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H.P.S.T Chapter 283: Training and Evan’s Curse

In the woods, the young wizards formed a large circle, and they took turns to attack the Acromantula in the center, using the spells they had just learned. 

Everyone gave their observation, and Sirius also commented on everyone’s performance and gave better advice. 

This level of practice was really too simple for someone like Evan who had fought hundreds of Acromantulas and faced Aragog. 

However, it was really appropriate for other young wizards to help them master the spells they were studying and overcome their lack of courage in the face of such dangerous creatures. 

Looking at the ugly shape, waving eight slender, furry spider legs around, and from time to time opening huge, sharp black pincers, many young wizards because of fear, at the very beginning, could not even complete reading their spell. 

A few successful spells missed the Acromantula, or did not have the desired effect. 

Everyone’s actual performance was very poor. It was just too horrible to watch. 

Evan suspected that if it weren’t for Sirius’s power, this Acromantula would have dealt with the dozens of young wizards present on its own.

Only Harry’s performance was brilliant, his ability to learn was very strong, and he was the first to overcome his fear of the Acromantula. He successfully cast a Full Body-Bind Curse, slowing down the opponent’s speed, and then followed a Smashing Spell, directly breaking one of its legs. 

This wonderful combination of spells and attacks, won everyone’s warm applause and Sirius’s high praise, and earned Gryffindor 20 points. 

Seeing Harry’s brilliant performance, the other young wizards gradually gained courage. 

They attacked according to Sirius’s instructions, increasing the number of scars on the Acromantula, and its clicks became more frequent. 

It wriggled and squirmed restless inside the circle.

Shortly after Harry, was Hermione, who looked very nervous and not ready. She used Expulso in a hurry. The blue light struck the Acromantula in front of her, hitting it hard against the trunk behind. 

Compared with Harry, Hermione did not perform that well. However, unlike other young wizards, she had completely mastered the Full Body-Bind Curse, Protego, and the smashing Curse. It was just because of the tension that she couldn’t exert her true strength. 

In Evan’s opinion, Hermione needed more practice. He was prepared to help Hermione overcome this difficulty in a moment of free action. 

The last one in third years was Ron, and Sirius knew he was afraid of spiders, so he reminded him a lot, but it didn’t help much.

No matter what everyone said, Ron still couldn’t overcome his fear of spiders. 

His mouth was slightly open, his eyes bursting out, panicking and looking at the Acromantula in front of him. He couldn’t even hold his wand steady in his hand. 

After using a spell hastily, he returned to the crowd. 

“Not good, I have to further adapt!” He said weakly. 

Unlike Ron, the other young wizards gradually adapted. Under Sirius’s guidance, everyone overcame their fear and cast magic faster and faster. 

More and more curses hit the Acromantula, and the power was gradually increasing. Feeling the change of its opponents, the beast, surrounded in the center, was getting more and more irritable. It seemed to know what was going on, and that it was only going to end in its death. 

Just when Ginny was ready to try, the accident was bound to happen! 

The Acromantula, trapped in the center, did not retreat. Instead of trying to escape, it was more aggressive, waving black giant pincers, and rushing straight to Ginny. 

It was fast, and Sirius had no time to stop it. 

Ginny’s spell flew over the body of the Acromantula. Watching the monster getting closer and closer, the little girl was completely terrified. 

By the time she was prepared to use a spell to defend, the giant spider was already close to her. 

Everything happened too suddenly. This Acromantula was so fast that it was too close to Ginny and no one reacted. 

Evan, who had been standing behind Ginny, stepped out and stood in front of her, his wand steadily raised and pointed ahead.

When it saw Evan, the Acromantula hesitated and slowed down.

It finally recognized that the thin human boy in front of it was the god of death that burned Aragog’s Lair and hundreds of Acromantulas a few months ago. 

Just as it slowed down, Evan quickly cast a spell. 

At the end of the wand, a silvery white light was emitted, like a sharp sword, directly cutting the Acromantula. 

Its body fell to the ground, and its eight dark eyes were all locked tightly on Evan. 

It was unwillingly opening and closing its big pincers. It seemed to be trying to bite Evan, or perhaps warning its companions of the arrival of death. 

Evan helped Ginny up and handed her to Harry, Ron and Hermione who had just rushed over. 

At that time, there was a cry of surprise among the surrounding people.

On the one hand, it was because of the accident that had just happened, but more people were amazed at the magic that Evan had used, and no one knew what it was.

But there was no doubt that this magic was extremely powerful, far beyond everyone’s imagination. 

After three seconds of being stunned, the other young wizards gathered around.

They surrounded Evan, asking questions and expressing their admiration for him. It was already rumored that Evan was powerful, but it was only now that they saw him use such powerful magic.

The young wizards were amazed and shocked by Evan’s strength. 

The noisy arguments lasted for more than ten minutes before they gradually subsided. Sirius added 50 points to Evan. He told everyone that the curse that Evan had just used was not recorded in the common magic books, but one that he himself had studied and created. 

This made the other young wizards further admire Evan, to the extent that was beyond measure. 

They couldn’t imagine how powerful Evan was to be able to study and create spells by himself.

Sirius was right. Evan was indeed at the level of creating spells.

But this one wasn’t his, it was Tom Riddle’s, young Voldemort’s creation.

Evan himself was indeed trying to create new magic. He had also a lot of ideas, and had invented a few small charms, but none of them could be applied to actual combat. 

All in all, Evan’s performance left a deep impression on everyone. 

Before, Young wizards often heard all kinds of hearsay about Evan’s strength, mostly exaggerations. They only knew that Evan was very strong, but they didn’t know to what extent. And it was far from being shocked when they saw it with their own eyes. 

Among the ones staring at Evan, who was surrounded by the crowd, only Ron looked strange. 

Unlike everyone else, he didn’t think the magic spell was created by Evan himself. He couldn’t explain why, but he thought about Evan’s study of the dark magic and the horrible, cruel pattern he saw on his notebook.

Such a powerful spell, one not recorded in the common magic books, could in itself answer many questions.

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