Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 326: The Earliest Dark Wizard

In the school hospital, Harry, Ron and Hermione gathered and stared at the blue stone in Evan’s hand. 

“What’s the more amazing secret that Slytherin found?” Ron asked. 

“I don’t know, the stones are cracked here, the weathering and damage are very serious, and the words behind are all unrecognizable.” 

Evan squinted and tried hard to identify. 

But no, he couldn’t see the letters behind. 

“Maybe this can go this way.” Hermione adjusted the direction of a piece of debris. 

Evan tried to say another passage in the new order, but Harry shook his head and motioned that he could not understand. 

“Damn, we spent so much effort, and we don’t know anything except that the monster came from a temple in ancient Greece dedicated to the Dark wizard.”Ron said annoyed, “There is no powerful spell, no way to enhance strength, no valuable content.” 

“These stones are valuable in themselves!” Hermione retorted. 

“Yeah, maybe any magic historian or antique collector will need them. They record why the old madman Slytherin built a Secret Chamber in the depths of the school, leaving behind a terrible monster that wanted to devour the souls of others.” Ron wrinkled his nose and pointed to the broken stones. “These things are really valuable and further prove that Slytherin House is hopeless. But we already know this. The key points are not here. WHAT IS THAT MONSTER? WHAT AMAZING SECRETS ARE HIDDEN IN IT? AND WHERE ARE THE RESULTS OF SLYTHERIN’S RESEARCH?” 

Harry and Hermione did not answer, apparently acquiescing in Ron’s words.

It was disappointing that the message on the stones came to an abrupt halt at the most critical point.

“These stones only record the reasons why Slytherin built the underground ruins,” said Evan. “The results of his research and the black magic of making that monster are all depicted on the rock walls. I saw it. Because I was in haste, I didn’t record it.” 

“If so, we can go back to Aragog’s Lair…” 

“No!” Evan shook his head. “After the powerful magic of Salazar’s shadow, the whole ruins began to collapse, and now they probably no longer exist.” 

“Okay…” Ron who had just stood up sat down again. 

Like him, Harry’s face was full of disappointment. 

Evan continued to stare at the stones in his hand, turning them back and forth. 

Hermione kept looking down at the notes she had just recorded, and from time to time picked up her quill pen and drew a line on them.

No one spoke; everyone was thinking about it and digesting the news they had got so far. 

“What are we waiting for?” 

After a long time, Ron said with dismay. “All the clues have led us to nothing. It is a waste of time to continue research. We might as well discuss…” 

“Do no interrupt me!” Hermione interrupted him, shook her quill pen and carefully analyzed it. “The cracked message has given many hints.” 

“Hermione, did you find anything?” Harry hurriedly asked. 

“Take a look at this passage.” Hermione pointed to her record. “The temple in ancient Greece honors one of the most powerful and influential Dark wizards in the history of magic. He was regarded as the last ancient wizard and the earliest Dark wizard. Many of his research results laid the foundation for the development of dark magic, and still play an influence!” 

“I don’t understand, what does this mean?” Ron wondered. 

“This tells us who made the monster. We just need to check the origin of this Dark wizard, and maybe we will get some hints.” Hermione continued. 

“But it doesn’t say who he is?” 

“The last ancient wizard and one of the earliest Dark wizards, notorious, developed a lot of curses and black magic, which laid the foundation for the development of dark magic,” Hermione explained. “The wizard who meets these conditions is the one we are looking for, which is almost like telling us his identity.” 

“I have no impression of this Dark wizard who lived a thousand years ago.” Harry shook his head. “You know, I’m not that good in magic history. To be honest, I have not even been able to distinguish between Emeric the Evil and Uric the Oddball.”

“So am I, what year was the date of the 17th century Goblin rebellion?” Ron frowned and said, “I remember that they used one of the inns in Hogsmeade as headquarters during this rebellion. It was likely the Hog’s Head Inn. I have never been there before.” 

“Hagrid often goes there. It was there that he got the dragon’s egg and Fluffy, the giant three-headed dog. He told me that it was very interesting there, and that it could be…”

“GENTLEMEN, WE ARE NOW DISCUSSING EVIL DARK WIZARDS, NOT DIRTY PUBS!” Hermione raised her voice and said in a serious tone, “Remember the book I borrowed from the library when the three of us were looking for the Philosopher’s Stone and Nicholas Flamel in the first year?”

“Impressively, you said you wanted to read for fun.” Ron whispered to Evan, “That book is thicker than all the books I read last year combined.”

“Yes, that’s it.” Hermione nodded with satisfaction. “That book contains almost all the famous ancient wizards, including Dark wizards.” 

“REALLY?” Harry and Ron said in unison,” WHO IS HE? ” 

Evan also put down the stones and looked at Hermione. If he could find out the identity of the Dark wizard, it would be very helpful to understand the monster and make a breakthrough. He remembered in the underground ruins, the ancient passageway before the big net leading to Aragog. On the rock walls on both sides of the passage, the Dark wizard who covered his face in the shadow, harvested innumerable human souls with only one evil black magic.

“I’m sure it’s him, but I can’t remember some details. You wait. I’ll get the book!” Hermione said excitedly, running out of the ward as fast as possible.

Looking at the direction she took, she seemed to be going to the library. 

“I haven’t seen her as excited as she is now ever since she got 1st place.” said Harry. “She must have found some key clues.”

“In fact, I also made new discoveries on these stones while you were talking.” Evan turned all the stones in his hand upside down. 

Harry and Ron looked at him puzzled, wondering what he was doing.

“Look at the dark golden pattern above, I thought it was just a decoration on the stone. I just looked at it and ignored it before.” Evan turned over the last fragment of stone, “but I just checked it again. This is obviously not the case. This is a map!”

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