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H.P.S.T Chapter 291: the Eve of the Finals

Like Evan, Harry slept very badly that night. 

Tomorrow’s Quidditch finals put too much pressure on him, especially as he was the key to Gryffindor’s victory, and Harry tossed and turned over and had a lot of dreams. 

First he dreamed that he had overslept, and that Wood was yelling, “Where were you? You didn’t come at the beginning of the match and we had to use Neville instead!”

Then he dreamed that Malfoy and the rest of the Slytherin team arrived for the match riding dragons.

He was flying at breakneck speed, trying to avoid a spurt of flames from Malfoy’s steed’s mouth, when he realized he had forgotten his Firebolt. 

He found that his Firebolt was in Malfoy’s hands, and his opponent was laughing, Harry was startled, he fell through the air, and woke with a start. 

It took a few seconds before Harry remembered that the match hadn’t taken place yet and that he was still in the safety of his bed.

Moreover, the Slytherin team definitely wouldn’t be allowed to play on dragons.

He rolled over and went on sleeping. With Ron’s loud snoring in his ears, Harry curled up in his quilt, his thoughts gradually blurring.

The following day, Evan was a little sleepy, and he was finally awakened up by Colin. 

“We must hurry up. Harry and the other players have already left for breakfast in the Great Hall.” Colin handed Evan his robe. “I asked Vicky to help us get two places beside Harry. I want to say good luck to Harry before the match starts.”

Evan did not react for a while before he realized what Colin was saying. 

He put on his clothes in a random way, followed Colin in a hurry to the Great Hall, which was very lively, full of noise and applause. 

People gathered around Harry and the rest of the Gryffindor team. Professor McGonagall and Sirius were there, and there were even a lot of people from Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff Houses who were all giving their best wishes to the players.

Colin hurriedly pulled Evan into the room. Evan saw that Cho Chang was whispering something to Harry who obviously blushed, and just nodded. 

“Good morning, Evan!” Cho soon noticed that Evan had just approached, and a gentle smile appeared on her face, looking very comfortable.

She had not yet spoken to Evan, and Luna, who was humming a queer and light tune, came straight. 

Seeing the “Loony Luna”, everyone subconsciously took half a step back. 

As always, no one was willing to approach her. But Luna didn’t seem to notice the matter. She sent her blessings to Harry like everyone else, and then turned to Evan to tell him about the Wrackspurt she had encountered this morning. 

“These creatures like to be invisible, but if you are willing to help, I think we can catch them. My father has a very useful little spell.” Luna said in a trance, with expectations in her hazy eyes, “We can write an article about the process of finding and catching Wrackspurts and put it in the latest issue of the newspaper.”

“That’s a good idea, Luna!” Evan said apologetically. “But I have other plans today. I can’t accompany you to catch those Wrackspurts!” 

As planned the previous night, Evan was preparing to attempt to use the Hippogriff Buckbeak to fly to Aragog’s Lair after the Quidditch final. 

He hoped that Harry could win the match and no one would notice what he was going to do. 

Evan patted Harry’s shoulder gently, and Harry smiled reluctantly. 

Evan turned around and saw Hermione waving at him in the corner. He hurriedly walked over to her. 

“Besides Snape and Slytherin, almost everyone is supporting Gryffindor.” Hermione stared at Harry and the crowd around him who kept coming up to say hello. “I can understand their mood, but they’re putting pressure on Harry by doing so. You know, in today’s match, he has to keep track of the Snitch, and only when Gryffindor is more than fifty points ahead, could he catch it.”

“Calm down, Hermione, you’re starting to sound like Wood now!” Evan filled up his plate with the fastest speed.

“Really?” Hermione said in amazement. Just when Evan was about to say something, her attention quickly shifted to Harry. 

The welcoming ceremony did not last long, and Wood quickly told everyone away to give his team members time to eat breakfast.

At the long table, he spent the whole of breakfast urging his team to eat, while touching nothing himself. 

Then he rushed them off to the field before anyone else had finished, so they could get an idea of the conditions.

As Harry and the members of the team left the Great Hall, everyone applauded again. 

On the long table of Slytherin, the people sitting at the table booed loudly when Harry passed by. But Malfoy was not involved. He was sitting nervously in his seat, paler than usual.

The upcoming Quidditch final was a test for all contestants. 

Just like what happened in the match between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw more than a month ago, when the players went to the locker rooms to change their clothes, the other wizards rushed to the audience hoping to get a good place.

These finals were destined to be different from all previous Quidditch matches. Besides Slytherin’s students, everyone else showed clear support for Gryffindor. 

At Evan’s suggestion, Sirius prepared a lot of scarlet rosettes and scarlet flags with the Gryffindor lion upon them, and other young wizards spontaneously prepared banners with slogans like “Go GRYFFINDOR!” and “LIONS FOR THE CUP!” 

Now, if one looked down from the air, they could see a scarlet ocean. 

Three-quarters of the crowd was wearing scarlet rosettes, and shouted for Gryffindor. 

Most noticeable was a giant billboard behind the Gryffindor audience, with a vivid, ever-changing color animation of a Gryffindor lion running on the green lawn, players, the Bludgers and the Quaffle spinning and flying around it. Suddenly a little silver white snake appeared and tried to stop it, but the lion jumped up with an irresistible momentum, bit the Golden Snitch in midair and trampled the silver snake hard on its feet.

The silver snake was not willing to wiggle, and in the next second, the whole pattern was turned into gorgeous fireworks. 

“GRYFFINDOR VICTORY!” Large slogans emerged from the scene, grabbing everyone’s attention. 

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