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H.P.S.T Chapter 297: Malfoy, on the Verge of Becoming Food

There was no sound in the Forbidden Forest, and everything was quiet. 

Under the cover of dense leaves, the dim, pale green sunshine seemed hard to please, and there seemed to be some disaster hidden in the shadows of the bushes.

None of the three spoke, and the sparse sounds of them walking on the leaves around them only increased their nervousness and uneasiness.

Malfoy’s anger gradually disappeared and nervousness took over, making his heart thump faster and faster.

Purposeless recklessness was not the style of the Malfoy family. If it hadn’t been for Crabbe and Goyle’s dissuasion, he would have been the first to leave now.

In order to save face, he decided to kill an Acromantula before returning to the castle.

By then, Flint should have also completed the boring and meaningless task. 

In order to bolster himself, Malfoy shouted, “Don’t think that’s the end of it. They’re just gaining the upper hand for the time being. My father wrote to me the other day. He is not satisfied with the decision of the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures. He decided to make an appeal. He has the support of several important people. To me, the Hippogriff, this time, is dead! “

Goyle and Crabbe barely smiled, still looking suspiciously around. 

“This time, that bloody mud Mason can’t help him. The thought of that furry stupid behemoth crying is enough to make me amused. I can’t believe he is still our teacher!” Malfoy leaned on a big tree with a malicious smile on his pale face. “It’s a disgrace. If Professor Snape allowed me, I would be the first to give up on the course of Care of Magical Creatures. You know, my father always thought Dumbledore had some problems with his management methods. After killing the Hippogriff, the next thing should be… “

Before he finished his words, he saw Goyle and Crabbe suddenly looking back at him. They seemed to have found something. With frightened faces, their eyes were all staring at the top.  

“What’s the matter with both of you?” Malfoy said suspiciously. “You don’t think, like the other idiots in the school, that the noble Malfoy family will be defeated by a few poor maggots and mud-bloods?! I tell you this is absolutely impossible.” 

“Up… a..above, Draco!” Crabbe’s voice was somewhat distorted. 

Beside him, Goyle shivered and pointed at Malfoy’s head. There seemed to be something blocking his throat, and he couldn’t speak for a long time. 

Seeing the appearance of his two followers, an ominous presentiment rose at the bottom of Malfoy’s heart. 

He swallowed, clenched his wand in his hand, slowly raised his head and looked up at the top of his head along the eyes of Goyle and Crabbe. 

The next second, a heartbreaking scream rang in the Forbidden Forest. 

Malfoy’s face was bloodless, as if he were dead. He collapsed to the ground and looked with disbelief at the horrible scene in front of him: eight black, fierce hideous eyes were staring at him. 

It was an Acromantula!!!

He didn’t know when it crept on them silently. It was less than a foot from Malfoy, he could even see the fluff on its body. 

What was more terrifying was the size of this Acromantula. 

It was bigger than any other Malfoy had ever seen before, with big sharp pincers shimmering with a palpitating cold light, and eight plush hot spider legs dancing around.

Nausea… panic… fluster…. despair! 

Malfoy had no idea what words to use to describe his current feelings. He raised his wand unconsciously and a weak green light flew out.

This was a magic that Snape taught to him alone. It was very useful to deal with the Acromantulas. That is why he dared to break into the Forest without being accompanied by a professor. 

However, because of too much panic, the curse rubbed by the side of the near Acromantula’s body and flew past without any effect.

Click, click, click… 

There was a sudden, numb voice, and the Acromantula rushed to Malfoy along the trunk.

In panic, Malfoy cast another curse, trying to block it from approaching him. 

Just as the Acromantula fell on him, more than a dozen other giant spiders emerged from the surrounding bushes.

Crabbe and Goyle stupidly turned around in the same place, looking at them in a frenzied way.

“Damn, this was a trap! We are surrounded by Acromantulas!” Malfoy pointed his wand in his hand and screamed. “Don’t just stand there foolishly, you two fools.” 

At Malfoy’s command, Goyle was completely at a loss. Instead of using his wand, Crabbe picked up a branch from the ground and confronted the Acromantula approaching him, stretching his arms like a fool.

Malfoy had no time to take care of the two idiots beside him. He wanted to run away, but the Acromantula in front of him was tightly entangled with him. 

Although it was huge, it moved very fast. 

Malfoy’s magic all fell aside and didn’t make any difference. 

Despair gradually occupied their hearts. Now everyone was in the castle. No one knew that they were in the Forbidden Forest, and no one would come here to save them. 

Click, click, click… 

Malfoy was distracted, and his right arm holding the wand suddenly burst into pain. He was bitten by the Acromantula, on the same spot that had been attacked by Buckbeak last time.

But this time, it was not a long and deep cut, but a narrow and short wound.

In fact, the wound didn’t gush out as much blood this time-around, but it was even more deadly. 

The Acromantula is venomous, and the blood around Malfoy’s wound quickly became a strange green. 

“Help, I am going to die!” He screamed and threw away his wand. 

But no one could save him. Goyle and Crabbe were all caught by Acromantulas, their two big heads down, struggling fiercely. They were held tightly by the first two furry legs of two Acromantulas and dragged toward the center of the woods.

If nothing was to happen, they would become food.

Since the young Wizards of Hogwarts started a full-scale war with the Acromantulas, the beasts had suffered heavy losses. That, along with the fire set by Evan, had made human beings their deadly enemies. Hagrid also told Evan about this a few days ago. Aragog had not met him recently, and the descendants of the Acromantula had even started attacking him.

This was something that had never happened before. 

Aragog had completely degenerated and become the enemy of the wizards of Hogwarts. 

In such a situation of near total war, these creatures naturally refused to stay idle and surrender to their death. 

The tall and fat Goyle and Crab might be stored for later, but the bitten Malfoy, of course, was tonight’s menu!

Alive of course, the taste of dead human flesh is inferior!

But before that, they would take them to Aragog, and then enjoy the delicious living meal!

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