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H.P.S.T Chapter 299: Buckbeak Swooping Down

Below, Goyle and Crabbe wept loudly; struggling desperately, but unable to shake the hairy, slender legs of the Acromantulas. 

Beside the two people, Malfoy looked pale and unconscious. 

None of the three of them saw the Hippogriff in the sky, not to mention Evan sitting on Buckbeak’s back. 

If he just left, no one would know that he had been here. 

Evan hesitated, no doubt, he did not like Malfoy. But to let him die and witness his death, he couldn’t do it no matter what. 

Just like twenty years ago, Harry’s father, James, saved Snape from the wolf population; in the original plot, Harry saved Malfoy and Goyle from the fire. 

This matter was beyond the personal level of whether or not they liked someone, and was related to one’s nature and conscience. 

To save or not to save, it might seem like a difficult descision. 

But for Harry, for Evan, for the real Gryffindor, there was always one answer. 

“Let’s go down, Buckbeak!” Evan shouted, pulling out his wand. “I must’ve gone absolutely mad, risking my life to save Malfoy!” 

On the ground, Malfoy, Goyle and Crabbe were all in despair.

It was natural, they were about to become food for the Acromantulas. By the time the school’s rescue would arrive, they would only find the white bones or the half eaten corpses. 

Thinking of such a scene, Malfoy was not willing to lift his hand and it quickly dropped down. 

He felt that his life was rapidly slipping away, and that he was likely to die at any moment. 

Today, he finally paid the price for what he had done. 

Just as he had given up, a Hippogriff swooped down into the Acromantulas, and its brown steel-like claws caught a giant spider and shredded it directly.

The green liquid splashed on Malfoy’s face, which made him sober up.

He couldn’t believe it; he blinked his eyes, and remained motionless, his brain stopped working. 

Beside him, Goyle and Crabbe, who had been struggling, were also stunned, facing the sudden attack. 

Even the Acromantulas were all stunned. 

They lay on the ground, and their big pincers that had been constantly clicking all stopped. 

Everyone looked at Buckbeak in surprise, but it didn’t stop. Under Evan’s command, it waved its wings and floated in the air, with gale and fearless momentum, and rushed straight to the nearest Acromantula that was grabbing Goyle. 

A red light flashed across, and Evan’s Petrification Curse hit it. 

Goyle was surprised to find that the Acromantula was gradually turning into a stone, and its body showed a blue-grey color and became stiffer. 

Its two tightly clamped hairy long legs were getting weaker. 

With a burst of laughter, Goyle was released by the Acromantula and landed heavily on the ground. 

“God, this…this Hippogriff came to save us!” He seemed to have just reacted, looking at Buckbeak in disbelief, and sobbed loudly, “Help, help, take me out of here, I don’t want to die!” 

“I know it, it is Buckbeak!” Crabbe stepped up his resistance and shouted. “It is the Hippogriff raised by Hagrid. It must be… …” 

Hearing Crabbe’s reminding, Malfoy also recognized Buckbeak. 

There was a lot of confusion in his heart, and he felt this was ironic. 

Just a few minutes ago, he was vowing to get his father to kill the Hippogriff, but now he had to rely on it to save himself. 

But now he couldn’t take that much into account, Malfoy vowed that as long as he was alive, he would repay Buckbeak. 

Just as he wanted to shout for help like Goyle and Crabbe, he stopped and looked at Evan sitting on Buckbeak’s back with puzzled eyes.

Being saved by Buckbeak, and Evan of all people, was something he had never imagined.

He hesitated for less than a second, and the idea of survival immediately overcame his pride and shouted weakly to Evan, “Help, save me!” 

Evan had no time to talk to Malfoy. Through unexpected surprise attacks, he and Buckbeak collaborated to eliminate four Acromantulas and successfully rescued Goyle. When the remaining Acromantulas reacted, his pressure increased sharply. 

Click, click, click… 

They danced sharp pincers, and they rushed in from all directions to Evan and Buckbeak, and their eight pairs of shiny black eyes all flashed with malicious ferocity. 

Without the urge of Evan, Buckbeak flew straight away to escape the attack. 

“Don’t abandon us, take me away, don’t leave me alone!” Goyle shouted, climbing two steps in panic. 

“This idiot!” Before Goyle’s behavior, Evan was speechless. 

As he didn’t take out his wand to fight, or at least hide away, he was putting more pressure on Evan’s rescue by being a free target to the Acromantulas in front of him.

“Go down, Buckbeak!” Evan shouted. 

They rushed back again, and the wand in Evan’s hand waved around.

The magic erupted from the end of his wand, and a circular, light blue magical energy aura centered on him and quickly spread out. 

Feeling the danger, the Acromantulas were scattered back and forth.

Evan’s wand pointed to the huge rocks scattered on the ground, and the rocks twisted into a blue-black snake that slid towards the Acromantulas. 

He wanted to make a Basilisk, but because the Basilisk itself had strong magic, it was difficult to make such transfiguration, and it was too hasty, the stone eventually became a monster, and the body of the snake still had aspects of the stone itself. 

But this was enough. As everyone knows, the Basilisk is the deadly enemy of the Acromantulas.

A Basilisk was here. Without even the attack, it could scare off the Acromantulas just by the pressure of its own momentum. Evan’s big snake, although it had neither such momentum nor the attack power of the Basilisk, was enough to make them afraid by its mere appearance. 

Click, click… 

The Acromantulas retreated back and did not dare to approach the gliding big snake. 

As the Acromantulas retreated and dodged, Evan let Buckbeak land next to Goyle and shouted, “Come up!” 

Goyle stood up awkwardly, his legs still shaking. 

He desperately took Evan’s outstretched right hand and wanted to climb to Buckbeak’s back, but because he was too flustered, he tried several times without success. 

By the time Evan pulled him up, more than twenty seconds of the precious time had passed.

Goyle’s face was pale. He gasped and clung tightly to Evan. His whole body kept shaking.

Buckbeak flapped his wings and flew back. Not far away, the Acromantulas seemed to have overcome the fear of Evan’s transfigured faux Basilisk, and found that they were just stones without any actual attack power, and were back together. 

Seeing that Goyle was rescued, Malfoy and Crabbe shouted louder for help, fearing that Evan would leave them alone. 

Startled by the voices of both of them, the Acromantulas that had been crouching around in the territory were all eager to move, and they came out from their hiding places. The situation became more and more dire.

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