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H.P.S.T Chapter 320: The Shadow of Salazar Slytherin

What was unveiled about the mystery from a thousand years ago was just the tip of the iceberg, but things were getting more and more complicated. 

Through these ancient murals, Evan finally figured out what he was facing. 

However, he found that the doubts in his mind did not decrease. In fact, he had even more questions. 

In any case, Salazar Slytherin’s last act was too suspicious. Evan tried to recall his life story, but found that in all known historical facts; only his involvement in the establishment of Hogwarts was given with detail.

There was hardly any record about Slytherin’s experiences as a teenager and after leaving Hogwarts, which, like the darkness before him, was a complete mystery. 

Evan looked at Slytherin’s Locket with a faint green light in his hand. Besides being Voldemort’s Horcrux, it also hid more amazing secrets. 

In the darkness, Malfoy uttered a painful murmur, interrupting Evan’s thoughts. Turning his head, he saw Malfoy lying on the ground in agony, his pale face covered with tiny drops of sweat, and his terrible nightmares seemed to have reached their peak.

Evan knew that he had to hurry up. With the help of Slytherin’s Locket, he could continue to resist the monster, but Malfoy was almost unable to stand it. 

If this continued, his soul would be swallowed up by the nightmare in his sleep. 

Evan raised his head and looked at the monster above. 

It was shaking its tentacles, with huge eyes fixed on him and the Locket in his hand. 

Its eyes were cold and emotionless, like those of a dead person. 

Judging by the message left on the rock wall, the monster’s ugly, huge body and continually shaking purple tentacles were all non-existent shadows. 

Above him, only those blood-red giant eyes were real.

Ever since entering the stone chamber, Evan had never looked at them. 

Every time he did, he looked away in a hurry. 

The disproportionately large eyeballs and the slender pupils above had their own creepy oppression, as if they could arouse fears hidden in the deepest part of the heart.

Evan knew that he couldn’t afford to flinch. He had to force himself to look at its eyes, even with the green fog protection in front of him. 

The “Horcrux” was still in a trance. 

“Salazar Slytherin…” The whisper came in intermittently. 

It could be perceived from its tone that it had unlimited grudge towards Slytherin.

Even if a thousand years of time had passed, this grudge had not abated at all. 

“Lost lamb, you are struggling uselessly, you’re resisting your destiny tightly, as if you can really change everything, but you don’t know that you’re already going astray…” 

“Keep it down, you’ve said enough nonsense, and my destiny will be in my hands.”Evan calmly replied, “I will not rely on others, let alone believe such a monster like you with only its eyes left.” 

He waved his wand fast, and a red light quickly flew upwards. 

NO!” The horrible monster released a harsh scream to reach the soul. 

Evan held his breath and stepped back. The wand in his hand did not stop, and the spells were quickly read, and the curses were aimed at the monster’s eyes. 

Bang, bang, bang!!! 

Under Evan’s attack, its body was rapidly disintegrating. 

The shadow became blurred, and the rough, smashed body eventually disappeared. Above Evan’s head, only two huge white eyeballs were left exposed, and a pile of rotten meat mixed with red blood vessels and muscle fibers joined tightly to the ceiling. 

On the big and disproportionate eyeballs, the red that Evan has always seen occupied only a small part, less than a tenth of the whole eyeball. 

“Slytherin’s descendant, you have to pay for what you’ve done!” It stared closely at Evan, and the voice of nothingness was not blurring, but growing stronger and stronger. “Since you don’t want to give up your soul obediently, I shall devour it by force!” 

Its voice just fell, and the whole space began to shake.

The ground was shaking; cracks appeared on the rock walls. The murals on them shattered and peeled off, and a loud roar came out from the deepest part of the earth. 

The slender pupils were torn, and the huge eyeballs split in the middle. 

Evan stepped back and looked at the monster in disbelief. 

Being among the most ferocious of monsters, it had a terrible momentum. Two massive cracks formed in the middle of the eyeballs, covered with long sharp fangs. Inside was mucus, beyond which was endless darkness. 

Evan could hardly imagine what the monster was becoming. 

This was only the power of the eyes. If its body was here, Evan knew he wouldn’t even stand a chance to fight back. Such a powerful and evil monster had been defeated by Salazar Slytherin in his youth a thousand years ago, back when it was at the peak of its power… 

The two eyes swayed and fell off the wall of the ceiling. 

They floated in the air and opened huge bloody cracks, and flew towards Evan. 

Evan quickly retreated backwards, not sure what kind of magic to use to deal with them. The existence of this monster itself was beyond his understanding and all common sense. 

He waved his wand and made a few spells, but they didn’t work. 

The ferocious monster was getting closer and closer to him. Just when Evan thought that everything was about to end, all his magic suddenly poured out and filled the Locket in his hand. 

Slytherin’s Locket floated slowly, and the emeralds inlaid on it shone intensely. Even the strange inscriptions around it glowed in dark gold. 

That seemed to be a signal. A white halo was gradually emerging above the rock wall. 

The closed stone door suddenly opened, and the statue of Slytherin in the outer hall also shone brightly.

The white planktons floating in the cave dropped rapidly, like a group of fish migrating in the deep blue sea. They spun downward rapidly and surrounded the statue of Salazar. 

Silver, green, and gold light clusters gathered at Evan’s location, fusing with the green haze around the Locket. 

Eventually, it gradually merged into a shape, and a humanoid virtual figure appeared in front of Evan. 

It was a handsome 15-year-old young man, in a medieval-style wizard’s robe, with black jade-like hair and a pure white wand in his hand. 

“Salazar Slytherin…” 

As Evan recognized him, the monster in front of him also whispered. 

It did not continue to attack Evan, but turned around to look at Salazar’s shadow with resentment.

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