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H.P.S.T Chapter 306: Spider Eggs and The Female Spider

Evan squinted, and in order to see clearly, he took two more steps forward. 

In the warm water in the middle of the cave, there were thousands of spherical objects floating. They were as big as water balloons. They were soft and floated steadily in the direction of the current.

At the extreme end of the pool was a large spherical spider web. 

It acted as a filter to allow the springs to flow out, but these white balloons were isolated. 

It was a very delicate way to bring hot springs into the pool. If Evan was to design it, he thought he wouldn’t do better. No wonder it was mentioned that the intelligence of the Acromantulas was close to that of human beings.

Hold on, why would there be water balloons in Aragog’s Lair?! 

A little doubt flashed through Evan’s mind, and the scene before him was too suspicious. 

He pushed his wand forward and increased the magic output. The faint fluorescence at the tip of his wand became brighter and brighter, and the incandescent light completely dispelled the darkness around him. 

This time, he saw it clearly. 

The white spheres floating in the pool were not water balloons at all. They were all eggs of Acromantulas. Under the strong light, it was clear that the soft thin-walled interior of the spider eggs were looming spider larvae.

Some were underdeveloped, and some were fully formed. 

Formed spider larvae were covered with thick black hair, and occasionally moved inside, as if they could break out at any time. It looked very terrifying. 

Evan took a cool breath and looked up to the edge of the opposite side of the pool. All of them were spider eggs, densely packed together, and many were pressed under the water. The number of spider eggs in front of him was completely beyond imagination. If all of them were hatched out, he was afraid the whole Forbidden Forest would become a world of Acromantulas. 

Even though the individual combat power of the Acromantula was not the strongest, with the terror of their cheer quantitative advantage, these Dark creatures would be unrivalled in the Forbidden Forest.

Evan tried to recall the description of The Acromantulas’ eggs he saw in the book “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them “: The Acromantula is carnivorous and prefers large prey. It spins dome-shaped webs upon the ground. The female is bigger than the male and may lay up to one hundred eggs at a time.

Soft and white, these are as large as beach balls. The young hatch in six to eight weeks. Acromantula eggs are defined as Class A Non-Tradeable Goods by the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, meaning that severe penalties are attached to their importation or sale.

Trafficking in Acromantula eggs was not allowed, although it was expressly stipulated. But in the black market, among dragon and snake goods, these eggs stood out as the most popular item for Dark wizards, because precious and rare, so the price was very high, often reaching astronomical figures. 

Evan casually converted the spider eggs in front of him into Gold Galleons, and concluded that he could get filthy rich if he took the eggs outside… 

Of course, it was just a thought.

Selling them was not an option at all. The spider eggs in the pool had to be destroyed, and just as he was considering what magic to use, the ground suddenly vibrated. 

A loud, rumbling bang sounded from far and near. 

Evan was stunned, and soon realized that since there were spider eggs here, the female spider must be nearby, and the female octagonal giant spider was usually much larger than the male. The elephant-like Aragog was beyond imagination, the biggest spider he had ever seen. If his spouse was bigger than him, what would she be like…?

Looking at the pool full of white spider eggs, Evan unconsciously tightened his grip on his wand.

Normal Acromantulas don’t lay so many eggs. They can lay no more than 100 eggs at a time, but there were nearly 10,000 in this pool. If this was the offspring of Aragog’s spouse, it means that she had also mutated like Aragog.

It must have been the deed of the creature hiding in the dark. The mutation happened recently. Aragog was very old. He had lived in the Forbidden Forest for so many years. If he really had such a large number of descendants, he would have swallowed up the whole Forbidden Forest long ago.

The invasion of ancient and evil dark forces had turned the Acromantulas in the Forbidden Forest into another more bloodthirsty and terrible species. 

If it were to regain its strength, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Boom, boom, boom…

Evan took a step back and looked closely at the source of the sound.

Just as he looked, a huge female spider crawled out of the shadows behind the pool, and it was almost three times as large as Aragog. 

Its pincers closed together, and the whole space vibrated. 

Click, click, click… 

The most surprising thing was its shape. Its bulging belly was so big that it was disproportionate with the rest of its body. It seemed to be so heavy that the rocks on the ground behind were ground into powder. Eight furry spider legs, each as thick as Evan’s thigh. 

Compared with its huge body, its head was too small, with eight pairs of black lacquered eyes like black gems, constantly reflecting light maliciously. 

At the forefront of its head, the peculiar, big pincers also looked different. The sharp spurs were green and cold, and had been completely soaked by the venom. 

“Click, click, human!” The female spider’s voice shocked Evan’s ears.

“Where is Aragog? I want to meet him.” Evan shouted, clutching his wand and steadily retreating. 

Considering the other side’s size, he was not fully sure that he could overcome it. 

“You want to see Aragog?!” The female spider looked at Evan, and seemed to be considering it, its big pincers dancing. She slowly said, “The intruder must die, but I will be extra gracious, satisfy your last wish, and take your corpse to see him.” 

As soon as she finished her words, her whole body quickly swooped forward to Evan. 

She swooped forward like an avalanche, and Evan could see her grim expression. He threw several magic spells and moved backward as fast as he could.

Almost immediately, the giant pincers of this female spider landed. 

Boom!!! With a violent crash, there was a big pit in the place where Evan was just standing. If he had spent a second more there, his bones would have really been crushed.

Just like on that night a few months ago, Evan’s Shrinking Charm didn’t work at all on Aragog’s spouse. All of his curses had just been bounced off by the other side. 

Evan noticed that this huge female spider was covered with blue and black armor scales, and his curse was blocked by these armors, and did not hurt it. 

An Acromantula with an armor immune to spells. Was it still the same species?!

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