Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 289: Buckbeak and the New Plan

Evan and Hermione went to the fire place and heard Ron trying to comfort Harry. 

“You’re going to be fine!” said Ron. “You’ve got a Firebolt!” 

“Yeah!” Harry nodded, his stomach writhing. “I have a Firebolt, but Malfoy… ” 

Harry didn’t seem very confident. Before Evan and Hermione could say anything, Wood suddenly stood up and yelled,” Team! Bed! ” 

It seemed to be a signal that came as a relief for everyone. 

Suddenly, the whole Common Room became empty. In order not to disturb the rest of the players, the other students also returned to their respective bedrooms early. 

Evan saw Hermione returning to her bedroom. He sat alone in the unoccupied Common Room for a while, and his thoughts moved from the upcoming Quidditch final to the Acromantulas. 

Just when he was thinking about it, the door of the Common Room was opened.

Colin came panting from outside, holding a thick stack of forms in his hand.

“What’s in your hand?” asked Evan curiously. 

“About next year’s elective courses, you know, the third year needs to add a few lessons.” Colin pulled out a form and handed it to Evan. “I just returned from Professor McGonagall’s office. She originally planned to come over and announce it. But considering that tomorrow is the Quidditch final, she made me bring the forms and promotional materials back first.” 

He went over to paste a large notice on the bulletin board next to the fireplace, and Evan saw that the first one on it was an introduction to the Divination class.

After giving information about Professor Trelawney and Divination class, the notice showed a huge black dog standing in the fog, like Sirius’s Animagus form, representing the ominous sign of misfortune and calamity. 

If he could, Evan simply didn’t want to waste any time on this class.

But at the thought of those unpleasant prophecies, he had to change his mind and decided to approach Professor Trelawney as closely as he had planned, so that he could keep track of the clues and deal with the vague future that had been changed by his own hands.

“Which courses are you going to choose?” Colin said. “I just looked at it briefly. There are a lot of options to choose from. Professor McGonagall suggested that we should consider it carefully.” 

“I haven’t thought about it yet, but I must take the Divination class.” Evan grabbed the quill on the table and made a mark in front of Divination class. 

“You’ve chosen Divination class!” Colin said with amazement. “I thought you, like Hermione, always thought that Professor Trelawney was a liar.” 

“Most of the time, but it’s undeniable that in rare cases, she does make true prophecies, ones that turn out to be extremely important. That’s why I chose this class.” Evan explained, “And I have to admit that in this class, it is very easy to get high marks. Whether you really see the future or not, just keep predicting that you’ll encounter misfortune. Professor Trelawney likes to see this aspect”.

“I hadn’t any idea, but I know that Harry has also chosen Divination. Since you both have chosen it, it should not be wrong.” Colin also scratched a line on his own form and asked uncertainly, “By the way, what else did Harry choose?” 

Looking at him, he seemed that he planned to choose the same classes as Harry. Although they were very familiar with each other, Colin was still the most admiring supporter of Harry among all the young wizards of Hogwarts, and in some ways even more enthusiastic and persistent than Ginny. 

“Care of Magical Creatures, Hagrid is the professor of this class. He is always loyal to bringing some bizarre, magical creatures to the classroom.” 

“Yes, I remember it!” Colin slightly raised his voice and said suddenly, “Hagrid and his monster friend, the Hippogriff named Buckbeak. I’ve read the articles you and Hermione wrote, and at the beginning of the semester, it taught Malfoy a good lesson and did what I always wanted to do.” 

“The Hippogriff!” There was a flash of light in Evan’s brain. 

“Buckbeak is good, but I hope that Hagrid doesn’t bring it to the classroom. It looks terrifying.” Colin went on to say, “I have seen in books that ancient wizards used this flying monster to travel, and in medieval Europe there was a legend that someone was riding a Hip…”

Colin began to tell Evan a legend he had heard when he was a child about monsters such as Hippogriffs circulating in the Muggle world.

Evan was sure that Colin was absolutely confusing the Hippogriff with the Griffin, because the creatures in these legends were all Griffins, creatures with lion bodies and sharp claws, Eagle heads and wings.

It was generally believed that the Griffin was the result of a dangerous magic experiment by ancient wizards, and that it was far more dangerous than the Hippogriff.

In recent years, through the research of magical biologists, another new saying had emerged, that is, the Griffin is just a hybrid descendent of eagles and lions, while Hippogriffs are Hybrids of Griffins and horses. 

However, the credibility of this statement is very low. It can be seen from the historical documents handed down that the gryphon had always despised the horses, so their mating would be unusual. 

There was even a saying in the medieval magic world: Don’t try to match a griffin and a horse, for when someone tried to match two who were unmatchable. 

Therefore, as the offspring of the combination of the two, the existence of the Hippogriff itself is also a symbol of miracles or love.

All of these are purely academic conjectures. There is hardly a living Griffin in the wizarding world to prove it. This magical beast, a very famous wizarding creature in history had long been extinct and is only known in the grand myths and legends.

Evan didn’t have to talk to Colin about this. They were not doing academic research. But Colin reminded him of Buckbeak, and that he could use its help to fly to Aragog’s Lair.

There were many shortcomings in the broomstick, such as the fact that it was a hassle to carry around, the unstable performance caused by his poor riding, the inability to safely exit after killing Aragog, etc. There was no problem riding Buckbeak at all. 

The Hippogriff had a high degree of intelligence, and could understand the language and expressions of the wizard. It could take Evan to the territory of the Acromantulas, wait above, then descend to take him away once he’s done.

Moreover, Buckbeak itself had a certain level attack power, and it could help Evan. In the battle against the Acromantulas, Evan would not have to worry about the Hippogriff while fighting. 

The more Evan thought about replacing the broomstick with the Hippogriff, Buckbeak, the more feasible the idea was.

If it was not too late, he would have wanted to try it now.

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