Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 284: Teaching Hermione

While Harry’s wonderful performance gave everyone confidence, the powerful curse cast by Evan just shocked everyone. The young wizards were now more courageous, and no longer felt the fear of the Acromantula like they were at first. But it was not enough, and they couldn’t wait for a few more battles like this. 

Everyone was in high spirits and wanted to be as strong as Evan and Harry…

Next, Sirius divided the Wizards into groups according to the plan, and let them go to the nearby woods to act alone and fight the Acromantulas.

He repeatedly warned everyone not to go deep into the Forbidden Forest.

Under the care of Sirius and his companions, fighting just one Acromantula was already at the limit of what these twelve to thirteen-year-old wizards could pull off. 

Normally, they should be exposed to such a creature after passing the Ordinary Wizarding Level test. 

Instead of following the stream in search of the lonely Acromantula, Evan secretly pulled Hermione away from the large army and went to the remote woods. He had his own plans. 

Hermione was still discussing with Evan the spell he had just used. She had seen it a few times before, but not once was she as impressed as she was now. 

“The spell you just used is much stronger than the Reductor Curse.” Hermione said, “It can split the Acromantula’s body. It looks a bit like…” 

“In fact, the principle of this spell is not too difficult!” Evan thought for a moment, turned to look at Hermione, “if you want to learn, I can teach you!”

“Really?” Hermione said in surprise, and immediately became a little hesitant. “But isn’t this a spell you created yourself? I mean, you should keep it secret and leave it as an ace up your sleeve, not just pass it on to someone else…”

“This is not a trick; there is no need for secrecy.” Evan replied earnestly, “And for me, you are not someone else!”

Hearing what Evan said, Hermione’s little face turned red, like an extremely red apple, so cute that one could not help but take a bite. 

For a wizard, a curse that he only masters is very important. It should not be taught outside for anyone who is not close or intimate enough.. 

Evan was willing to pass this spell on to Hermione, and that itself held a lot of meaning. 

While shy, Hermione was very happy, but she still intended to persuade Evan to keep the spell secret. 

Whatever else she wanted to say, Evan did not give her a chance. He directly explained to Hermione the principle, the spell, the technique and so on. 

In the eyes of other young wizards, this spell was extremely powerful. 

But for Evan, that was really nothing now. His current ace up his sleeve was the black magic he had learned from studying the Dark Arts. 

But those curses were very evil, and every time they were put to use, a price should be paid. 

Evan was not bewildered by the powerful force he depicted, and he knew that the dark magic could only be used as a last-minute lifesaving straw.

He was trying to use this as a basis to learn to master the relevant aspects of white magic. 

Evan’s recent progress had been tremendous, especially inspired by Dumbledore. But his improvement in combat was limited by his own magic, and he couldn’t use many powerful spells smoothly.

As long as he got the item from the Centaurs’ colony, all the problems would be solved… 

In this case, some of the curses he had previously learned from Tom Riddle’s diary would not be as important as they were before, and would become increasingly unsuitable for Evan.

Instead of being thrown aside and idle, it was better to pass them on to Hermione and help her improve her strength. 

Standard Charms, such as the Disarming Charm, the Shield Charm, Petrification, etc, are generally less lethal, though they are highly practical.

Hermione needed a few strong spells to protect herself, so that Evan could rest assured.

In the silent woods, Evan and Hermione sat under an old, huge oak tree, and the sun was shining through the shade of the leaves, like stars in the sky, some dazzling, but very bright and beautiful, with an unpredictable silence.

After the initial panic, Hermione quickly calmed down and studied very seriously. 

Looking at the girl in front of him, her delicate facial features and those brown eyes full of inspiration, Evan said and said, but he gradually became distracted and moved with confused, foolish reflections.

For an instant, he just wished that time would stop. 

Twenty minutes later, after Hermione completely mastered the curse, they went further down the path, deeper into the Forbidden Forest, to the edge of the Acromantulas’ territory. After passing through a huge trunk that was lying down, the ground began to tilt downwards, and the surrounding trees gradually became sparse, revealing unhealthy gray. 

The trees were covered with bruises, and the large spider webs were hung everywhere with animal carcasses within them.

The scene in front of them was startling. Many of the animals in the webs were still alive. Because of the Acromantulas’ venom, they lost their mobility and were desperately trembling in the spider webs. 

The surrounding scenery was much crazier than what Evan had seen a few months ago. 

It seemed that after he had burnt Aragog’s Lair, the Acromantulas must have retaliated wildly against other animals in the Forbidden Forest.

They were venting off their frustration over other creatures.

No wonder that even the proud Centaurs couldn’t help but need human help. 

Seeing the horrific scenes around, Evan suddenly understood why the elder of the Centaurs had asked him to pay with Acromantulas. What they needed was not the spider’s eyes, but the hope that Evan, the cause of all this, would tackle the problem at hand and solve it.

With those dark creatures, the Acromantulas, communication would be futile. 

Moreover, Evan was not Hagrid. He couldn’t communicate with Aragog and the other Acromantulas. He had to be tough to keep them in check. While greatly reducing the number of Acromantulas in the Forbidden Forest would make them stick to their territory and dare not go out, finding how to kill Aragog would just make them too scared to do anything.

It was a good idea to rely on the help of the entirety of the school’s young wizards to encircle the Acromantulas and reduce their number, but Evan did not have enough time. 

He was ready to make another trip to the Lair of Aragog, the leader of the Acromantulas, and kill him.

Even after all this time, this old spider had a few years of life remaining. Killing Aragog now was the quickest way to deter the Acromantulas from ravaging and disrupting the ecological balance in the Forbidden Forest, as they were doing now…

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