Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 321: The Final Chapter in the Lair

Deep underground in the darkness, a silver band of tiny glittering planktons stretched hundreds of feet wide.

Like the Milky Way in the Summer Night Sky, attracted by magic, they poured in continuously from the void, without interruption, without stopping…

The silver light completely dispelled the darkness that had been shrouding the place for a thousand years. 

Reacting with the Locket in Evan’s hand, the magic left by Salazar Slytherin was successfully activated, and his shadow slowly appeared. 

Evan could feel the powerful magic, the power of hundreds of millions of magic planktons, which all converged into the shadow of Salazar. 


He heard the sound of sparks burning quietly in the air. He looked around for the source of the sound and found that it was the result of powerful magic collisions inside the shadow of Salazar.

Fine magic particles met unexpectedly, emitting beautiful golden and silver rays of light.

It was like pyrotechnics that had shrunk countless times and scattered one by one. They looked very beautiful, but they contained a shocking amount of magical energy.

This was an unimaginable power for ordinary people, beyond the limits of human beings. 

Salazar’s shadow did not speak, nor did he look at Evan. He stood still in silence, with a solemn expression, and his wand in his hand pointed to the huge eyeball monster. 

On his white wand, from time to time, a silver brilliance flashed from top to bottom. 

“Salazar Slytherin, after a thousand years of waiting…” 

The deep whisper re-sounded, and the huge eyes looked at Slytherin with hatred, as if they wanted to communicate with him. 

Slytherin had no intention of communicating with it. He waved his wand, made a strange hissing sound, and countless colorful halos floated around him.

This was the magic that Evan had seen on the rock wall before, but he couldn’t understand Slytherin’s Spell. He was stunned for a moment, and then he understood. 

This was Parseltongue; Salazar Slytherin used magic that’s read in Parseltongue. 

With Salazar’s hissing, the silver planktons from the dark void came together to form a mass that emitted hazy colored halos. 

Like floating hydrogen balloons, they floated slowly in the air. 

These colorful halos might seem harmless to humans and animals, but Evan knew that they were all energy masses made up of the purest magic. 

Underneath their gorgeous appearance, each one carried a powerful destructive power. 

The number of light masses was increasing, and the horrible monster was becoming more and more restless. 

It was afraid. Blood vessels and flesh fibers in the eyeballs were constantly squirming. A few seconds later, it seemed finally determined to overcome its fear of Salazar Slytherin. Centering on the slender pupils, once again, a huge blood-stained fissure was opened, and it rushed straight to Salazar’s shadow. 

Salazar suddenly disappeared as he saw it coming and turned into a myriad of silver planktons. 

The next second, his figure reappeared behind the eyeball monster, unaffected by its effort, and the wand in his hand waved at a strange angle. 

Under his command, all the colorful light masses that had wandered aimlessly in the air moved, and they surrounded the horrible monster in the center. 

A sophisticated magic symbol rose from the ground, giving off a green light.

In the next second, without any warning, two dark green giant snakes emerged from the magic symbols. 

“Hiss, hiss!” They showed their fangs and circled straight up, wrapping the eyeball monster tightly in the middle in a heartbeat.

Evan blinked; everything in front of him was like a dream. 

In front of him, after being entangled by the giant snakes, the monster was restrained. 

It returned to the shape of an eyeball. Under the influence of magic and the pressure of the snakes, the red in the center began to diffuse outward until it spread to the whole eyeball.

It trembled and resisted, but it was already at the end of its power. 

Under the entanglement of the giant snakes, its body was subjected to infinite compression, and its outer layer began to break and crack.

“Slytherin’s Heir, you think you have defeated me, but you don’t know the tragic fate of your arrival.” The painful whisper sounded intermittently, and the huge eyes used all their strength to slowly turn back to Evan. “We’ll meet again soon. I’ll be back…” 

The whisper echoed and diffused in the stone room, echoing in bursts. 

The next second, there was a loud bang and the huge eyeballs burst suddenly. 

Lots of blood and creeping purple fibers were scattered all over the place, spraying to the ground in all directions.

Evan blinked. He couldn’t believe that this horrible monster was so easily destroyed! 

At the same moment, Malfoy who had been in a coma shouted out loud. His painful expression gradually calmed down, and the nightmare that had been plaguing him disappeared. 

Everything happened so suddenly that Evan couldn’t even react. 

He breathed heavily and couldn’t believe that the mighty monster was just dead, it just disappeared?! 

Also, the magic that Salazar had just used just shocked him greatly. 

Salazar’s shadow turned to look at Evan. He was redistributed into a myriad of silver planktons, which flocked in front of Evan and poured into the Locket in mid-air.

The emerald’s fluorescence faded, and the pale gold flashed along the emblem on the Locket.

Slytherin’s Locket slowly fell into Evan’s hand and returned to its former form. 

The stone room was quiet and the darkness came back from all sides. All was like an absurd nightmare, whether it was the huge eyeball monster or the powerful magic of Salazar Slytherin, all was gone, as if it never existed.

Evan got up from the ground and was soaked in sweat. He wiped the sweat from his forehead. 

LUMOS MAXIMA!” The light at the end of his wand re-illuminated the surroundings.

He was impressed by what had just happened. He still had too many questions, but no one could explain to him what was going on.

What should he do now? Evan had not much strength; he did not want to climb out of the pit with a comatose Malfoy. That would be another nightmare. 

Maybe the better choice was to stay there and wait for help. Dumbledore would certainly find them. 

Taking advantage of this time, He could also reorient his thoughts. 

Boom, boom, boom… 

As Evan relaxed completely, the thunderous sound resounded, the surrounding rocks were shaking, and the tiny cracks in the wall were expanding at a visible speed. 

Unable to withstand the powerful magic that Slytherin had just used, the underground ruins collapsed, and large chunks of rubble fell from above. 

He had to get out of there quickly, or he would be buried alive in the depths of the earth…  

Evan had to brace himself, and he hurried to the fainted Malfoy, and waved his wand quickly. Malfoy rose from the ground and floated around him. 

They rushed to the gate and, then looked back in great surprise. 

“Hey, what is this?” 

Evan took Malfoy to the place where the huge eyeballs had just burst, and found a crimson listing on the ground with a strange emblem engraved on it. 

He picked it up and looked at it briefly. The emblem was exactly the monster that was just there. 

It looked more horrible and more massive than what Evan had seen before, as if it was capable of spreading fear throughout the world. 

It floated in the air, and below were human figures with pain in their expressions, and their souls were being stripped from their bodies and pouring into the horrible monster.

This crimson listing should have appeared after the monster disappeared. What should the connection be between the two? 

Evan didn’t have time to look at it. He took it in his hand, willing to wait until he returned to the castle to study it carefully.

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