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H.P.S.T Chapter 294: Sirius’s Tears

The situation on the field began to change and the Slytherin team gradually started to get an advantage. 

“Slytherin in possession, Slytherin heading for goal… Montague scores!” Lee Jordan groaned. “Oh, no! Seventy-twenty, Gryffindor is in the lead for the time being, but the situation is very bad. If we can’t take countermeasures, I’m afraid…”

“BLOODY SLYTHERIN, DESPICABLE MALFOY!” Ron waved his arm and shouted angrily. “If Gryffindor loses the game, I will not let Malfoy leave in one piece. I SWEAR I WILL…” 

It was very rare to see Hermione not rushing to prevent Ron from scolding Malfoy.

At this time, she was staring at the sky nervously, her hands holding Evan’s arm firmly.

Evan didn’t remind her that she should not be so nervous, because he was equally nervous and focused all his attention on Harry’s figure in the air. 

On the top of the crowd, Harry and Malfoy were intertwined, and neither of them would retreat. Their brooms and their knees kept hitting each other. 

Harry seemed to make sure that no matter what Malfoy did, he would stop him.

“Get out of it, Potter!” Malfoy yelled in frustration as he tried to turn and found Harry blocking him.

Harry didn’t say anything; the fact that Malfoy pulled the tail of his Firebolt and made him very angry. 

He was now determined to win the battle against Malfoy and directly take him on in this physical confrontation. 

This move greatly exceeded Malfoy’s expectations and made him unable to do anything. 

In Quidditch matches, seekers rarely have physical contact with other players, let alone such a high-intensity confrontation as now.

The team’s only requirement from the seeker is to have the fastest speed and broomstick maneuvering skills. In order to maintain speed, the seeker must deliberately lose weight.

Now, Harry’s reckless collision and obstruction was unprecedented in formal competitions, so it was normal that Malfoy could not adapt. 

Even though Harry himself was very thin, he could grind his teeth and persevere. In this aspect, he was much superior to Malfoy, who was weak-willed.

Not surprisingly, after several high-intensity collisions, Malfoy quickly lost, he looked confused, quickly went down, seeking help from other players. 

But no one could help him. 

Just a minute before Malfoy’s rapid descent, Angelina grabbed the ball again.

Every single Slytherin player apart from Malfoy was streaking up the pitch toward Angelina, including the Slytherin keeper. They were all going to block her, but it seemed more like they were taking this opportunity to completely finish her. 

Malfoy quickly fell, and Harry kept chasing after him, all using the fastest speed. 

The two people were like two falling meteors, rushing toward the Slytherins one after the other. 

In order to avoid Malfoy and Harry, the Slytherin team was all scattered, Malfoy collided with the elusive Derrick, and they rolled together to the ground. 

It all happened so fast that no one knew what had happened.

The Slytherins were all stunned and couldn’t believe what was happening. They only saw Malfoy attacking their team members.

Harry, at the very last minute, pulled up his Firebolt and quickly climbed up.

Because of him and Malfoy, Slytherin’s encirclement formation was disrupted and Angelina’s way was clear.

“SHE SCORES! SHE SCORES! Gryffindor leads by eighty points to twenty!” Lee Jordan shouted excitedly. 

At the same time, Harry, who had just zoomed back into the middle of the field, found the Golden Snitch, just a few feet above the grass below, shining ever so slightly. 

Malfoy, who had just fallen from the air, was very close to it, but he had not found it yet. He and Derrick were busy blaming each other.

Harry urged his Firebolt down, everyone noticed his movements, and then spotted the Golden Snitch floating above the grass. 

The Slytherins quickly warned Malfoy who was stunned. And then, greed and ecstasy flashed on his face. He was now much closer to the Golden Snitch than Harry. 

He also began to accelerate. Malfoy had never felt so close to victory as he did now.

If he could catch the Golden Snitch before Harry, he would be Slytherin’s hero, and he would be the best… 

The noisy Quidditch stadium fell completely silent, and everyone was staring at Harry and Malfoy.

Evan noticed that Harry’s feet were forced back, constantly urging the fire arrow, and he gradually caught up with Malfoy. 

Bole sent a Bludger at him, and Harry flattened himself to the broom handle. 

His speed was so fast that one could only see a shadow. He was already at Malfoy’s ankles, and in the blink of an eye, he was level to the other side. 

At the last moment, Harry swooped forward and both hands left the broom. Like in the billboard animation made by Sirius, Harry threw himself forward like a lion, taking both hands off his broom. He knocked Malfoy’s arm out of the way, and… 

He pulled out of his dive, his hand in the air, and the stadium exploded. 

Harry soared above the crowd, an odd ringing in his ears. 

The tiny golden ball was held tight in his fist, fluttering its wings hopelessly against his fingers. 


Gryffindor won the match!!! 

Evan followed everyone to the middle of the field, and the entire Gryffindor team flew down hugging each other. 

Everyone cried because of excitement.

We’ve won the Cup! We’ve won the Cup!” The cheers and screams around him were lingering, and everyone’s voice was hoarse. 

Malfoy looked at Harry angrily for a long time before he went out with the Slytherins, and the whole Quidditch field became a scarlet sea.

Today was destined to be the festival of Gryffindor. Wave after wave, crimson supporters were pouring over the barriers onto the field, and countless hands were raining down on the players’ backs.

Evan did not hug them like everyone else. He stopped at the edge of the field. Sirius also stood there alone, his face full of joy. 

“This match is more exciting than any one I remember. Harry played very well. He’s an excellent seeker, better than his father!” Sirius whispered to Evan, he wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and his voice was a little hoarse. “Yes, yes, Harry has grown up, and James should be able to rest assured…”

Although he tried to restrain himself, his tears still couldn’t help but flow out. 

In fact, this was the first time that Evan saw Sirius cry like this. Even when he caught Peter Pettigrew and explained to Harry the truth of the incident, he didn’t cry like this. In Evan’s impression, he thought that a brave wizard like Sirius would never cry.

Because he was fearless, betrayed by a trusted friend, and his only best friend died because of him, nothing could touch his heart anymore…

Even if he had tears one the way to Azkaban thirteen years ago, they should have dried up by now.

But today, Sirius was crying, like other wizards who were happy for winning the Quidditch Cup. 

For an instant, Evan felt the desolation and comfort of Sirius. He had a feeling that, as Harry grew up, this hero was slowly getting old in return. 

Evan didn’t know before how to persuade Sirius. Maybe Harry’s performance today could untie his knot and help him get out of his endless self-blame…

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