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H.P.S.T Chapter 292: The Grand Billboard

Behind the colorful “GRYFFINDOR VICTORY!” slogan was the logo and slogan of the Hogwarts Magic newspaper and the store, with a deep dreamy color. 

This flashing publicity board was placed at the highest point, about a third as big as the Gryffindor stand, and it attracted the amazed eyes of all the young wizards before the players came in.  

The billboard was proposed and conceived by Evan. Its creation was completely achieved by Sirius. No one knew how much effort he put into it. The final area of the billboard was far beyond Evan’s imagination. 

In fact, getting the above pattern to last not only required large amounts of stable magical support, it also required special materials to make the billboard.

This was all extremely expensive. Such a large billboard definitely needed a big amount of Galleons. 

While the investment was not cheap, the effect achieved was obvious to all. 

All Slytherin students looked pale and resentfully looked at Gryffindor’s stand. 

They also made some preparations. Behind the Slytherin goal posts, two hundred people were wearing green; the silver serpent of Slytherin glittered on their flags.

However, compared with the surrounding scarlet ocean, these preparations were shabby and insignificant. 

At the very front row sat Professor Snape, wearing green like everyone else around him, and a very grim smile. 

Evan and Hermione walked into the stands, and she showed great interest in the top billboard. 

“How did you and Sirius do that?” she asked curiously. “Before today, I didn’t even notice that you were preparing for this.”

“All the work has been done by Sirius. I am only responsible for the idea.” Evan explained, “I got some inspiration from the professional game of the Muggle teams. I felt that I could introduce some things properly. Several businesses that have been working with Hogwarts Magic newspaper were also willing to sponsor it. We originally intended to invest in a single-use, publicity board to surround the entire edge of the stands, but Professor McGonagall disagreed with this, she thought this was too commercial, so for now we only made this billboard.” 

“This is beyond my imagination. How much magic did you put into it?” Hermione said with interest. “But Professor McGonagall is right. It is not really suitable for these things to be introduced into a school Quidditch competition.” 

“To make these patterns move, in the past two months, Sirius used more than three hundred magic spells. In order to support Harry, he was very willing to do such things. “Evan took out the rosettes that had just been distributed from the door and handed them to Hermione. “All Gryffindor supporters must wear this. Everyone thinks that rosettes can bring good luck.”  

“Rosettes bring good luck?” Hermione paused and smiled. “This is the first time I’ve heard of it. I always thought that everyone was just sending them on Valentine’s Day.” 

Maybe Evan was too close, Hermione suddenly realized something and stopped abruptly. 

“This rosette, can I help you wear it? Evan summoned up his courage and asked. 

“Of course!” Hermione’s face turned red.

With Hermione’s consent, Evan awkwardly helped her put on the rosette. 

Looking at Evan’s look, Hermione had a happy smile on her face. Under the scarlet rosette, she looked very amazed and excited. 

Evan felt himself blushing and his heart was jumping. 

He heard a burst of laughter behind him. He turned around and saw Ginny and several other girls who had been following behind them all smiling, chattering and gazing at them.

By the time Evan and Hermione managed to squeeze through the crowd and reach Ron and Colin to help them to take their spots, the team had already begun to enter. 

They just sat in the seat, and they heard commentator Lee Jordan yelling, “And here are the Gryffindors! Look at their lineup, Potter, Bell, Johnson, Spinnet, Weasley Brothers and Wood. Widely acknowledged as the best Quidditch team Hogwarts has seen in a good few years…” 

Lee’s comments were drowned by a tide of “boos” from the Slytherin end. 

“And here come the Slytherin team, led by Captain Flint. He’s made some changes in the lineup and seems to be going for size over skill…”  

Hearing his comments, Slytherin’s boos went louder.

Evan, however, thought Lee had a point. He squinted to see the Slytherin players in the field. Malfoy was easily the smallest person on the team; the rest were all tall and big. They were all about the size of Crabbe and Goyle.

After the captains of the two sides shook hands, fourteen brooms rose into the air, and the sound of Madam Hooch’s whistle was lost in the roars of the crowd.  

Evan saw Harry take the lead and Malfoy didn’t chase him. Instead, he rode his broomstick and flew in the opposite direction, speeding up the flight in search of the Golden Snitch.

In the two halves, the chances for both players were 50%, which was very bad for Harry with his Firebolt and the Gryffindor team, who were behind in the overall score. 

Harry did not hesitate to turn the broomstick to the other half of the field and keep up with Malfoy, hindering him by virtue of his speed advantage.

“And it’s Gryffindor in possession, Alicia Spinnet of Gryffindor with the Quaffle, heading straight for the Slytherin goal posts, looking good, Alicia! Argh, no… Quaffle intercepted by Warrington, Warrington of Slytherin tearing up the field… WHAM!!! Nice Bludger work there by George Weasley, Warrington drops the Quaffle, it’s caught by… Johnson, Gryffindor back in possession, come on, Angelina, that’s a Bludger! SHE SCORES! TEN-ZERO TO GRYFFINDOR!”

Lee Jordan’s explanation was very passionate. He shouted in the silence of the crowd, “Well done, Angelina, what a good girl!”

Then, before anyone could react, Alicia grabbed the ball again. She dexterously bypassed the goalkeeper and put the ball into the Slytherin goal post. Twenty–zero to Gryffindor. 

Wood’s tactics worked, and Gryffindor was taking the lead over Slytherin on the scoreboard by virtue of the superiority gained through hard training.

Everyone’s performance was unbelievable. The Quaffle was always on the Gryffindor side, and Wood saved almost all the balls.

The pace of the game was very fast. In less than ten minutes, Gryffindor was 50 points ahead. With that, all ganged on Harry’s performance. If he could catch the Golden Snitch before Malfoy, then this year’s Quidditch Cup would belong to Gryffindor.

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