, and Sirius’s detailed explanation of the principles of the Patronus Charm in the previous Dueling Club had now enabled almost half of Hogwarts’ young wizards to conjure their own Patronuses.

Even the second-year Ginny and Luna were able to cast it, let alone senior students. 

Beside Evan’s, Ginny’s Patronus was a silvery white horse, while Luna’s was a very lovely hare, looking very smart. 

The more the Patronuses were, the stronger the positive emotion was, and the easier it was to use the Charm.

A few seconds later, even many of the first-year wizards successfully used the Patronus Charm. 

Because of their low levels of magic, they weren’t able to maintain a corporeal Patronus.

But the junior students were still very happy, knowing that the Patronus Charm was an extremely deep magic, and it was a great achievement to successfully use it before passing the Ordinary Wizarding Level test. 

After Evan, Ron also successfully conjured his Patronus.

It was a Jack Russell terrier. Ron’s smile did not last long; his corporeal Patronus persisted for only a few seconds, turning again into a mist of light. 

Ron forced waving his wand, and tried several times to cast the spell again. 

He looked anxious, perhaps because everyone around him had been successful, and because of the pressure, he never was able to pull it off again. 

Ron let his wand down dejectedly. He had been practicing the spell for a long time since the last incident, but he had not mastered it yet.

In his view, this was mainly because of low levels of magic.

He knew that his magic talent was mediocre. He did not have his brothers’ talent, and his talent and eye-catching abilities were far inferior to Harry’s and Evan’s.

Looking at the Patronus Ginny successfully conjured, Ron took a deep breath. 

He thought for a long time last night and finally decided that all his difficulties would be no longer a problem if he could get the legendary magic item that had been handed down by Gryffindor and preserved in the Centaurs’ colony to enhance his magic.

He would replace Evan and get an unimaginable reputation. 

He would re-emerge as Harry’s most important friend and become the most remarkable young wizard of Hogwarts. 

The more Ron thought about it, the more he felt it was possible, and he was very excited about this bright future. 

In doing so, he didn’t feel anything wrong, although both Harry and Hermione thought that if they could get that thing, they should give it to Evan. 

But in Ron’s opinion, Evan was already strong enough. He even studied dark magic when no one else knew it. He didn’t need the help of this magic item. Evan should be grateful to him for not revealing his research on black magic.

In any case, Ron thought he was the one who really needed the help of that magic item. 

He was also a Gryffindor and was naturally qualified to get it. 

What’s more, Evan repeatedly emphasized that to get that item, they needed to pass the final test. The item would be whoever’s could pass it. It was all fair play. 

Compared with Harry and Hermione, Ron thought he only valued the matter more.

Despite a lot of discontent, because Evan saved him, Ron still regarded Evan as his friend, and he didn’t want to do anything to be sorry about to his friends.

He was just more serious than anyone else about this evening’s adventure, more eager for power, for the magic item that would help him get powerful magic. 

He didn’t see that he was doing anything wrong; he just wanted to be stronger. 

Ron made up his mind and stopped trying to conjure the Patronus. 

In fact, if Sirius or Professor Flitwick were here, they would definitely have pointed out why Ron couldn’t successfully conjure the corporeal Patronus. 

It wasn’t because of his lack of magic, his magic was weak, but he was stronger than Ginny, Luna and most other first and second-year young wizards. 

Ron could not succeed, mainly because his understanding of the Patronus Charm was not deep enough, and the happy memories in his mind were not strong enough.

As an advanced white magic, the Patronus Charm’s magic demands were secondary to its requirement of the caster’s inner positive emotions and determination. 

When trying to master such a Charm, caring too much about power is definitely the wrong path.

At the end of the game, the Quidditch pitch was a sea of pure joy and light, with all sorts of strange Patronuses springing up.

They rushed to the paralyzed Dementors, passing through their bodies again and again.

The Patronuses could not do any real harm to the human body, but they frightened Malfoy and his friends, who were lying there pitifully, as if they had just experienced a typhoon, with a messy, haggard look ahead.

Without being affected by them, Harry successfully caught the Golden Snitch before Cho. 

With the sound of Madam Hooch’s whistle, the match ended. 

Gryffindor students made deafening cheers as they celebrated Harry’s grasp of the Snitch and Gryffindor’s victory. 

“We won!” Hermione smiled happily and looked very lovely. 

Her Patronus returned to her side and circled around her happily for several times before disappearing into thin air.

Hermione was very excited by the surrounding atmosphere, and she hugged Evan hard. 

While he didn’t ask for it, Evan wasn’t about to refuse the hug.

He hugged her back, and she realized what she had done. She hurriedly wanted to stop. But Evan wasn’t about to let go, and in turn hugged Hermione more tightly, until she had to push him hard enough to let her go. 

Hermione’s face was so red and she stared fiercely at Evan’s eyes. 

Seeing Evan’s serious eyes, she hurriedly moved away, not daring to look at him.

“I don’t understand. What happened to the three Dementors?” Hermione hurriedly shifted the topic. “The Patronuses didn’t work, they are not destroyed. Also, why didn’t I get any unpleasant feelings from them?” 

“They are not Dementors; they’re Malfoy and his sidekicks in disguise!” Evan explained. 

They followed the other young wizards to the center of the field, carefully gathering around the Dementors. In front of everyone, Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Marcus Flint, the Slytherin team Captain, were lying in a crumpled heap on the ground.

Feeling people approaching, they wanted to run away. 

They all struggled to rid themselves from the long, black, hooded robes. It looked as though Malfoy had been standing on Goyle’s shoulders.

Seeing this scene, all the students knew what this farce was all about. 

Gryffindor’s students laughed at Malfoy’ group, then stopped looking at them, and walked to the Gryffindor team that had just landed from the sky, cheering for Harry Potter, the biggest hero of today’s game.