Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 318: Horcrux and Evan’s Conjecture

At that moment, Evan seemed to think of something. 

His thoughts were interrupted by the continuous whisper.

He stood dejectedly in the same place, staring blankly at his wand in his hand, his brain stopped working, he had no idea what he was going to do, and why was he standing here?! 

Evan shook his wand, completely confused, and there was an urge in his heart to use Black Magic to kill something, but he didn’t know who to kill. 

Then he saw Malfoy lying in front of him. 

Malfoy seemed so odious, and Evan found that his aversion to him was increasing rapidly. 

A crazy idea came into his mind to kill Malfoy.


Killing him will save him a lot of trouble, he could avenge himself, Harry and Hermione, and the monster could no longer absorb vitality from him to regain strength. 

If he just killed Malfoy, he could defeat the monster above his head. 

This was deep underground. Even if Malfoy died here, no one would know that it was made by Evan. People couldn’t even find his body… 

Yes, I came here just to kill Malfoy.” 

Evan’s mouth showed a cruel smile, and seemed to finally find his target. He clenched his wand and took two steps forward, stepping closer to Malfoy… 

Above his head, the horrible unknown creature swayed its tentacles gently, and its huge, cold eyes stared at Evan ruthlessly, watching him step by step closer to Malfoy.

The slender pupils and the huge eyeballs bulged down to reveal nerves and blood vessels inside. Its purpose was about to be realized. Under the influence of his own will, this human boy had lost his self. As long as he walked over to kill his companion, he would degenerate, and fall into the abyss of darkness forever more. 

Although it had already planted his seed in Malfoy, this boy named Evan was obviously more suitable to become a parasitic object. He had been selected from the very beginning… 

In the dark ruins, Evan moved forward step by step. 

He gasped, tangled, and twisted, and his spirit was oppressed to the utmost. 

He didn’t know what he was doing. All he knew was that he was going to do something terrible. 

He told himself that it was wrong to do so, but he could not control his body. 

There should be a way to kill the monster above his head, but it definitely was not killing Malfoy! 

Just as he reached right below the monster’s huge, cold eyes, Slytherin’s Locket hanging on his chest suddenly gave out a faint golden glow. 

The light converged from all sides to the curved capital letter S in the center of the Locket, and the ancient magic was spontaneously activated by the external stimuli. 

The green gems glowed faintly, and Slytherin’s emblem reappeared. 

The whisper that had been echoing in Evan’s mind disappeared instantly. The monster above his head seemed to have been hit hard, and a cold look of fatigue flashed through its cold eyes. 

SALAZAR SLYTHERIN…” It said reluctantly, with infinite hatred in its voice and it gradually disappeared into the darkness. 

Evan woke up and looked at Malfoy and the monster above with lingering fear. 

He sat on the ground panting, and now finally realized that this horrible monster was using psychic magic to influence him. 

Since entering the room, he had fallen under the creature’s magic. 

It was not that it didn’t want to kill him; it just had no physical attacks. 

But its method was even more horrible. The monster was trying to lure him into degeneration by whispering, and then devour his soul! 

“That was close…” Evan turned Slytherin’s Locket out. He didn’t know what magic was on it, but it had obvious restraining effect on his enemy.

A thousand years ago, since it was Salazar Slytherin who defeated the monster and imprisoned it here, he must have had a way of dealing with it.

Evan gradually settled down and held the Locket in his hand.

The magic of his body was naturally poured into it, and the green fluorescence glowed from the gemstones set in it, forming a cloud of light beside him. 

Under the gloomy green mist, Evan could no longer hear the monster’s whispers, his magic was no longer suppressed, and everything was back to normal. 

Evan stood up and tried another magic trick on the monster above. 

A red light passed straight through its shattered body and had no effect just like before. 

The monster’s body was like a hologram, and all Evan’s magic was straight through it… 

This was too abnormal. With the help of Slytherin’s Locket, Evan could now think calmly. He seemed to have had a similar situation before. 

In the Chamber of secrets last year, together with Harry, he fought against Tom Riddle’s diary. 

Riddle sucked Ginny’s life, became a shadow and got out of the diary. He could use the wand to cast the spells, but he was immune to all magic. 

From the current situation, this monster was in the same state as Riddle at that time! 

Thinking of the whole process that the black wizard had shown on the murals to make this monster, the body of those magical creatures combined with the souls of countless humans. 

All spells passed through its body, as if through a shadow that did not exist. 

Maybe it was now just a Horcrux. 

Evan even boldly assumed that the guy above the head, which was a mixture of mutated octopus and bat, was likely to be a Horcrux like Tom Riddle. 

“Horcrux!” He was shocked by his conclusion. 

Through the mist of light, Evan looked at the guy who shook his tentacles above. Although absurd, the more he thought about it, the more he realized it was possible that the monster above was a Horcrux, which explained the causes of various irrational phenomena. 

Perhaps, the black magic that gave birth to it was more evil than the magic of making the Horcrux, and its existence itself was more advanced than the Horcrux, but it was the same in essence. 

From the information obtained in the book “Secrets of the Darkest Art“, Evan had already mastered the method of making the Horcrux. He compared it with the evil black magic on the murals he just saw, and found out more and more clues from it. 

He thought of the possibility that the black wizard who appeared on the murals transformed himself into an immortal being with some evil black magic…

Evan shook his head. It was terrible. He didn’t know if such magic really existed. 

The question now was, if this monster was a ghost or something like a Horcrux, then where was its body?! 

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