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H.P.S.T Chapter 316: Monster on the Ceiling

What on earth was Aragog talking about, following its children?!

Evan thought that it was referring to the Acromantula that had just sent him down here, but the latter did not follow. 

But he soon understood what it meant. By the light at the end of his wand, he saw rows of small spiders crawling through the cracks in the ground… 

Evan followed the spiders and found a hidden cave in the dark corner on the left side of the hall. It was very narrow and could not be found at all without paying attention.

He gave a bitter smile. This was a passage used by the Acromantulas. 

Fortunately, he was relatively small and thin and could barely pass through. 

If older wizards or guys like Goyle and Crabbe were to come, going through would be out of the question.

Evan held his wand in front of him and bent down into a narrow tunnel covered with dust and spiders webs. 

This passage did not directly pass through the wall; it was winding and rugged, with many roads, like a labyrinth. It was impossible to distinguish the specific direction. 

When he got lost inside, Evan took out the bottle containing Aragog. 

The old spider gave a clicking, and summoned its children. 

In a short while, a few little spiders crawled in front of Evan and took him to the right path. 

After climbing forward for about ten minutes, Evan suddenly found his way out. 

He emerged out of the crack. It was dark at the moment, and nothing could be seen. The endless darkness was pressing from all sides, constantly compressing the light at the tip of his wand. 

Evan felt that his magic had been suppressed and its effect had been much weakened. The invisible pressure came out from the front, and there seemed to be something there… 

“Lumos Maxima!” He read the spell again and took a step back.

Evan stood close to the wall, his wand steadily across his chest. Holding this position, if there was anything to attack him, he wouldn’t worry about being attacked from behind. 

But nothing happened. He increased the transmission of magic power, and the weak fluorescence at the end of the wand gradually became brighter and quickly became dazzling. 

In the bright light, Evan first noticed the walls around him. 

Like the top channel, they were painted with colorful murals. 

These murals were relatively intact because they were not damaged by the Acromantulas. 

He glanced at them, and the story on the murals seemed to be a continuation of the previous ones, with the evil creature created by the black wizard and Slytherin being himself on them! 

On the wall to Evan’s left, young Slytherin held his wand high and shot a thick green light. He was fighting the monster… 

On the right wall, Slytherin seemed to have triumphed. 

He was standing in front of the strange creature covered with tentacles seemingly performing a magic that Evan had never seen before, surrounded by strange lights.  

Evan’s mind was full of questions. What exactly was Slytherin doing?! 

He also wanted to observe the other murals. He just turned around and saw Malfoy lying in the middle of the room. 

He lay there pale, silent, like an abandoned doll. 

Although he did not care much about Malfoy’s life and death, Evan’s heart was suddenly shaken. He ignored anything else and hurried over. 

There was a voice telling him that Malfoy was dead… 

However, after Evan walked over, he realized that he had just fainted, and although his breath was very weak, he was safe. 

Malfoy’s expression was calm and sometimes painful, as if he was having a nightmare. 

Looking at him, he must have been frightened in his dreams, and he kept calling his parents’ and Snape’s name. 

Through previous contacts, Evan realized that the soul-based monster could control other people’s dreams, make them fall into fear in their sleep, and be at its mercy.

This effect was not fatal until the soul was devoured by the other side at the final collapse. As for whether Malfoy would have a psychological trauma as a result of this, Evan did not care. 

After confirming that Malfoy’s soul had not been swallowed, Evan no longer looked at him. 

He raised his head and looked around in the empty room for the monster, the master of the voice that once whispered in his mind, but saw nothing. 

The square room was empty, and there was nothing but dust on the ground. 

This was so strange; Evan did not dare to relax his vigilance. His mind was highly focused, and his muscles were tightly tied together. 

He further increased his magical transmission, and the glare from the wand illuminated every corner. 

“Lost lamb, are you looking for me?” A low whisper suddenly sounded. 

“Where are you?” Evan shouted. “What the hell are you? Show your true face!” 

“The stars can dispel the chill through the bones, but the small light in your hands can’t dispel the darkness!” The whisper quietly said, “You’re resisting tenaciously, as if you could really change everything, but this is only futile struggle, you’ll know!” 

With his voice, the light intensity on Evan’s wand was shrinking rapidly…

A powerful magic pressure came on him. For Evan, this was totally unfamiliar. He didn’t know how to resist it. 

The bright light that was as dazzling as the sun quickly became a residual candle in the wind, flashing and fading from time to time. It was so dim that Evan’s face could not be seen clearly.

“You will understand that no one can escape, even the God of death would die!” The whisper that sounded nowhere continued to reverberate in Evan’s ear. “Only darkness and loneliness are eternal, and you will all end up alone, slowly falling asleep on this land…”

“Sorry, I am not sleepy, so I don’t want to sleep!” Evan narrowed his eyes and replied directly. “And I think that what you’ve been saying is worth nothing. You’re harping on the same string over and over. It is really annoying!” 

The next second, he suddenly turned around and waved his wand quickly. With the fastest speed, he issued three silver-white charms directly above him, like lightning. 

Dumbledore once had taught him that all the magic would leave traces. He could find it just by sensing it with his heart. Although he couldn’t distinguish the direction of the whisper and couldn’t recognize the strange magic used by the other side and crack it, he could sense the source of his magic. 

Evan quickly stepped back and looked over his head. 

Where it was supposed to be the ceiling, he saw a huge oval creature. 

Most of its body penetrated into the ceiling, and the exposed part was weird beyond description. Its skin was dark purple and rough. 

The monster’s body was extremely large, covered with soft tentacles. It was constantly creeping and looked very disgusting. 

The most striking thing was its eyes, which were a pair of blood-red eyes, cold and ruthless, without a hint of warmth within them. 

It looked closely at Evan, and the darkness in its huge pupil seemed to devour him mercilessly…

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