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H.P.S.T Chapter 307: Unrealistic Fantasy

Acromantulas are extremely aggressive. One of their weaknesses is their poor defense. Even the magic spell of a young wizard can easily break through their defenses. 

But this mutated giant female Acromantula had completely subverted Evan’s past knowledge. 

He tried a few spells in succession, and they didn’t work. 

Its hard blue-black crustacean shells were very resistant, which made Evan feel rather helpless.

Fortunately, this underground cave was spacious enough for him to dodge. 

The female spider’s huge size, disproportionate body and bulging belly also slowed down its speed.

While dodging her attacks, Evan gathered all his magic. 

The wand in his hand shot a silver-white light, with a heart-rending arc of light, falling heavily on it. 

Click, click, click.

The intense pain caused the female spider to make a crazy clicking.

Evan wiped his sweat. His attack was strong enough to slash an ordinary Acromantula in half, but only left a few deep scratches on this female’s carapace. 

Not even its defense had broken, on the contrary, it made her more mad.  

The female spider was aiming at Evan, and its dark green pincers were being raised high, swaying fast, clicking quickly, and landing heavily to his position. 


Large quantities of gravel and dust were flying, and every attack by a female spider left a deep pit on the ground. The whole cave was shaking.

The broken rock fragments splashed out and fell on Evan. 

In spite of the pain, he gasped violently and ran and dodged with all his strength.

Being chased by a huge monster spider was definitely a nightmare, worse than encountering the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets last semester.

He couldn’t afford to just keep going like this; he had to find a way. 

The next second, Evan waved his wand wildly, and the surrounding blue rocks began to deform rapidly.

Under his command, rocks took on a monster’s shape. 

Stone monsters appeared one after another, and with their rudimentary weapons in their hands, they roared at the female spider.

But soon, the monsters transfigured from these stones were ruthlessly crushed into powder and re-formed into dust. 

The only thing to be thankful for was that they further slowed down the speed of the female spider. 

Evan knew that he had to look for the weakness of his enemy. By this opportunity, his eyes wandered back and forth over its ugly body. 

Ignoring the blue-and-black carapace on its head and back, he finally locked his target in two positions, the relatively slender spider legs and the huge belly which contents where unkown to him. 

He was ready to attack these two positions. If it still didn’t work, then he could only consider using powerful black magic to eliminate the opponent. 

“Click, welcome death, human!” 

The female spider seemed impatient because she could not hit Evan.

Its gaze became fiercer; its eight hairy spider legs flipped rapidly, speeding up its attack, and its mouth began to secrete green liquid. 

When these liquids fell on the ground, they quickly vaporized and spread within a certain range. 

Looking at the eerie green smoke, and without being warning, Evan knew he couldn’t touch it. These gases must be the venom secreted by the female Acromantula. He quickly went into hiding. 

The secretion of venom was getting faster and faster, and the female spider did not seem to intend to use the venom directly to knock down Evan.

However, she turned making the smoke gradually form a circle that gradually surrounded him. 

Her intentions were obvious; she was obstructing his mobility.

In the process, he tried to attack his opponent’s eight hairy spider legs, but with little success, they were also covered by dark carapace that was not as easily perceived.

As for the female spider’s large disproportionate belly, it kept it well behind its body, and it was terrible. 

Every time Evan attacked there, it would rather stop the attack and quickly flick away, for fear of being hit by his powerful spells. 

Unless he got behind it, he couldn’t attack that spot. 

So it seemed that its round belly was the weakness of the female spider. 

As the spouse of Aragog, the king of spiders, before the mutation, the female octagonal Acromantula’s main role was to breed offspring; the belly was used for ovulation.

For the female Acromantula, that’s where the most important thing was. 

At the same time, it was also the most vulnerable part of its body. 

Looking at the huge female spider in front of him, Evan had a plan in mind. 

Instead of dodging toward the entrance passage, he slowly retreated back to the side of the huge pool in the center of the cave behind him. In the battle just now, he discovered that whenever he approached the pool, the female spider would stop attacking. 

The attack power of its big pincers was too great, and it was also aware of this. If it didn’t care smashing it down like that, if it couldn’t kill Evan first, it would definitely destroy thousands of white spider eggs in the pool. This was not the scene it wanted to see. 

Sure enough, as soon as it saw Evan standing next to the pool, the huge female spider stopped. 

It was not in a hurry to attack, and it seemed to it that Evan had now given up resistance. Around this human boy, the green mist produced by its venom had joined together and tightly surrounded him. no matter what, he was in a desperate situation.

The thunderous crash finally stopped, the female spider began to speed up the secretion of venom, and its eight small black eyes stared at Evan. 

Seeing him standing there as if he had given up waiting for death, it was almost perfectly satisfied.

In its view, the human boy was already like a turtle in an urn. Considering that the pool behind Evan was full of hatching spider eggs, the female was prepared to kill Evan in a milder way and use her own venom to make him comatose.

After that, this human boy would become food for her and her children. 

The overly proud Acromantula did not notice that the stone fragments that had just been crushed by it behind were slowly floating with the subtle movements of Evan’s wand. They deformed in the air and gradually formed huge cones, which floated in the air behind the female spider and looked particularly shocking. 

If it weren’t for lack of magic, Evan even wanted to convert all of these stone cones into steel with a harder texture. 

But for now, this should be enough. 

The initially hot cave suddenly became extremely quiet, the strange mood was flowing in the air, and both sides were preparing. They both believed that their victory was in hand. 

Evan forced himself to look at her disgusting eyes, diverting her attention and not letting her be suspicious. 

As for the green poisonous fog that gradually came closer, he was totally unconcerned. 

“One, two, three” Evan silently counted the number of stone cones floating behind the spider. 

If it turned back now, it would be able to find these deadly weapons behind it. 

But seeing that Evan had already accepted his destiny, the female spider had completely dropped its guard. 

It was fantasizing the taste of human flesh. Even when secreting venom, it couldn’t help but secrete saliva too.

Because of Aragog’s constraints, it had never tasted human flesh before, but only discussed related topics in communication with other Acromantulas. Natural instinct told it that fresh human flesh was the most delicious food in the world.

Just now, its child brought a human boy in, but it was a great sacrifice in the depths of the underground. It did not dare to touch it. 

Unexpectedly, a few minutes later, Evan followed in. 

For this female spider, this was a godsend prey. 

It couldn’t wait, quickly waving its pincers.                                                              

This human boy was just the beginning. When the great existence would come up from the ground, it would lead them out of the cave and into the woods. They would attack the human castle filled with delicious food that was not too far away, then they could eat fresh human flesh every day.  

If Evan knew what the Acromantula thought, he would tell it this was really an unrealistic fantasy!

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