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H.P.S.T Chapter 300: The Battle, and the Nightmare

Evan knew that he had to hurry and he ordered Buckbeak to rush straight. 

Those Acromantulas were not a big deal. But when other spiders would gather in the territory, saving Malfoy and Crabbe would become as likely as them going to heaven. 

Evan wasn’t thinking keeping aces up his sleeve anymore. He was willing to put every bit of his newly acquired power and knowledge into use.

He quickly read his spell, and from the end of his wand went a bright silvery light. He was sending out spells non-stop, with every one killing an Acromantula. 

Thanks to his precious magic collection brought back from the Black family’s residence and his hard work over the course of the few recent months, Evan was now fully equipped to deal with the common Acromantulas. This has to be surprising, for the last time he was here; he struggled very hard when he fought with the Acromantulas. In the end, he even ended up exhausting all the magic in his body.

The pace of his strength’s evolution was very pleasant to him, and even he himself was somewhat surprised. He quickly harvested the lives of the Acromantulas, and there were several powerful magic in his hand that were not used, let alone the taboo black magic that he had mastered. 

However, he knew he had actually taken a big advantage. 

It was not a fair showdown. Now he only needed to consider the offense instead of defending and dodging the opponent’s attack. 

Riding Buckbeak in mid-air allowed Evan to ignore all the attacks of the Acromantulas, which couldn’t touch them at all.

For him, they were now just a group of moving targets. 

Those Acromantulas could be used to hone his spell casting skills. If he didn’t consider the safety of Malfoy and Crabbe, he would really be unscrupulous. 

However, if they all hid away, Evan would have no other way but to go down to the ground and fight them, but then, his current advantage would disappear completely. 

As Evan was getting more comfortable in the battle, Malfoy, who was clutched by the Acromantulas and hiding behind the spiders, looked at him intricately. 

It seemed that he finally recognized the gap between himself and his opponent.

Speculation and discussion about Evan’s real strength had always been a hot topic in the castle.

He was just a sophomore, and he was a Muggle-born student. He didn’t have any contact with magic before he came to Hogwarts. He shouldn’t be so strong. 

But thinking of Evan’s past achievements, especially against the Basilisk, and catching Peter Pettigrew alone made everyone dare not underestimate him. 

For talented wizards, strength is not necessarily linked to age. 

There were not many opportunities for Evan to openly use magic and show his strength in school, but every time he left a deep impression on everyone.

After several discussions, whether they liked it or not, everyone had to recognize that Evan was the best genius that Hogwarts had in recent years. 

It was generally believed within Slytherins that his strength should be close to that of senior wizards who passed the Ordinary Wizarding Level test.

Nevertheless, there were rumors that Evan’s strength was growing so fast because he was studying black magic, and this could’ve been a taboo and bad news for other young wizards. 

But for the students of Slytherin House, this was not a big deal. Many Slytherins were secretly studying the Dark Arts. 

It was precisely because of this that they estimated Evan so highly. If it wasn’t for Evan’s Muggle origins, some people would have joined his side. 

In many ancient pure blood wizard traditions, magic is might; power and influence often complement each other. 

Slytherin’s internal opinions on Evan had always been contradictory, with voices of solicitation, suppression and support. 

No one was willing to offend a rising future star, especially for the savvy Slytherins. 

Malfoy had been a strong supporter of the suppression of Evan, and he advocated treating Evan as if he were Harry, the so-called Savior. 

But since that night’s ambush, he had changed his mind.

Evan’s magic, which targeted directly the depths of his soul, had great influence on him.

Since then, he had been afraid of Evan. 

Although he had greatly overestimated Evan’s magic power, judging from the current situation, he still underestimated him. Being able to suppress more than a dozen Acromantulas at the same time, Evan’s real strength completely surpassed the magic level that Hogwarts students should have.

Now, seeing Evan, who was in the sky fighting like a God of war, and thinking again of that palpitating magic, Malfoy did not feel fear, but hope of salvation. 

“Help! Help!” He shouted and waved his arms, completely ignoring that he had just been bitten by the Acromantula. 

Though he still had doubts in his heart, and wondered why Evan was so powerful. 

But now Malfoy had no time to explore the source of Evan’s magic.

On the contrary, he hoped that Evan could be stronger and better, because it would directly affect his life.

While Malfoy was being so hopeful, the Acromantulas also recognized Evan, who was sitting on the back of the Hippogriff, and recognized him as the God of death from a few months ago. 

A few months ago, the big fire killed an unknown number of Acromantulas. 

They were burning with inveterate hatred of Evan, but they were also afraid of death. 

Click, click, click… 

The big pincers of the leading Acromantula were clicking violently, and it signaled everyone to retreat. They had already seen that they were not opponents of Evan at all, and it did not make sense to remain here, not to mention that they could not even attack him at all. 

Upon receiving the order, the Acromantulas no longer entangled with Evan, they quickly retreated and fled, and their eight hairy legs were dancing at the fastest speed. 

“No, don’t, stop, you freaks!” Crabbe screamed loudly. “Save me, save me!” 

He struggled with all his strength and slowed down the speed of the Acromantula. 

A moment later, Buckbeak flew to them with Evan. A red light emerged; the Acromantula that grabbed Crabbe dropped him down, and flew away backwards. 

Crabbe lay on the ground and gasped, and Evan didn’t stop. A rope came out at the end of his wand and tied him to Buckbeak.

Under the screams of Crabbe, the Hippogriff took them to Malfoy and flew past, looking very strange. 

Malfoy had planned to fight like Crabbe to win time for Evan. 

But there was a feeling of weakness from the wound where he had been inflicted by the Acromantula on his arm. He had no strength to struggle at all. He could only watch himself being led to the huge slope in the center.

The fog was hazy in the slope, and Malfoy felt only that he was being brought down quickly and rubbed against the sand on the ground, leaving his body scarred.

A few seconds later, the warm milky mist dissipated in front of his eyes. His eyes suddenly opened wide, horrified to see a huge spider web covered with bloody corpses. 

The carcass of the Centaur above was the most eye-catching. His stomach was torn apart by the Acromantulas. The meat inside has been hollowed out, leaving only skin and bones, densely covered with disgusting maggots. 

The Centaur’s empty eye sockets were facing Malfoy, and several little spiders rushed out from inside. 

Unprepared for such a shocking scenery, he was scared to tears. 

To him, to anyone, this was an absolute nightmare!

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