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H.P.S.T Chapter 327: Herpo the Foul

“A map?!” Harry and Ron rushed together. 

“Yes, although the specific location is still uncertain, it’s definitely a map.” 

Evan combined the stones, which simply delineated mountains, rivers, oceans and canyons. 

Although a large part of the stone was missing, the key position was still there. 

Above the map was an endless cloud. At the center was a temple altar. The emblem on it was the pattern on the nameplate that Evan saw in the underground ruins.

The horrible monster floated on top of the altar, and its disproportionate red eyes and tentacle head were the most eye-catching. 

Because of the cover of the altar, they couldn’t see its whole body. 

The exposed part was like an octopus that expanded countless times at the top. 

Underneath it were countless horrible and distorted human beings who struggled and pleaded in pain.

Souls split out from their bodies and were ruthlessly swallowed by the monster above. 

“This monster is what you met under the ground?” Harry asked. 

From this map, he felt unprecedented evil. 

Evan nodded. The shape of the temple’s altar was almost identical to the one he had seen on the rock wall with the mysterious Dark wizard. 

Not surprisingly, this was where Salazar had found the monster. 

“The Temple above and this monster make me feel bad.” Ron said with a trembling voice. “It’s like encountering Dementors, that feeling when all the happy memories get sucked away.” 

“I feel the same way. The monster’s eyes seem to be staring at me all the time,” Harry said. “But it’s just a map. Of which place is it exactly?”

“It should be somewhere in ancient Greece, with the sea and the canyons, but there is no obvious reference around it.” Evan observed carefully and said, “When Hermione tells us about the identity of the Black wizard, maybe we can deduce it.”

Harry nodded and continued to stare palely at the monster in the middle of the map. 

“I do not understand. Even if we know the identity of the Dark wizard and the specific location of the temple, what good is it for us?!” Ron suddenly said, looking at Harry and Evan in horror. “You two will not plan to go on a mad exploration trip to that place, will you?” 

Evan didn’t know how to answer. Ron was right. 

As things stood, the matter of Voldemort alone was enough to give him a headache, and there was no point in exploring such a more ancient and dangerous unknown existence.

He did not want to be involved in any strange trouble, especially one that might be far beyond his ability. Evan could not rival the monster’s eyes with whatever little power he had left, and that was just a part of this creature.

He also imagined Ron giving up like that, but he couldn’t tell why, he was almost certain that it was related to the vampire girl named Elaine. 

Perhaps that was the trouble her family faced. Evan shook his head with a bitter smile at the thought of the confused, weak girl, her loose and shabby wizard’s robe and her bright burgundy eyes.

She already recognized Slytherin’s locket on him, and she said she would come back and find him. 

What if she came up again and asked for help?

It seemed also to have something to do with Slytherin’s Secret Treasure Key.

If that were the case, then it would not be just a simple help, but collaboration. However, whether the powerful vampire family could accept Evan’s current strength was still a question.

All in all, it was always the same thing; Salazar Slytherin was the most troublesome. 

“We should give up. It’s beyond our capabilities.” Ron continued to persuade, “Harry, that monster is not you know who, you and it…” 

“If that evil monster really exists, we should find a way to destroy it.” Harry hesitated and said, “Whatever what Slytherin’s purpose is, perhaps the clues we have are the key to destroying it…”

There was no doubt that Harry always had extraordinary courage and responsibility in taking risks and fighting evil.

“Don’t be stupid, Harry!” said Ron retreating. “We don’t have to deal with this. It’s not good for us.” 

“But we can’t let it go. We should tell Dumbledore and Sirius about it.” Harry said, “But first of all, we should investigate it.” 

“But…” Ron said reluctantly. 

“Harry is right, and I think the same. There is no harm in investigating. Maybe this is related to Slytherin’s Treasure Key.” Evan said, “And through this adventure, my magic grew so fast. You may as well; this is not a bad thing for us.” 

Ron seemed to want to say something, but just then, Hermione rushed into the ward from the outside hall with a huge old book in her arms.

“Look, I found it, this is the book. I must have seen the Dark wizard on it.” She began to flip the pages quickly, while she was reading words in her mouth. 

“Well, I should have guessed that the three of you would be like this. Let’s just check who this Dark wizard is and make a decision!” Ron sighed and said hopefully, “maybe we don’t have to do anything.  The magic left by Salazar Slytherin has already wiped it out, so…” 

“Quiet, Ron!” Hermione shouted. 

Ron shut his mouth, watching Hermione flip through the old pages. 

A few minutes later, she found it and said with joy, “Got it, got it!” 

“Can we talk now?” Ron said annoyed. 

Hermione ignored him, and pointed to the book in front of her. “Herpo the Foul, the ancient Greek black wizard, the most powerful and influential black wizard in the history of magic, one of the last ancient wizards and the earliest Dark wizards known at present. At the same time, he is also considered to be the first wizard to breed a Basilisk, and is therefore well-known.”

“The Basilisk?!” Harry said with amazement, thinking of the all-green snake, which ran into the Common Room from the pipeline and wreaked havoc. 

In the Chamber of Secrets battle, he was also bitten by its fangs and almost died there. 

“Everything ties together. We all know that Salazar had left a Basilisk to his Heir in the Chamber of Secrets room.” Evan said, “Remember what it’s said on the stone. He brought the monster and the harvest of that adventure back to Hogwarts. Obviously, the basilisk was one of the spoils of that adventure.” 

The Dark wizard who created the horrible eyeball monster was just Herpo the Foul!

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