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H.P.S.T Chapter 302: Abandoning Malfoy

Evan didn’t have time to take care of Malfoy, nor did he care about his gratitude. 

Today, he risked his life to save Malfoy, Goyle and Crabbe. That didn’t mean he wanted to improve his relationship with them and become friends.

The motive behind his actions was very simple; he just did not want them to be killed by the Acromantulas, especially in front of him. 

As it was said before, this had nothing to do with personal feelings; it was about his own nature and conscience. 

He was still thinking about the whispers that had just appeared in his mind. He didn’t understand the meaning of those words. There was a voice in the bottom of his heart, which kept luring him into the cave below. 

“No one knows the secret. In the deepest part of the earth, if you find the emblem, you will know everything.” Evan repeated it slowly. 

In reality, he really wanted to explore the cave. 

He didn’t like feeling that there was something hiding in the unknown existence in Aragog’s Lair, leaving him at loss, and things were getting out of his grasp. 

The other side was not Voldemort, nor was Voldemort so evil and powerful. 

But Evan didn’t know anything about it. He couldn’t prepare as he did step by step against Voldemort. He had no longer the greatest advantage of knowing the future. 

Maybe he could go to the library to look up information or ask Dumbledore to get some clues.

But first of all, he had to know what the emblem that had been mentioned in the whisper was like. 

Only then could he know who the other side was. 

The sound of a rustle sounded in the cave, and Evan controlled Buckbeak down a little. He wanted to see what was going to get out from its bottom. 

He thought it would be Aragog and its elite, but unexpectedly, about five seconds later, a large group of small dark blue spiders crawled out of the cave.

They looked very fragile, with light red stripes on their bodies.

These little spiders seemed to have just hatched out, and they were extremely afraid of the sun. 

They crowded around the entrance of the cave, covered by milky white mist, and plunged into the corpses hanging from the huge spider web in front of the Lair. 

Evan let Buckbeak get closer again, and could clearly see that with the entry of the small spiders, those who had not yet fully adapted to the weather where going under the skins of the corpses. 

They struggled to tear flesh and blood with their newborn pincers, drilled down the blood vessels to the depths of the corpses, and soon disappeared.

The whole process was extremely cruel, causing scalp numbness. 

It was scary enough just to think about this scene. No one knew how many young Acromantulas were hidden in the nearly 100 corpses. 

In a short time, they would grow into the next generation fighting power. 

Malfoy, who sat behind Evan for a while, was afraid that if Evan hadn’t saved them, he would probably be the same as the corpses below, and be hung there to become the food of the Acromantulas larvae. 

Looking at the scene in front of him, he felt very sick. A breeze blew, and Malfoy was confused, shaking on Buckbeak’s back. He hurriedly grabbed the feathers of the Hippogriff, but could not make any effort. 

On his arm, the spot that had just been bitten by the Acromantula had completely lost feeling, and crispness and numbness was spreading rapidly throughout his body. 

Malfoy wanted to urge Evan to leave and go back to the castle. He was really scared now, for fear of any sequelae left by the treatment being too late.

And it was unclear why he seemed to have hallucinations in his brain. 

With the invasion of venom, he felt that everything around him seemed to be unreal. A voice was ringing in his head, whispering and echoing.

Malfoy could not hear clearly what the other side was saying, nor did he want to hear it clearly.

His face was pale, not half-blooded, and he had no usual demeanor. Now he just wanted to get away from this ghost place and go back to the warm and comfortable castle.

Even if he had to ask Evan for it, even if he was asked to go back to see all Slytherins again, even if he was to see Harry’s exuberant appearance, he would not want to stay here.

Malfoy just wanted to speak and stopped at once.

He felt something creeping on his skin. He slowly lowered his head and saw a small spider coming out of the wound, just like the Acromantulas larvae that were pouring madly into the corpses. 

Malfoy was frightened, and as he prepared to take a closer look, the little spider disappeared, and everything was an illusion. 

The pressure from fearing death almost made him breathless. 

‘I am going to die!’ This was Malfoy’s only thought. 

The next second, all he saw was black, and his big head fell down. 

Evan, Goyle, and Crabbe didn’t think that Malfoy would suddenly faint, and they watched as he fell straight into Aragog’s lair. 

“Damn!” Evan hurriedly controlled Buckbeak to fly down. 

Click, click, click.

An adult Acromantula suddenly emerged from the cave. It seemed to have anticipated that this would happen and had been waiting here for a long time.

It used its two forelegs to hold Malfoy tightly and dragged him to the depths of the cave with the fastest speed.

Evan wanted to stop it, but as soon as Buckbeak landed, the swarm of small spiders quickly crawled over. 

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of spider larvae emerged from the corpses of the spider web, clicking continuously, and rapidly pinching their pincers. 

Crabbe and Goyle screamed in horror, and the two of them clung to Buckbeak’s feathers and squatted on it. 

Their two fat bodies were huddled up and shrunk into a ball, looking very funny. 

Buckbeak also fluttered his wings and dared not to land, his eyes sparkling with fear. 

In a sense, these spider larvae were even more terrifying than the adult Acromantulas. They crowded together densely, and once they were close to the body, they would bite the skin and drill into the blood vessels, and then there was only death.

The scenes of their madness pouring into the corpses were still vivid, and no one dared to touch them. 

Evan jumped to the ground and shouted, “INCENDIO!” 

At the end of his wand, a golden-red flame came out, and the flame revolved. Under Evan’s guidance, a fire wall was formed to block the rushing spiders and move slowly forward. Soon, the entrance to the cave was filled with the smell of scorched meat, and the spider larvae gave out contorted screams and were all killed. 

It was enough time for Malfoy and the huge Acromantula to disappear.

“Draco was dragged in!” Goyle pointed to the cave and shouted loudly. “We must save him, or he will die.” 

Crabbe hurriedly pushed him, looked closely at Evan’s face, and asked cautiously, “What should we do now?” 

What else could be done? Who would have thought that Malfoy would fall from Buckbeak’s back? 

Everything was over. They had just to go back to Hogwarts to inform Dumbledore of what happened here, and he could safely and perfectly solve this problem. 

But now there was a sudden accident. Waiting until Dumbledore and other professors would come, Malfoy would probably die. 

Evan walked down the gentle slope two steps, and half of his body entered the cave. 

In the dark, secluded cave, the strange feeling appeared again, and this time he was well prepared, not lost as he was last time. 

Deep down, he had an impulse to go deeper, but reason kept Evan sober. 

“Let’s get out of here and hurry back to inform the professors!” Evan made up his mind, “If we do it quickly enough, it shouldn’t be too late.” 

If Harry were here, he might not even think about it and just rush in directly. 

That was his character, but Evan was different.

He could take the risk to save Malfoy, but the situation was clearly beyond his capabilities, and it would be foolish for him to rush in like that.

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