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H.P.S.T Chapter 317: The Wandering Madness

Evan heart pounded and he looked at the monster above his head with trepidation. 

Its body was completely hidden in the stone wall above the ceiling, and it was covered up, revealing only half of its head and massive blood-red eyes. 

There were no other organs on its head besides eyes, tentacles and rough skin.

It swayed its tentacles wantonly, and looked extremely nauseous, ragged all over. The weirdest thing about the monster was its huge blood-red eyes, in which there was no emotion. They were cold, indifferent and ruthless, and their long and slender pupils were almost in a straight line.

Inside the pupil was a deep darkness, as if connected to the universe, as if it were a small black hole, where even light was twisted. 

‘Just go there and you wouldn’t escape, you’d be devoured mercilessly…’

What exactly was this monster?! 

It was exactly what was created by the Dark wizard on the previous murals, but in reality it looked even more shocking. 

Evan gasped. His attack just now did not work. 

The spell seemed to go straight through the Enemy’s body. Without too much thought, Evan subconsciously waved his wand, and a red light attacked it once again. 

This time, he saw clearly his magic passing through the other monster, disappearing in the blink of an eye without a trace, like a light being swallowed up. 

Strange, what was the matter? Was this monster immune to magic?! 

“Futile resistance, your soul will eventually be swallowed up by me!” A deep whisper sounded directly in Evan’s mind. 

“What in the world are you?” Evan asked subconsciously, clenching his wand.

“To you, I am God, in charge of death and eternal life. Only by believing in me can you know the meaning of calm!” It whispered, “Lost lamb, I will save you and help you escape death. Believe me! Believe me! Believe me!” 

“I don’t need your salvation, and I don’t need any eternal life!” Evan shouted. “These temptations of yours mean nothing to me…” 

“Is that so? You told me that you are not afraid of death, you look at me with suspicion, but you don’t know that in your dream, I know you like the palm of my hand!” The whisper continued to ring.I know your deepest secrets and your ambitions! Look around you, endless darkness is encircling you. In this sunken relic, you will fall into a dream. Will you have the same dream again? ” 

“I JUST TOLD YOU THAT I’M NOT SLEEPY AT ALL AND I DON’T WANT TO SLEEP!” Evan shouted in the loudest voice, “I’m not going to dream, you’re not going to control me!” 

He felt that the air around him was getting more and more smothering, and he couldn’t breathe. The thought that he was thousands of feet deep underground, facing the unknown monster, his mind was full of horrible, cruel thoughts one after the other… 

The beast’s whisper seemed to never stop, accompanied by the smothering air, and echoed in Evan’s ear, saying some strange, insane words.

These words were not coherent at all, many of them even meaningless.

Evan told himself not to listen, but the voice uncontrollably drilled into his ears, and even sounded directly in his mind, and he was forced to instill it in himself. 

Bloody eyes, cold gaze, crazy whispers, repressed wheezing… 

All these things mingled together, overwhelming Evan. 

He just listened for a while and felt like he was going to go mad. 

“This ruin has witnessed countless ancient and evil crimes. These sins are completely beyond your imagination. Where you can’t notice, despair is pervasive, madness is wandering!” It kept saying, “As you can see, lost lamb, life is disappearing from the boy in front of you, but you can’t do anything, you can only watch him die. In the end, you will be alone forever. …..” 

“Ah, shut up!” Evan shouted. 

He didn’t even think about it. He just flicked his wand and threw a dark green light. This was the most evil black magic he could learn from “Secrets of the Darkest Art”. It was powerful and had obvious side effects. Evan never actually intended to use this spell.

But he had to admit that he was about to be driven mad by this voice. 

In order to shut it up, he didn’t care if he was using evil black magic. 

Now, there was only one thought in his mind, that was to kill the monster. 

Evan gasped and looked up at his curse hitting it. His mouth showed a cruel smile. This time he should surely kill his foe… 

In front of him, the dark green light went straight through the monster’s body and disappeared. 

Evan frowned; the power of this spell should not be so small. 

He shook his wand restlessly, and about five seconds later, the curse seemed to have finally hit the wall, and the whole room was shaking. 

A roaring sound was constant, and a great deal of rubble fell from the top. 

Evan did not hide, and let the rubble fall on him. He raised his head like a madman to look at the monster above his head. It didn’t seem to be affected at all. 

No way, what in the world was going on here?! 

As before, its ruthless blood-red eyes stared at him tightly, and the stones falling through its body did not even affect it. 

“Your soul is suffering, but this is not the real you!” The whisper continued, “What can change a person’s nature?” 

Evan gasped violently, watching the monster, forcing himself to calm down.

He tried to ignore the constant voice in his mind and tried to analyze the current situation. 

Undoubtedly, the current situation was very strange. His curse had lost its effect, and this seemingly powerful monster did not seem to be eager to kill him. 

Was it that it didn’t want to, or that it couldn’t?!

From the very beginning to the present, it didn’t move at all, just staying above the ceiling, shaking its disgusting tentacles, staring at him with those big scary eyes. 

Besides constantly making crazy whispers, it had no other moves. 

Thinking about it carefully, this was too abnormal. 

Moreover, according to previous judgments and information provided by Aragog, the monster was now very weak, and it should not have much strength left in it.

Even if it was taking strength from Malfoy to recover itself, time was too short to recover much…

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