Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 308: Dark Magic Fire Curse

Inside the cave, the green mist had become very dense. 

Although there was no wind, some of it still reached Evan’s nose. 

It had a slightly bitter taste. After inhalation, the scene in front of Evan’s eyes began to blur, and his head became dizzy. 

He shook his head in a hurry, but fortunately the venom of the Acromantula was not powerful enough to cause coma at most. 

Evan knew it was all right. There was no point in making more. He was ready for the final blow, and whatever magic he had left wasn’t enough to summon and control more cones.

“Welcome your death, human!” The female spider swayed her pincers and said, “You will be my food, mine’s and my children’s…” 

“Okay, goodbye!” Evan waved his hand, not intending to continue listening. 

Seeing Evan’s movements, she was obviously stunned. 

Then it made the monstrous roar. It thought that Evan was teasing it. 

Obviously it was the winner, but this human boy was completely unconcerned. It swore that it would tear his belly alive in a moment, and that it would… 

Just as the giant female spider was imagining that, Evan raised his wand in his hand, swung it down, and numerous sharp stone cones spouted out. 

Whoop, Whoop, Whoop! ! ! 

The sound of being pierced by boulders was unexpected, and the Acromantula turned back in horror and saw that its belly was almost smashed instantaneously. 

Its inners and blood were blurred and a large number of non-hatched spider eggs were among them.

Green, viscous liquid splashed everywhere, almost covering half of the cave.

Click, click, click… 

It wanted to move, but it just was in too much pain.

The giant female spider realized what had happened. She writhed madly, and her whole body was twitching and bending. She looked terrible. 

“You win, human…” it said angrily. 

She was not about to give up though. It was clear that she was about to kill Evan in no time. It was obvious that she was about to taste the fresh human flesh that she had not seen for a long time. Her huge dark green pincers ruthlessly went to Evan, with her final wrath, hoping to kill him before she died. 

Evan quickly dodged, but she seemed determined to kill him. 

The giant female spider attacked wildly in the cave, the whole space was shaking, the rumbling bangs continued, and the ground even began to crack. 

Evan ducked aside in a hurry, rubbing his body to let his opponent’s big pincers pass. 

Its big pincers destroyed the wall of the pool behind Evan, hot spring water gushed out, and the floating spider eggs flowed out. 

A few seconds later, Evan found himself in a new dilemma. Although her belly was smashed, it would not die for a while. It was now dying and struggling. Regardless of the attack, it was impossible to resist, and the space for dodging was getting smaller and smaller. 

He was surrounded by green poisonous haze, and it was impossible for Evan to go deep into it. He could only dodge along the edge of the pool. 

He had intended to drag it out, and she was moving slower and slower, and the vitality of this huge female spider was getting weaker and weaker. 

However, the actual situation did not develop in the direction of Evan’s imagination. 

The spider eggs that fell on the ground with the springs began to hatch. The spider larvae that had been formed all climbed out and approached Evan closely. 

Click, click, click…

The intensive sounds could almost drive one mad. He did not dare to approach these spider larvae. It would be terrible if they got into his blood vessels. 

INCENDIO!” Evan reused his old skills and shouted. 

He hoped to burn these spider larvae as he did at the entrance to the Lair. 

The golden red flame sprang from the end of his wand, but it did not form a scale, and it disappeared completely, turning into thick water vapor.

Because of the spring, the surrounding air was too moist, and Evan’s flame couldn’t work at all. 

The situation in front of him was really terrible. More and more spider larvae hatched out of the spider eggs, and there were hundreds of them. They were wet all over, encircled Evan and approached him together, eager to enjoy the taste of flesh and blood. 

Above his head, the huge female spider went crazy; her sharp big pincers falling desperately. If he was accidentally touched, the price would be crushing his body and bones. 

Because of the green poisonous haze, it was impossible to dodge and escape. 

It could be said that Evan had been forced into a corner. What he needed to do now was to choose a relatively less painful way to die… 

Getting crushed into minced meat? Or becoming the host of spider larvae that would suck up his flesh dry? Or get poisoned? 

“Damn!” Evan gritted his teeth and made up his mind. He began to read an old and complicated spell, and his wand made complex movements with the fastest speed. 

The raging flame began to emerge from the end of his wand, and the temperature was several times higher than the flames of the previous flame. Everything where the flame went was swallowed into ashes. 

Needless to say spider larvae, even those springs were burning. 

Evan’s wand flicked outward, threw the last ray of flame out, and then, without looking, he gasped and crawled as fast as possible into the pool behind him. 

Because a large area of the wall of the pool has been destroyed, the height of the spring inside was already very low. A large number of soft, unformed white spider eggs floated in it, and one foot on them was a belch. A lot of green mucus splashed out, slippery and nauseating. 

Evan staggered to his feet. He dared not to waste time, and no matter what was going on behind him, he only knew that if he wanted to live, he had to rush out as fast as he could. His destination was opposite the pool, where the female spider first crawled into the hidden passage.

There should be an entrance to continue downward. Only by leaving the cave as soon as possible could he have a chance to live.

Behind him were the sound of the flames and the howling of the spiders?

Evan could imagine how horrible the scene was, because the spell he just used was the Dark Magic “Fiendfyre “, the darkest and most evil fire curse. 

Once unleashed, there was no way to control the flames, or say, with Evan’s magic, they were still beyond control. He could only wait for them to extinguish themselves. 

These flames seem to be life-like. They swallow everything, and they are capable of seeking out and burning all living targets. The giant female spider, which had just been too arrogant, was nothing in front of them. Its huge body and the blue-black, and  hard shell on it soon turned into ashes. 

Now, only Evan was still alive! 

The fierce flames chased Evan through the spring, and they began to mutate, forming a gigantic pack of fiery beasts: Flaming serpents, chimaeras, and dragons rose and fell and rose again, and the entire underground cave became a sea of fire. 

Hundreds of white spider eggs were thrown up in the air into their fanged mouths, tossed high on clawed feet, before being consumed by the inferno.

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