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H.P.S.T Chapter 295: Flight on Buckbeak

On the Quidditch field, Harry and the other players were hoisted onto the shoulders of the crowd. 

Everyone took them to the rostrum. Outside the crowd, Hagrid waved the huge scarlet wreath Evan had specially prepared for him, shouting, “You beat them, Harry, you beat them! Wait till I tell Buckbeak about this!” 

Beside him, Percy, excited, was jumping up and down like a maniac. 

Because they were so excited, everyone no one even gave the slightest thought to common etiquette. 

Unlike Sirius, who secretly wiped his tears, Professor McGonagall was sobbing more than anyone else, wiping her eyes with an enormous Gryffindor flag. 

Dumbledore, who did not make an appearance prior to the match’s conclusion, was smiling and held the enormous Quidditch Cup in his hand, with no one knewing when and how he came to the Quidditch pitch. 

Wood sobbed and took the Cup, and after he lifted it into the air, passed it on to Harry. 

The Cup was passed between each team member and then all the students of the Gryffindor House. 

Colin held the camera beside him and pressed the shutter frantically. When the Cup came to him, he was so excited that he almost fainted. He asked other people to help him take a picture, but not alone, he asked Evan to stand with him. 

Collin had been telling stories about Evan, who had become his brother’s new idol. This photo was going to be sent directly to him as a gift.

After that, Evan also asked Colin to take a few shots for him and Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Although he didn’t care too much about such things, Colin’s words just reminded him that these photos could be used as gifts. 

Since Evan alone caught Peter Pettigrew and his experience of saving Sirius was published by the Daily Prophet, he had had many admirers, the vast majority of whom were young wizards like Colin’s younger brother who had not yet reached school age.

Many people began to write to him regularly, sending him greeting cards on Christmas Day. However, most of them were just caught up in the moment, and children are the most forgetful. After a few months, Evan did not reply to any of the letters, and they gradually ceased sending letters to him. 

The only exception was a ten-year-old girl from France, Gabrielle Delacour, who wrote him two letters a week, regardless of whether Evan wrote back or not. In addition to the very full three letter papers written in it, there were also pictures, photos and some small gifts for Evan. This perseverance made Evan feel ashamed. 

So when Colin said that he would send the photo to his brother as a gift, Evan thought of Gabrielle.

Although today’s match has nothing to do with him, he decided to introduce his friends to her. 

The celebration of Gryffindor’s winning the Quidditch Cup lasted for a long time. In addition to Professor McGonagall, Sirius and Hagrid, many students from Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff came to Gryffindor’s Common Room to join them.

Evan saw Cedric and Cho, but did not see Luna. 

According to other people, she did not even go to watch the match, but she was looking for non-existant Wrackspurts in the castle. 

Evan remembered that this morning, Luna also invited him to accompany her to find Wrackspurts, although he was not interested in it, it was a good excuse. 

He didn’t spend too much time in the party. He left the Common Room pretending to look for Luna. Evan went straight to the field outside the castle. He had just asked Hagrid, and Buckbeak was shackled outside the cabin. 

Evan did not intend to go too far. He was just going to try it out today to see if it was possible to take a ride on Buckbeak and sneak into the Acromantulas’ territory. 

If feasible, he needed to develop a detailed plan. At the very least, he needed to mention this to Sirius and ask for his help. 

It was not too long before the end of the semester, and time was already running out. If things were to go as they did in the books, Voldemort would regain his strength at this time next year and return again. Although the plot had been changed by Evan, no one could expect what would happen. 

Even without Peter Pettigrew’s help, Voldemort wasn’t just going to stay in the shadow of the Albanian forest, doing nothing. Professor Trelawney’s new predictions were very worrying. 

With this in mind, Evan had to speed up.

As he thought, he hurried to Hagrid’s Hut. 

Buckbeak was tethered to a fruit tree behind the pumpkin patch, his enormous wings folded tight on both sides of his body.

When Evan approached, he was enjoying a plate of dead ferrets in front of him, which was his favorite food. 

Hearing footsteps, Buckbeak looked up and his fierce orange eyes glared at Evan. 

After discovering the person he was familiar with, he re-focused his attention on the food in front of him. He snapped, snapped, and spit several ferret bones on the ground. 

Evan walked to Buckbeak and untied his rope. Although he had never ridden a Hippogriff before, he knew how to operate it. He had heard Hagrid, Harry, and Hermione talk about it countless times. 

First of all, he had to stare at the eyes of the monster to gain his trust. 

The trick was not to blink or close his eyes frequently; otherwise the Hippogriff would have doubts and think that he was not honest. 

After getting the most basic trust, he had to show respect to him. 

The simplest way is to bow and use Hagrid words to be polite. If the Hippogriff returns the salute, then he can touch and ride him. 

It didn’t seem too difficult, especially since Evan and Buckbeak were already very familiar with each other, making the whole process much simpler.

Evan was close to Buckbeak and looked at his frightening orange eyes. 

It stood up, shook his hairy, big, pointed head gently, and looked curiously at Evan, not knowing what he was going to do.

Evan bowed slightly, and Buckbeak looked at him. After a few seconds of stiffness, the Hippogriff suddenly bent its scaly front knees and sank into saluting him. 

With a relaxed mind, Evan walked over and put his foot on Buckbeak’s wing, hoisted himself onto its back, and sat behind its wings. 

Everything around of Evan was covered with long, beautiful maroon feathers, which felt very warm and comfortable, just like sitting on a soft sofa.

Buckbeak stood up and looked back at Evan puzzled. 

“Listen, buddy!” Evan patted Buckbeak’s head gently. “I want to go to the territory of the Acromantulas, just in the depths of the Forbidden Forest. There is a huge slope without trees. Do you understand what I’m saying?” 

Buckbeak was still looking at Evan, and then bowed his head and swallowed a dead ferret. When Evan thought it didn’t understand what he meant, without warning, twelve-foot wings flapped open on either side of Evan, and flew up. 

Evan just had time to seize the Hippogriff around the neck before he was soaring upward. 

He found that he was getting farther and farther from the ground and soon rose to the sky. 

The cold air whizzed past, and Hagrid’s Hut and the trees were getting smaller and smaller under Evan’s feet.

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