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H.P.S.T Chapter 301: Whispers From the Dark

The Acromantulas that had just gathered fled everywhere. Evan had no time to deal with them. Instead, he urged Buckbeak to chase the spider that had taken Malfoy away.

It took Malfoy straight to Aragog’s Lair, because there was no wind, the fog inside the slope was so thick that it blocked Evan’s sight.

He did not hesitate. He knew that the Acromantula was going there. Just as it was about to drag Malfoy into the cave behind the domed spider web, Evan and Buckbeak spectacularly appeared in front of it through the dense fog.

“Help!” Malfoy cried weakly, reaching out to Evan.

Buckbeak rushed over, intending to scratch the cobweb full of corpses in front of him, but the domed spider web remained unscathed.

The sturdiness of this messy spider web was beyond everyone’s imagination. 

With the strength of the rebound, Evan leapt from Buckbeak. 

He waved his wand sharply in mid-air. With a loud crash, several decayed corpses hanging on the cobweb flew down, blocking the way of the Acromantula.

Click, click! 

The Acromantula that was forced to a dead end let go of Malfoy, turned around and rushed over to Evan, its sharp big pincers clicking with desperate madness, ready to fight him to death. 

Evan pressed his wrist gently to the lower right, and the beautiful silver light flashed past, leaving a faint trace in the air. The body of the Acromantula was split in two and fell on the ground.

Evan had enough magic and skill for that spell to fly out fast enough. It made the green, sticky blood of the spider fly in one direction, splashing on Malfoy, who was paralyzed behind. 

When Evan walked over, he fell face down on the ground, gasping, coughing, and retching repeatedly. 

Buckbeak tried several more times and found that the huge domed spider web could not be damaged. After that, he gave up, landing on the ground.

Goyle and Crabbe, who had been speeding along with him, were lying there gasping for breath, still unconscious. 

“Get up, we have to get out of here quickly.” Evan said bluntly. 

“It’s dead, this spider has been killed by you, and the monsters are running away…” Malfoy choked with sobs, and dared not look into Evan’s eyes. 

“These Acromantulas are nothing at all. If we don’t get out of here quickly, you will know what big trouble really is.” Evan looked around with vigilance, and gathered magic in his wand quickly. He didn’t put his wand away.

It was very abnormal that there wasn’t much apparent movement in Aragog’s lair. 

Who knows what the cunning old spider was hiding in the depths of the earth? It didn’t seem right to feel at ease.

That was on top of the large number of Acromantulas outside the slope, who were ready to move. 

After all, when Evan first came here a few months ago, he saw that any Acromantula was several times larger than the one he had just killed.

With the increase in body size, the strength and danger of the Acromantulas increases as well.

Evan did not plan to waste time here, especially when he had those three burdensome fellows with him. Instead of giving Malfoy time to rest and recover, he turned around and asked Goyle and Crabbe to hold him on Buckbeak’s back. He went behind the cobweb and looked deep into Aragog’s Lair.

In front of him, there was a gentle downward slope, not too deep.

The cave was dark, and warm wind and mist were blowing out from below.

Although it was only the second time he came here and his first close observation, Evan couldn’t tell why he always felt this was familiar, as if he had been to this cave many times, even down this gentle slope… 

He shook his head and stood in this position. He could feel more clearly the strange trace of black magic. 

It was certain that this was not any magic he knew. 

The gusts of warm wind mixed with bloody and weird smell made one feel uncomfortable, like the murky air in the Divination classroom. 

Evan was confused. He seemed to hear a voice speaking to him.

Vague memory fragments reappeared in his mind, and the forgotten illusion would show him a startling secret, the meaning of the ancient emblem… 

He had just to follow this gentle slope, and all the truth would come to light. 

“Come on, come on, I’ve been waiting for a long time!” A low voice, somewhere, sounded, “You are resisting tenaciously; you grasp your tiny life, as if you could really change everything. It’s just an unrealistic illusion. All resistance is futile. You will understand… “

“Everything has a soul, all souls can be swallowed, and souls shall tremble in the darkness. This is your ultimate destiny.” A voice whispered, “I have swallowed up their souls, now it’s your turn!” 

“Come on, come on, lost lamb in the dark forest, your soul has been marked by me. The endless fear has shrouded you, will you sleep to escape fear?” it whispered softly. “Do you dream when you are asleep? In your dreams, you will experience more terrifying fears than reality.” 

“No one knows this secret. In the deepest part of the earth, you can only be redeemed if you find the emblem I left behind…”

Evan stood there, feeling a voice talking in his mind. But he didn’t understand what it meant. 

This was really too strange. Where did this sound come from?! 

It was not until Malfoy was calling him that he showed his surprise. 

“Did you hear anything just now?” Evan hurriedly asked.

Malfoy, Goyle and Crabbe shook their heads in a sluggish manner and looked around in horror, not knowing what he meant. 

Evan wanted to say something more, but stopped immediately. He could feel something coming up from below. 

There were many of them, maybe Aragog and his descendants, or worse! 

He hurriedly turned around and climbed to Buckbeak’s back as quickly as he could.

Just as he sat up, Buckbeak waved his wings and flew up. 

The misty slope was getting smaller and smaller under their feet. Ultimately, they managed to leave safely, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Behind him, Malfoy was pale. 

He looked at Evan’s back and hesitated, as if he was going to thank him. 

Nevertheless, giving up dignity to thank a mud blood was absolutely a very difficult thing for Malfoy.

Not to mention, this mud blood was usually one of the most annoying people to him. 

Malfoy tangled, and then considered why he was in the Forbidden Forest today, why he was caught by the Acromantulas. The underlying reasons were all due to Evan and Harry. This thought made him even more reluctant to thank him.

He opened his mouth and said nothing. He made up his mind to find an opportunity to return this favor to Evan, or to repay it with Gold Galleons.  

In short, he would never say those words!

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