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H.P.S.T Chapter 319: The Trouble of Dealing With Slytherin

Whatever the monster was, there was no point in continuing to use magic to attack it. 

Continuous attempts had made it clear to Evan that it was only a phantom that was immune to his attack, just being there to distract him.

Only by finding its origin could it be eradicated.

In his hand, Slytherin’s Locket emitted a dark green light fog, which did not affect Evan, but substantially made the beast’s tentacles wiggle. 

Its massive eyeballs looked as if they were about to pop out of their sockets, blood-red and chaotic… 

It looked at Evan fiercely and seemed to want to tear him apart, but its current body could not touch him, and its whisper was blocked by the mist.

They were both deadlocked. Evan knew he had to hurry to find the monster’s body. He didn’t know how long the magic on the Locket would last. If he couldn’t defeat this monster before the magic expired, he had to plan ahead and quickly leave and take Malfoy far away from there. He didn’t want to lose control of himself again.

Nevertheless, Evan was confident. 

Since Salazar had defeated it, there should be some clues left behind. 

Apart from the murals, there was nothing in the empty square stone room. Evan focused his attention on the surrounding walls and examined them one by one.

The strange murals were very abstract, but the meaning they wanted to convey was very clear. 

In the bloody crimson altar, young Salazar Slytherin defeated the monster and, for some reason, did not destroy it. 

Maybe like Voldemort, whose Horcrux was not completely destroyed, the monster itself could not be eradicated; or perhaps it was because Salazar Slytherin himself believed that this rare evil monster was of great value for his research. 

Whatever it was, he brought it back to Hogwarts.

At the time, it was not a school of magic, but a castle left to him by his father. 

In the woods outside the castle, Slytherin reformed the ruins. 

On the murals, it was clear that Slytherin, as a teenager, began to study the monster there. Pictures of all kinds of research were about to fill the whole stone wall. He used different magic, potions and other strange things on its body.

What were the specific research outcomes, Evan didn’t known. 

Maybe they were collected before him, and the information would be left on the altar’s fragments carved with that quirky writing, but he had to wait until he was back to let Harry decipher the message. 

To tell the truth, Evan was a little startled. 

In his opinion, every magic carved on the rock wall was so fantastic that it was completely beyond the scope of his knowledge. 

Unfortunately, there was no spell and specific content; he could only feel how powerful Slytherin’s magic was.

It was different from the black magic recorded in “Secrets of the Darkest Art”. This magic carved on the rock wall should be white magic after all. 

The white magic created by Slytherin was all lost magic that had not been passed down. It was exciting enough to think about it. 

If it could come out, it would absolutely be a great discovery that would attract worldwide attention. 

Evan restrained his excitement and looked back. It could be seen that for a certain period of time, this monster was the main subject of all kinds of magic experiments of Slytherin. Besides, he also studied its body structure.

To put it simply, young Salazar tortured this monster enough. He was like a true, evil black wizard, but all the magic he created and used was White Magic, which was also consistent with the character of Slytherin that Evan knew. 

He did not care for seeking darkness, because there was light in his heart, which was enough for him to be as strong as he was. 

In the last few murals, Salazar divided the monster into three parts: the brain, the eyes, and the body. 

He seemed to have his own plan, leaving only his eyes here. 

Facing the fainting Malfoy was the last mural on which Salazar placed the monster’s huge eyes in the stone chamber and arranged the seal magic. 

Needless to say, the seal magic he left behind had been completely destroyed by the Acromantulas.

Besides this information, there were two things that grabbed Evan’s attention.

The first was the age of Salazar on the murals. In the previous murals, it could be seen that Slytherin was very young, just like the huge statue outside, and should be no more than a few years older than Evan. 

But in the last mural, Slytherin was much older. 

The beard was clearly visible on his face, which meant that it might be the last time he came here before he left school.

It is well known that Slytherin was increasingly at odds with the other three Founders over student enrollment.

After a fierce quarrel, he finally left the school. 

Why did he come here before he left? What was his intention to take parts of the monster away?

The second thing that Evan cared about was the four corners around the rock wall, which depicted four items, namely Slytherin’s Locket, ring, wand, and the cane surrounded by two big green snakes from bottom to top.

Strange, why did Slytherin have to leave depictions of these four items on the wall?! 

Looking at the green haze around him, Evan felt like he had found some key information. If it weren’t for this Locket, his current end would have been absolutely unimaginable. 

He would have been driven mad by this monster that would have swallowed up the soul in his sleep. 

Since Slytherin’s Locket can have such a big effect, the other three things obviously should also have special uses. 

The ring should be in the ruins of the Gaunt Shack, and Evan did not know where it was exactly. 

Slytherin’s wand was handed down from generation to generation among his other powerful descendants, the vampire clan, and it should be difficult to get it.

As for where the cane surrounded by snakes was, it also needed to be investigated again. 

He couldn’t explain why, but Evan had a feeling that the huge troubles faced by Elaine’s vampire family might be related to this horrible unknown monster.

No one knew where Salazar went after he left Hogwarts. A powerful wizard like him could not spend the rest of his life in obscurity. 

However, none of the books on the history of magic had details on that.

And the body and brain of the monster that he took away, where were they finally sealed?! Now that its eyes had awakened and it devoured the souls of other creatures to strengthen itself, the two other parts were likely to be in the same situation. 

After all, it’s been too long. In more than a thousand years, anything could happen. 

Evan sighed. On top of all of this, he still had the treasure key left by Slytherin to look for, and he still had no clue. 

Compared with the other three decent Founders, dealing with Salazar Slytherin brought the most trouble.

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