Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 282: First Encounters

In this environment, the young wizards had a new powerful drive. 

The encirclement and suppression of Acromantulas was no longer limited to personal interests such as enhancing individual combat strength and enhancing experience, but transcended that to become a competition between Houses. 

No one was willing to lose, especially the students of Gryffindor and Slytherin Houses. 

Led by professors from their respective Houses and other teaching professors, they fought with Acromantulas on the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest as planned. 

Evan’s first hunting session was on the first Friday afternoon of February. 

In that operation, Gryffindor second year and third year students gathered in excitement, and were led by Sirius into the Forbidden Forest.

Contrary to the young impatient wizards, Ron looked very nervous. 

He hadn’t recovered from his phobia yet. Spiders were his greatest fear. So the Acromantulas, which were gigantic, were his greatest nightmare. 

Just as nervous as Ron was Hermione. She had hoped to learn more about fighting the Acromantulas from books, but in vain.

That wasn’t anything to be learned from books, it was something to be experienced. 

At breakfast on Friday, she began to talk to Evan constantly about the whereabouts of these magic creatures, their common fighting skills, the 200 common ways to deal with dangerous and magical animals, and so on.

He wanted to persuade Hermione to feel at ease, but it didn’t work much. Hermione looked through the magic books distractedly. After discovering that she was sharing her experience from books, Neville and Colin listened intently to every word she said.

They were eager to hear a useful knowledge so that they would not be so confused in the upcoming battle. 

Everyone did learn a lot from her, but in the end, they were very happy when the owl post arrived to interrupt Hermione’s never-ending speech.

At two o’clock that afternoon, Evan, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Colin, Ginny and the other young Wizards of Gryffindor’s second and third years left the castle. They crossed the field in front of the oak gate and hurried into the Forbidden Forest.

It was a sunny, breezy day. The tall black trees in the Forbidden Forest and the green sprouts that had just emerged swayed and clattered in the wind, covering land as far as the eyes could see. Everyone stared at Sirius in front of the group, both nervous and excited. 

“I have led senior students in the past few days, fighting the Acromantulas.” Sirius held up his wand and said loudly, “Remember, these creatures are very dangerous. They are extremely aggressive. We must be vigilant!” ” 

“I knew it!” Ron whispered palely. “We are required to fight Acromantulas, those mad Centaurs!” 

“But you don’t have to worry too much. The number of Acromantulas outside the Forbidden Forest is not very large, and they’re not too big.” Sirius’s wand shone white at its tip, he waved his wand and continued, “There will be no accidents if you follow my instructions.”

“What should we do, Professor Black?” Neville asked trembling. 

“Quite simple, find a lonely Acromantula first, and I’ll show you a few magic spells that are very useful on them.” Sirius said, “Then you will be divided into different groups, fighting the Acromantulas in the nearby woods. Remember not to walk alone, or go too far into the Forbidden Forest. Encounter any accident; signal it in the sky with your wand, I’ll get there in no time.”

“It really does sound simple.” 

“Be careful!” Hermione said sharply, “According to the book “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, the Acromantulas are good at lurking. They quietly hide in the shadows of the trees, attacking passing prey, or suddenly leaping out when you’re not looking.” 

Hearing her words, everyone hurried away from the tall trunks around them. 

The young wizards were huddled in the narrow bushes, clinging together and guarding each other. 

They held up their wands and looked suspiciously up at the top of the trees around them, as if Acromantulas were about to come out and attack.

Neville tripped over the vines on the ground because he did not pay attention to his feet. 

The sudden accident caused everyone to panic and the atmosphere became more and more tense. 

Seeing Hermione still wanting to talk, Evan hurriedly walked over and whispered, “Don’t be so nervous, Hermione! As long as I am here, you will not be in danger! ”

“I’m not nervous, I’m just not ready,” Hermione whispered, feeling Evan’s breath and concern, her face reddened a little.

“These monsters are very dangerous. No one can guarantee that they are ready.” Ron looked at Evan and Hermione and continued. “Be careful and make no mistakes. Who knows where these monsters would be lurking?” 

“You should be braver, they’re just ordinary spiders.” Harry pointed to Ginny, not far away, “Look at Ginny; she is not as nervous as you are.” 

Instead of looking around like everyone else, Ginny pulled Colin and asked Sirius at the front of the line for tips on fighting the Acromantulas.

“She’s always very daring!” Ron’s gaze left from Ginny, and looked at Evan and Hermione again, then looked uneasily at the tall trees around like the others, whispering, “I’ve never seen anything she’s afraid of.”

A few minutes later, after a brief confusion, everyone gradually calmed down. 

They followed Sirius into the woods for about five minutes until they met a lonely Acromantula behind a leafy tree.

It had just left the nest and was looking for prey in the nearby woods. 

After seeing Sirius and the vast swarm of wizards behind him, the Acromantula looked stunned, and then turned quickly to escape.

But Sirius did not give it the chance and directly petrified it with Petrificus.

Then, using it as an example, he explained in detail to the young wizards the weaknesses of this creature, and introduced several very practical spells. 

After the explanation, Sirius removed the magic from the Acromantula. 

Under his care and guidance, the young wizards took turns. Everyone took turns using the spell that they had just learned to try to overcome their fear of this creature.

Under the attacks, the Acromantula was scarred many times. It sent out frequent clicks with a loud, rattling noise. Its body kept shaking and it wanted to run away. 

But this was in vain, and whenever it showed its intention to escape, Sirius’s wand emitted a red light, pushing it back to the center.

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