Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 285: Warmth, and Success

Evan’s current strength was enough to kill Aragog. 

The only problem now was that there were so many Acromantulas. He couldn’t face them all at the same time, and he couldn’t even get close to Aragog’s Lair. 

Evan thought that he could maybe borrow Harry’s invisibility cloak. But, the Acromantulas’ senses were so keen, and they might discover him easily. After killing Aragog and alarming all the Acromantulas, how to get out was also a problem. 

He had to find a way to bypass the other Acromantulas, or make them unable to touch him… 

Evan looked up at the sky. Maybe flying was a good choice. 

He could fly in with a broomstick. Aragog’s Lair was a large, sloping pit with no trees nearby, and very open. 

There, he could even sit on the broomstick and attack the Acromantulas below from midair. 

When attacking them from distance, they simply shouldn’t be able to touch him. 

The more he thought of this idea, the more he found it feasible, and the more appropriate it seemed.

But when he thought of his bad flying skills, he shook his head again.

To do that, he had to improve his flying skills, to be at least as good as Harry’s, and the broomsticks were too restrictive, not too flexible.

Aragog was not to stay on the ground, waiting for Evan to attack it. To kill this old spider, he had to go deep into its Lair. 

Evan couldn’t imagine himself holding a broomstick and fighting Acromantulas in a pit. 

It seemed that he still needed to find another way. 

Fortunately, there was still time for the end of the semester. 

He decided to put the matter aside for the time being, look for other feasible methods or find a broom and improve his flying skills.

After Hermione had mastered the spells and techniques, they did not go further.

Evan knew that he had to be careful not to let Aragog know that he had re-entered the Forbidden Forest. He accompanied Hermione on the edge of the Acromantulas’ territory in search of a hunting spider. They met a lonely Acromantula, and like Sirius, Evan used magic to keep it within a certain range, slowing it down. 

He let Hermione fight it alone and practice the magic that she had just learned. 

Hermione waved her wand and read the spell against the Acromantula in front of her. Although she had mastered the technique of the spell, her wand did not react. 

“This spell is too difficult, I can’t use it.” She gasped. 

“This spell doesn’t rely on high magical power.” Evan waved his wand and added a Full Body-Bind Curse to the Acromantula. “You should wave your wand faster. Pay attention to getting the speed of the wand to match the spell’s speed.” 

Following Evan’s instructions, Hermione tried it again, but there was no result. 

“No, no, I really…” 

“Come on, Hermione, you must be fine!” Evan encouraged. “Don’t be too nervous. Remember; wave your wand a little faster.” ” 

Hermione tried several times again, but only up to make her wand’s shine white. 

In Evan’s view, Hermione’s main problem now was not her lack of power to use this spell, but that she was too nervous, and she had already determined, in her heart, that she couldn’t do it. 

Looking at Hermione, who was still working hard, Evan didn’t think much. 

The next second, he walked straight to hold Hermione’s little hand. 

“Let your wand follow my hand, don’t force. Remember this feeling!” 

Hermione didn’t expect Evan to do that, and her body was tense. 

Her face turned red and her body became hotter. 

She snuggled in Evan’s arms like a kitten, listening to him talking in her ear, her mind blank, only nodding unconsciously. 

She didn’t know what she was going to do, or what she had to remember exactly… 

She only knew that she was close to Evan, and could even feel his scent. Her little hand moved under Evan’s traction, and her wand waved pointing at the Acromantula in front of her, but still with no reaction because she forgot to read the spell.

Hermione hurriedly apologized, forcing herself to focus and not to think about the mess in her mind. 

But that wasn’t easy, and much more stressful than practicing alone. 

In fact, Evan was not much better than Hermione. He didn’t want to think about it when he came to hold Hermione’s little hand. He wanted to help her cast the spell. 

It was just a subconscious movement. For Evan, it was as common as eating and drinking. 

When he came back to his senses, he realized what he was doing! 

He actually came over behind Hermione, holding her little hand!!! 

The two people’s bodies were close, and strange feelings suddenly rose from the bottom of their hearts. This was not the first time he had held Hermione’s hand, but Evan had never been as nervous as he was now. What he feared most was Hermione’s resistance, or her pushing him aside, which would be too embarrassing.

Fortunately, Hermione didn’t do that. She didn’t even struggle too much. She just shivered a little and let Evan hold her.

In the dark, silent, empty woods, Evan and Hermione were alone. 

They were in a strange posture, and Evan smelled the sweet scent of the girl in front of him, holding her little hand from behind, trying to help her cast the spell. 

But in fact, they didn’t take this matter to heart, and their thoughts drifted farther and farther. 

They stood both like this, and the atmosphere was getting more and more eccentric. 

In front of them, the Acromantula, lying on the ground, looked at the two humans strangely, wondering what they were doing.

It wanted to escape, but its whole body was petrified, unable to move. 

But the effect of the spell was diminishing, and the Acromantula felt it could regain control of its own body, and as it looked at the two people who were still, it quietly moved back.

Unnoticed, the Acromantula’s big pincers clung together.

It changed its mind and was not going to escape anymore, but to attack the two humans in front of it. The Acromantula slowly moved forward, getting closer and closer to Evan and Hermione, and when it was about to jump over, Hermione’s wand made a slight, crisp sound! 

The next second, a silvery white light came out. 

Hermione’s Curse was accompanied by a fierce wind. Like lightning, it passed through the Acromantula’s body, cutting it into two halves. 

Its body fell to the ground, and its eyes unwilling to look ahead… 

“I did it!” Hermione said pleasantly surprised. 

She raised her hands and cheered, then realized that Evan was still holding her. 

They both blushed and hurriedly separated, looking very embarrassed. 

Fortunately, there were no other people around; otherwise, looking at the faces of both of them, they would just want to dig a hole in the ground and hide from people’s eyes.

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