Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 280: Action Begins

Through the misty, domed web, Evan looked into Aragog’s Lair. 

Slowly going down into the cave, it was dark and deep, and the warm wind was blowing from below.

There seemed to be something underneath, and Evan hesitated to go down. 

In the slow wind, he could hear a low voice calling for him, whispering his name… 

Before he could make a decision, the temperature of the wind blowing from the cave dropped sharply, getting colder and colder. 

Evan shivered, feeling the cold breeze on the back of his neck. 

A second later, he woke up abruptly and sat bolt upright. Evan saw that Peeves the Poltergeist had been floating next to him, blowing hard in his ear. 

“What did you do that for?!” he asked furiously. 

“Evan, you nasty little devil!” Peeves puffed out his cheeks and blew harder. 

Then, before Evan raised his wand, he zoomed backward out of the room, cackling. 

Evan looked at his alarm clock. It was half past four, and it was dark outside. 

Now that he was awake, it was very difficult for him to get back to sleep. He sat in bed for a while, thinking about the dream and the contents of Aragog’s Lair. 

Considering that Aragog was much bigger than the common Acromantulas, its unusual Lair should not be as simple as it looked on the surface. There must be something… 

Evan was thinking about going in and checking it out, but he wasn’t sure if it was dangerous. And if he really wanted to do that, he had to figure out how to get Aragog out.

Being a pure Dark creature, the Acromantula’s Lair must be the darkest and most evil place in the Forbidden Forest. Even if there was any treasure in it, it must be related to black magic. Evan could be sure that he would never be happy to see that kind of thing.

One’s life was too much to risk for a Dark Magic item that was probably destined to be unused or even non-existant…

Moreover, the whispering voice of the unknown creature in the wind also gave him a feeling of uncertainty.

He tossed and turned in bed and finally decided to give up on the idea of exploring the inside of the Lair. 

He should now focus his energy on the Gryffindor Secret Treasure Key, which was preserved by the Centaurs, instead of spending extra time in contact with other black magic items.

He rolled over and wanted to continue his sleep. 

But now that he was awake, it was hard for him to get back to sleep. He tossed about for more than ten minutes before eventually getting out of bed. 

Evan knocked on his bed head with his wand, and a wooden plank opened quietly, revealing a dark cabinet. 

He took out a black magic book from inside and read it under the glimmer of his wand. 

A faint fluorescence came out of the curtain. In the dark bedroom, there was only one boy leaning on the bed and focusing on reading…

Due to the revelry of last night, the Gryffindor Tower was quiet the next morning, until around noon, when everyone came out of their bedrooms.

As he followed Colin through the hall, walking to the Great Hall, he suddenly saw a small gathering around the bulletin board outside the hall gate, reading a piece of parchment that had just been nailed up, most of them being students of Hufflepuff House.

Justin Finch-Fletchley was very excited. He came to Evan with a smile. 

Since last year’s Basilisk incident, he was no longer afraid of Harry and Evan as he used to be. 

“Great, Evan!” Justin said happily. “I’m in. I’ve thought it over. It’s dangerous to fight those monsters, but there shouldn’t be any problem if there’s a professor. Moreover, accumulating some combat experience will probably come in handy someday… “

“What are you talking about? How can I not understand?” Colin said confusedly. 

He took a breath and looked confused. 

“Professor Black is gathering people to fight Acromantulas in the Forbidden Forest.” Justin pointed to the bulletin board and said, “There are also the names of Evan, Harry, Ron and Hermione. The four of them are also adherents.”

“Are you prepared to fight those monsters in the Forbidden Forest? Why didn’t you inform me earlier?” Colin said excitedly, and read the notice with great interest.

Evan went over and looked at the notice written by Sirius. 

It began with a detailed description of the dark creatures, the Acromantulas and their current status in the Forbidden Forest. Then, in order to enhance the small wizards’ combat experience and fighting skills, volunteers were summoned to surround and annihilate them.

At the end of the notice, it was specifically marked that people could collect Acromantulas’ eyes and hand them over to Evan for a certain amount of Gold Galleons as a reward.

The news spread quickly throughout the school, and it didn’t take long for almost all the young wizards to know about it. Not surprisingly, everyone was excited.

For a while, the Acromantulas became a hot topic. 

No one was talking about the Quidditch match that had just ended and the upcoming Quidditch final, but all were discussing the matter of the Acromantulas. All the books about them in the library had been lent out. Students applied to all hunting sessions until the end of the year. Wherever you went, you could hear people talking about Acromantulas.

As for Gryffindor House students, they directly surrounded Evan, Harry, Ron and Hermione for questioning. 

Seeing them excited, Evan wondered if the guys knew exactly what an Acromantula was. They seemed to totally underestimate the dangers of this dark creature, as if it were just a common spider.

The fever persisted, and eventually the number of applicants far exceeded expectations. Even Slytherin House students, who had always opposed Sirius, signed up.

In the end, even Dumbledore was alarmed. In the face of the unprecedented enthusiasm of the young wizards, Dumbledore did not stop this, but designed a more secure protection system based on Sirius’s original plan. 

Now, not only Sirius, but almost all professors would be involved in the whole process of the Acromantulas encirclement, to insure students’ safety.

The time of action was set at noon every day, the most vulnerable hour of the Acromantulas, and the scope was strictly delineated, so that no one was allowed to enter the deeper Forbidden Forest. 

Because there were so many people, the hunting of the Acromantulas would be separated according to the four Houses, and under the protection of professors, to fight against these monsters. 

Malfoy was indignant at this decision. 

He seemed to be planning to take advantage of this opportunity to retaliate against Evan and Harry for letting him lose face. 

In fact, Harry was also unhappy. He remembered Malfoy trying to scare him by pretending to be a Dementor. He had planned to take this opportunity to get his revenge.

However, neither of them had this opportunity anymore.

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