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H.P.S.T Chapter 303: The Wise Choice

He was not afraid of the Acromantulas, but worried about the strange unknown existence hidden in the depths of the cave. 

“Let’s go back!” Evan whispered to Goyle and Crabbe. 

He tried not to think about Malfoy’s fate because it made him feel bad. He asked himself, if Harry or Hermione were to be dragged down this cave by that Acromantula, would he hesitate to go straight in and bring them back even at the cost of his life?

That would because they are his friends, and their presence was crucial in his life. 

But this was Malfoy, and Evan hesitated! 

He was not a god, not as powerful as Dumbledore, nor as fearless as Harry in the final war.

Admitting it or not, he was just an ordinary person. 

Yes, he was just a lucky guy. 

He knew the future of this world and all the characters, so he could bravely fight, fight against the established future, and even had the courage to resist Voldemort. 

Because he knew, he tried to change and stop the tragedies that were to come. 

But when the future was really changed by him, Evan began to be afraid. 

At the moment when he caught Peter Pettigrew, he knew that the time has come. In the past six months, he had devoted himself to studying magic and improving his strength. He couldn’t think of another way to confront the changed future.

But Evan found that he was wrong. As Dumbledore had been trying to tell him, whether a person was strong or not depended not on how much magic he possessed, but on his heart.

Voldemort had unimaginable power, but his heart was extremely fragile. Though evil and cruel, he was afraid of death, and used any mean to escape it. 

This was his weakness, so no matter how much magic he had or how much magic he mastered, Dumbledore would never be afraid of him. 

“As for myself…”

Evan took a deep breath and tried not to think about these things. 

He repeatedly told himself that giving up Malfoy and staying away from this strange cave was the wisest choice. 

That’s right, even if Malfoy was to die.

He turned around and came to Buckbeak, ready to go back to notify others as soon as possible. 

Although many people thought that he was a genius; they even worshiped or envied him, and thought he was different, Evan himself knew that he was no different from other ordinary young wizards.

“Please, save him!” Seeing Evan’s movement, Goyle sobbed and said, “Only you can save him, or Draco will be those spiders’…” 

“We should rush back as soon as possible, only the professors can save Draco.” Crabbe retorted, “Don’t waste time here, let’s go.” 

“Those monsters can eat Draco in the blink of an eye!” Goyle said unwillingly, “We can’t go, otherwise…” 

“Otherwise, what will happen?” Crabbe turned to Goyle with undisguised fierceness. “I just want to get out of here now, you are wasting our time.” 

“But Draco …”

“I told you, we are going back to the castle to inform others to rescue him.” Crabbe said,” We cannot help him here, we’re just adding trouble.” 

When he heard Crabbe’s words, Goyle went silent.

His foolish eyes looked uncertainly at his companion, and then turned to look expectantly at Evan, but there was no response from the latter.

Even if he was stupid, he knows what this meant.

For a long time, he hesitated then said, “If Draco is dead, his father and the Malfoy family will not let it go like this.” 

Speaking of Lucius Malfoy, even Crabbe was silent. 

“I believe he will understand us!” He whispered and raised the volume. “Moreover, what can the two of us do?!” 

Evan understood what they both meant, deliberately speaking about Malfoy’s family. 

That was both a threat and a reminder.

Once Malfoy died here, the three of them would have to face the wrath of Lucius Malfoy. 

They are Malfoy’s followers, and their own people, so Lucius Malfoy probably wouldn’t do anything to them. But that was not the same with Evan, and Lucius was likely to vent his anger on him. 

It seemed that Malfoy’s two attendants, especially Crabbe, were not as stupid as they looked. 

Evan was not afraid of Lucius, nor of the Malfoy family’s retaliation. This was Hogwarts. With Dumbledore here, he could do nothing.

Today’s incident, in itself, was Malfoy’s own fault and had nothing to do with Evan. But the conversation between Goyle and Crabbe made Evan hesitate again. He finally found out that something was wrong. He kept telling himself repeatedly in his heart that it was the wisest choice to give up Malfoy and leave here as soon as possible.

Apparently, Crabbe thought the same way. 

Was it really a wise choice for a Slytherin who did not have even the most basic sense of friendship and loyalty, and only considered his own safety?!

Yeah, this was not the same. The one to be saved was the abominable Malfoy. 

A strange voice whispered in Evan’s heart, “He’s not even your friend. You don’t have to risk your life to save him.”

But when he thought so, he always felt that something was wrong, and this sensation was getting stronger and stronger. Didn’t he save Peter Pettigrew at the same risk of his life before?

The voice resounded again: “It was just out of need. You needed him to prove Sirius’s innocence. You didn’t really want to save him.

Peter Pettigrew had a use value, Malfoy did not. On the contrary, he was still rather troublesome. There were many things in the future that were worse because of his existence. 

It would be probably better if he died here… “

“No, it would not!” Evan suddenly shouted. 

Goyle and Crabbe looked at him flustered, not knowing what was going on.

At this moment, Evan struggled with his strange voice in his heart. At last, he realized that all the suggestions given by this voice seemed correct, but it ignored the most important point, his own nature, and only looked at the issue from the perspective of gains and losses.

If he did what it said, what would make him differ from those Dark wizards, immersed in cold-blooded interests and powerful magic strength to deal with anything, the only wise choice being what was for their best?! 

Evan could abandon Malfoy to face death, not only because it was dangerous, but also did not benefit him. If you want something, you can do everything possible to get it because you have your own reasons. You fear death? Then you can deprive others of their humble lives to make Horcruxes, so that you can live forever. 

These choices seemed wise, but they were not what Evan needed. He had to resist and correct these wrong ideas. 

Just as Evan had this thought, the Slytherin’s Locket that had been hanging on his chest suddenly emitted a dark golden light. 

The curved and weird lines on the top of the text lit up at the same time, then instantly returned to how they used be, as if nothing had happened. 

But Evan’s original chaotic will was renewed, and a strange magic was injected into his body from the inside out. 

Deep in his heart, there was a sudden crisp sound, like the sound of glass falling to the ground and shattering, and the echoing whisper disappeared.

Evan, holding Buckbeak with both hands, gasped for breath. 

Everything in front of him was clear and limpid, and he felt that his back was all soaked with sweat. 

He had just realized that the strange voice that had just appeared in his heart was the existence that had been whispering to him at first.

It influenced him from behind curtains, hoping that Evan would fall. 

Only in this way could it swallow his soul.

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