Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 325: Secrets from Antiquity

“It’s very simple. I’ll read the meaningless letters to you. If they are in Parseltongue, you should understand them.” Evan pointed to the ancient text curved on the stone, “In due course, you’ll translate them.” 

“I’ll try!” Harry nodded. 

“Ready, I’m starting…” Evan fumbled over the words on the stone, trying to spell out the incoherent letters, and uttered strange tones in his mouth. 

It sounded like a low, hoarse hissing sound, almost like the words of a Parselmouth. 

He read a passage, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione were all stunned. 

They looked puzzled and didn’t know what Evan was saying. The words didn’t sound meaningful. 

“Do you understand anything?” Hermione asked uncertainly. 

“No!” Harry replied in frustration. “I don’t understand what Evan is talking about. I don’t feel anything at all. I’m not sure if it’s Parseltongue.” 

“Don’t worry; let’s take our time. Maybe I can help you get the knack of it.” 

Evan knew that Harry was not a real talented Parselmouth and could not use the Parseltongue at will. He could only react with the fragments of Voldemort’s Horcrux attached to him.

If he didn’t see a real snake, he might not understand the Parseltongue. 

Harry needed a little inspiration. Evan lightly tapped the sky-blue ceramic cup next to him with his wand. The cup immediately began to distort and turned into a deep blue python with exquisite patterns, looking very beautiful.

With the increase in his magic, Evan’s mastery of Transfiguration also increased. 

In the past, even if he could turn a cup into a snake, it would have never been so easy, and the snake would never have had such fine lines.

The blue Python slid lazily towards Harry. The two of them stared at each other with big eyes, while Evan, Ron, and Hermione stared nervously at them. 

The scene was eccentric, and if Madam Pomfrey walked in, she would scream out in horror. 

Although Evan’s health was not seriously affected, Dumbledore insisted that he stayed in the school hospital until the magic on the Locket was fully absorbed. 

Given his current state of instability, Madam Pomfrey did not allow anyone else to come and visit him, which bored him to death. 

Evan had been begging Madam Pomfrey for a long time before she reluctantly agreed to let Harry, Ron and Hermione in, provided that no strange and troublesome things were allowed.

The current situation, though not dangerous, was undoubtedly very strange.

If she saw it, Harry, Ron and Hermione would all be driven out.

Harry held his breath and stared at the Python’s pale blue eyes. He shook his head slightly and got into a wonderful feeling. 

“Hiss…back!” he said softly. 

When it heard Harry’s order, the blue Python hesitated for a moment and then began to move backwards. 

“Very good, keep it that way. Let’s try again!” 

Seeing that Harry had succeeded, Evan hurriedly read out the words of the stone. 

There was another grotesque hissing sound in his mouth. He read very slowly, pausing after every word for a moment. When he finished speaking a word, Harry repeated it.

In the room, Evan and Harry hissed strangely at each other. 

Ron and Hermione looked at them. Ron’s face turned red and he seemed to want to laugh. 

Hermione nudged him with her elbow, but he ignored it and could look nowhere else. The scene in front of him was so interesting. 

“Hiss, hiss…” said Evan. 

Harry frowned and said slowly, “In the name of Salazar Slytherin…” 

“Success!” Ron and Hermione looked at each other and shouted joyfully.

The four people were all excited when they saw that Harry could understand the words on the stone. The message left by Salazar Slytherin himself a thousand years ago would be deciphered. It might be an old secret, a powerful magic, or…

In short, everything was possible. It was absolutely a major discovery that would shock the whole Wizarding World.

“Keep going, Evan!” Ron said excitedly, “What did Slytherin do in his name? Did he mention ways to increase his strength quickly?”

“I don’t think it will mention that. It’s not a magic book. These stones should be about historical facts, recording the reasons why Slytherin built that huge underground relic.” Hermione seriously analyzed, “I must have seen it in ‘Hogwarts: A History ‘…” 

“I want to know why he left that monster around the school.” Harry said, “And what exactly that eyeball monster is.” 

“Everything is possible, everything is possible!” Evan repeated, and he was very excited. “Get ready, Harry, I’m going to read on.” 

Harry, Ron, and Hermione hurriedly focused, their little faces full of expectations. Hermione even found a parchment to record. 

“I seal it here in the name of Salazar Slytherin, for everlasting years…” Harry said slowly. 

Hermione was right. The stone Evan brought out detailed the reason why Salazar Slytherin built the underground ruins.

Little by little, they deciphered the words above, leanring that Salazar had found the monster in the ruins of a temple in ancient Greece.

This monster was never one that naturally existed in the world, but was the magic creation of a Dark wizard. It was discovered by Salazar in the deepest chamber of the ruins. When his wizard companions were busy looking for powerful magic items and magic books, he secretly took the monster out. 

A few months later, he brought it and the fruits of that expedition back to England, to his father’s castle, now Hogwarts. 

He built a space deep underground for research, and kept it secret.

Salazar believed that by studying this mysterious monster, he would learn the secrets of life and soul, and then escape death and become immortal.

The ancient temple where the monster was discovered worshiped one of the most powerful and influential black wizards in the history of magic, he was regarded as the last ancient wizard and the earliest Dark wizard in the history of magic. His many research results had laid the foundation for the development of black magic and were still exerting influence. 

He invented and created many evil curses and dark creatures, the most notorious of which was the study of Necromancy and Horcruxes. 

Through the study of the monster’s body structure and the magic classics brought about from the temple, Salazar found that this monster could indeed escape death, but at the same time he had to pay a considerable price. He would never do that unless he was really mad. 

Death might be more pleasant than getting such eternal life, because the soul would be cursed while escaping death. 

On top of that, with the deepening of the research, Salazar also found a more striking secret, that was…

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